A Text Message That Can Destroy Your Android Phone

There are numerous apps and bugs that are malicious and can do irreparable damage to smart devices. However, the security experts at Heimdal have spotted a malware for Android devices that uses a simple text message to wreck any Android phone’s security.

The malicious text message contains a link that allows hackers to control any android device. It allows the unauthorized entities to erase the device, make calls, and even send SMS from the affected Android phone. The text message tells the user that they have an MMS message and are advised to open the link view the MMS. The link lands the users to a screen that looks something like this:

 “You have received a multimedia message from + [country code] [sender number] Follow the link http:www.mmsforyou [.] Net /mms.apk to view the message.”

When the user opens the link, it automatically installs the Tor application on the phone. Following this, an automated text message is sent to an Iranian number with words ‘Thank you’.

 According to Heimdal, this malware can allow attackers to “open a backdoor into Android smartphones” which can be used to monitor or control the device, access mobile banking apps and shopping websites, read SMS messages that can potentially break the two-factor authentication, and access all the functions of the affected mobile phone.

The attackers can do whatever they want with the targeted users’ android phone, so the best suggestion for Android users is to not open any suspicious text message and NEVER open any link that any SMS or MMS contain. Exception can be made if the message is from a credible source.

If you have already opened the link, you are advised to immediately change your passwords and get the phone inspected by a security expert.

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