IPv6 Leak Protection

Ensures Complete Anonymity on the Web!

To ensure that you keep on receiving complete online anonymity, PureVPN offers IPv6 leak protection which is built to safeguard your online traffic from the eyes of your hackers, trackers, and any other spying entity. Most VPNs suffer from IPv6 leak issues that expose the actual online identity of the person using the VPN service to anyone spying on you.

How PureVPN Helps in Defeating IPv6 Leaks?

IPv6 is a problem suffered by most VPN users across the world. This leak exposes your online identity and your web traffic to the world in general. IPv6 happens silently and leaves you exposed, while you feel safe when connected to your VPN service. Thankfully, PureVPN helps you avoid this issue by ensuring complete IPv6 protection.

PureVPN ensures your protection on the web by providing you with the best security features. These include preventing your IPv6 from leaking on the web. It ensures that your web traffic remains private and secure while you browse the web.

Why PureVPN is the Best VPN for Privacy?

  • Offers IPV6 leak protection.
  • Keep activities anonymous
  • Keeps zero logs of your web activities.
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