Happy Father’s Day. Stay home, stream movies, and celebrate.

It’s Father’s Day and it’s time to celebrate. Fatherhood is least celebrated, as compared to the buzz and chatter that we see on Children’s day and Mother’s Day. We know that fathers make many sacrifices and compromises to provide a better life for their family. To all the fathers around the world, we at PureVPN want to say thanks. Thanks for being a great dad.

It’s Time to Celebrate

Take a day off from work or from doing household chores, and kick back on the couch. Here, we have compiled a list of 10 great movies in the Father’s Day spirit, just to make you feel special.

Best Movies to Watch on Father’s Day

Captain Fantastic

Ben has lived in the woods with his wife and kids all this time. His wife loses her life due to a terminal illness, and Ben can’t attend the funeral due to a disagreement with his father-in-law. So he decides to go to his sister’s home. Things go south as Ben’s sister and her husband file for custody of the children, claiming that the kids are not ready for the real world as they don’t go to a real school.

Available on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix

The Pursuit of Happyness

Based on the real story of Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness is about a homeless salesman who is facing extremely tough financial times. He is unable to provide for his family, which also causes turmoil in his marital life. However, Chris Gardner remains focused on getting his dream job – one that would set him free from his financial burdens.

Available on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

We are all familiar with Indiana Jones and his quests. This one is about times when one Jones is not enough to deal with the situation, and thus Indiana Jones and his father embark on a quest together. In this film, they go across three continents into the enemy lines to recover the Panama Hat.

Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

Cheaper by the Dozen

Tom is having the time of his life. He is coaching a football team, tending to his wife’s needs, and housing a family of 12 children, each in different phases of life. This movie is a family comedy that will keep you giggling.

Available on Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video

Miss Doubtfire

Daniel has had a divorce and lost custody of his three kids. He gets to know that his ex-wife is looking for a housekeeper, so he changes his appearance using costumes and makeup, practices mimicking voices of a granny, and gets on to the job. The role play lets him be closer to his children but pushes away the idea of this family ever uniting again.

Available on Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Disney Plus

Daddy’s Home

Sarah has the sole custody of her two kids from her ex-husband, Dusty. She is now married to Brad, and they are improving as a family every day. Dusty decides to pay a visit and even though Sarah does not like the idea, Brad believes that it’s best for the kids if the step dad and real dad were on good terms. This kicks off a real dad vs. step dad fight, which Brad does not like at all.

Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

Finding Nemo

A little clownfish, Nemo, has been taken away by divers to Australia. Nemo’s father is asking people for directions and making his way to Australia and rescue his son. The journey is a story of adventures, a father-son relationship, and the meaning of having good friends in life.

Available on Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video

Lion King

Most of us have already seen this one many times, but it’s still so good to watch it again, isn’t it? Simba was to succeed his father’s throne. Mufasa, the father, gets murdered by Uncle Scar and Simba is so scared that he runs away. As he grows and realizes the meaning of all the life lessons his father has given, he becomes different and more confident, ready to take the throne.

Available on Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video

The Incredibles

Superheroes have been defamed due to conspiracies against them. They continue to live among people, hiding and pretending to be normal humans. The Incredibles is a superhuman family. Bob, the father must protect his family and keep their superpowers a secret from the world.

Available on Disney PlusNetflix  and Amazon Prime Video


A comet is approaching Earth and will collide unless something is done about it. A team of astronauts is formed to go to the comet, plant explosives, and blow it up. Featuring Bruce Willis, the protagonist has no option but to leave behind her daughter and go on this suicidal mission.

Available on Hulu, HBO and Amazon Prime Video

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