Global differences for privacy – Mari Anne Snow | Ep 3 Pure Secure Podcast

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Pure Secure PodcastGlobal differences for privacy – Mari Anne Snow | Ep 3 Pure Secure Podcast

Hi, welcome to this episode of the Pure Secure podcast. 

Where we want to help employees and professionals that work from home or on the road, by talking about everything and with everyone that is involved with security and privacy, online and offline.

Today I have a conversation with Mari Anne Snow, an expert in the remote work topic.

Mari Anne, founder of Sophaya and the Remote Nation Institute, has long helped organizations build effective remote work strategies that give them a strong business advantage. During the pandemic, Mari Anne has worked tirelessly to help her clients gain the necessary remote team leadership skills they needed to successfully navigate 2020’s global workplace shutdowns.

It was a wonderful conversation with Mari Anne. She shares her knowledge on remote work and remote teams.

Let’s get started with this conversation with Mari Anne.


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Video of the conversation with Anne Snow

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