The Halloween VPN Deal Has Expired!

What is Halloween?

Halloween is when kids and adults don costumes and friends and family get together to spend quality time. Children go door to door trick or treating, and return with their bags full of sugary delights. Adults, on the other hand, go to Halloween parties, tell chilling stories beside a bonfire, or visit haunted attractions.However, the joy of Halloween isn’t always limited to trick-or-treat games or costume parties. Halloween is now more popular for the seasonal deals that many stores and even online services offer. In the US alone, $6 billion is spent on Halloween every year.

History of Halloween

The Halloween, as we know it, wasn’t always celebrated like we currently enjoy by attending costume parties or trick-or-treats. The day of the Halloween was dedicated to the remembrance of the departed loved ones. Although different accounts tell different origins of the event, it is believed that the actual roots of Halloween date back to the harvest festival observed by the ancient Celts. It is believed to be the day when the door between this world and the spirit world opens, allowing spirits to haunt the human world.

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