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How to Access U.S Netflix from Anywhere?

Stream American Netflix in 3 Easy Steps:


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Click on Popular Website Tab

Choose Netflix
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Why Use PureVPN for U.S Netflix?

Defeats ISP throttling

PureVPN’s global network of self-engineered and self-optimized VPN servers are strategically placed in countries across the world to give users uninterrupted and speedy internet connectivity.

Without PureVPN, Your ISP Sees:

  • The websites you visit
  • The TV shows, movies & videos you watch
  • All of your online activities and communications
  • Your downloads and shared files

With PureVPN, Your ISP Sees:

  • Encrypted, non-readable data
  • No trace of your online activities
  • Gibberish information

Boost Streaming Speed

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) constantly throttle your internet speeds. PureVPN uses robust algorithms to maneuver bandwidth throttling, and give users an improved and accelerated streaming experience.

PureVPN’s servers are strategically placed near content delivery networks to eliminate any blockades. Additionally, ISP peering helps with delivering the intended content instantly.

FAQs: How to Watch U.S Netflix With PureVPN?

Not a PureVPN user? No problem. Just signup for a PureVPN account through the order page and download the app (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Google Chrome extension, and Mozilla Firefox extension amongst numerous others).

No. PureVPN does not come with a Netflix account. You have to subscribe for Netflix separately.

While PureVPN offers native apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOs and other platforms, Netflix can be currently streamed on Google Chrome Extension and Mozilla Firefox Extension.

Netflix provides users with local content of the country, hence, users will get regional content of the host country.

Netflix is constantly on a proxy blocking spree. However, PureVPN has whitelisted IPs that work flawlessly with Netflix and other streaming services.

VPNs have widely legitimate purposes. It is completely legal to access US Netflix with a VPN service.

Unfortunately, no. You will have to subscribe for the VPN service through the order page.

Kindly close your browser and open it again. Go to PureVPN extension and Select Netflix channel. If you still face any issue, you can contact the support team via live chat and they will be more than eager to assist you.


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Started using PureVPN few days ago. It's awesome, great speed & great price.