How to Hide IP Address?

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Everybody uses internet to browse websites of his or her choice. But as soon as you get online you are assigned an IP address which is your online identity for all online purposes. As one visits various websites, the logs of your data are left retrieved on the servers.  Using the information stored in these logs, a lot can be known about you. And, this information can be accessed by hackers who can use your information to harass you or for any other purpose. Clearly, it is breach of your privacy but in the lawless world of internet, privacy comes at a price.

Proxy Servers – Famous Yet Unsafe Way to Hide IP Address

Hide IP Internet Privacy Keeping pace with the times, a number of technologies have come to provide online security to users who are concerned about their data and personal information falling into wrong hands.  However, effectiveness of the technologies differs from one another.  Using proxy server is one technology used by online users to keep them safe while browsing online.  Using this technology, every user is given the IP address of a proxy server through which he can browse the internet. This is one of the most commonly used practices to hide you IP address.  Though, practically speaking, hiding IP address is not possible as it acts as your unique identifier while surfing online and with the help of which you can communicate with other computers online. You can only hide your real IP address with that of the proxy server as you cannot browse without an IP address. However, through proxies you can surf internet indirectly where websites you visit will read IP address of your proxy not yours. Although this technology does enable you to enjoy anonymous browsing yet there is one trouble with using proxy servers for your security. Proxy servers can save your data in their logs which they can use themselves or sell to the marketing companies. If your log is maintained, then the security phenomenon is unachievable. There are numerous other options available for the users but none seems to be as effective as VPN.

VPN – The Best Tool to Hide Your IP Address

Virtual private network (VPN) is considered the safest technology to surf online.  It uses tunneling technology using various protocols to encrypt data entering into the tunnel and decrypt it at the other end.  Any unwanted or unauthorized individual trying to enter the tunnel will be denied access as it would require authentication available only if you have got a VPN connection.  Information inside your system can also be protected by good anti-virus software but the real danger lies in transporting the data through internet. And, here VPN offers a secure tunnel where data remains safe from the reach of online fraudsters. After getting a VPN connection, you would be assigned a new IP address generated by a server located in another country.  And, your real IP address will be hidden .

hide ip vpn

This would give you freedom to surf anonymously safe from the spying eyes.  Apart from enabling you to browse safely and anonymously, there are numerous other benefits of hiding your IP address with that of server generated one given by the VPN provider.  This enables users in countries like Kuwait, China, Saudi Arabia, etc, to unblock the sites banned by local firewalls without any fear of being detected. It also allows you to access geo-restricted websites like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, 4oD etc from anywhere in the world.

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