How I Made $1,000 in 18 Days without Spending a Single Penny

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PureVPN UpdatesHow I Made $1,000 in 18 Days without Spending a Single Penny

Raising two kids with a single source of income isn't easy in today’s world. Especially if your job doesn’t pay you well.

That’s the hard life Josh used to live before he discovered the VPN niche and the affiliate industry.

Josh is a successful entrepreneur who runs a website called and has been working with PureVPN as an affiliate for more than nine months.

Today, we decided to talk about his journey and how he moved from a regular 9 to 5 routine to set up his venture.

This is his story of making $1,000 in just 18 days without spending a single penny!

What motivated you to start your own business?

Before I got into the affiliate business, I used to work as a Service Technician for a small Internet services company based in Santa Rosa, California.

My routine was pretty straightforward, come in at 9:00 AM, check my emails, cater to different tasks, and sign-out from the office when work was done.

On paper, my shift would end at 5:00 PM, but that wasn’t the case. I would be late sitting regularly, sometimes doing four to six hours overtime.     

After doing this for more than three years, I woke up one morning, frustrated and filled with anger towards my daily routine.

Let’s face it, most of us have been there…

The sickening feeling where your daily routine becomes monotonous and starts to suck the life out of you like a leech being used for everything but betterment.

It was then I decided to try something on the side along with my day job and then scale it into something of my own.

How did you start searching for online business possibilities? Was affiliate industry your first choice?

Having a keen interest in watching latest TV shows and movies, I was always into online streaming.

I would religiously keep track of release dates, follow different fan base communities of my favorite shows such as Game of Thrones or Stranger Things, and find out platforms where I could stream episodes online.

In the midst of all this, I stumbled upon Kodi after a friend of mine mentioned it, but had no idea what it was at that time.

He had gone to China for a few weeks and found many difficulties in streaming shows online. This is where he discovered Kodi and saw it as a solution to watching content in a highly restrictive cyber-space.

Once he shared his experience, it sparked my curiosity, and I decided to try Kodi.

This is where I asked myself: how can I monetize something I love so dearly?

After conducting a comprehensive research over the internet, I came across several ways to make money.

I could use traditional means of opening up a brick and mortar business and set up a street-side shop.

But that would require renting a place, adding fixtures and furniture, managing inventory, hiring a lawyer or legal consultant to sort out all the paperwork, and much more.  

The second option I had was to go into e-business. I could create my website; set up an ecommerce store, or create my own product.

Sadly, this choice was also not feasible, as it would mean paying for domain hosting and hiring a designer and developer to create a website.

Therefore, almost all options required some form of investment for start-up – something I didn’t have at that time.

So without having any clue about how could I make money, I created my blog on WordPress for free and wrote some essential guides about Kodi in my spare time.

As some of my posts picked up traction and attracted visitors, certain VPN providers approached me for promotion opportunities.


This is where I learned about the VPN industry.

They requested me to mention their services in my blogs to earn a commission on every sale.

Hence, affiliate industry came to my knowledge.

People were making crazy money (like thousands of dollars overnight) in this business, no kidding!

And the best part, it didn’t require any investment – a win-win from my perspective.

All I had to do was promote products and services of different niches and CHA-CHING, let the money roll in.

That’s how I got to know about the VPN and affiliate industry and decided to promote third party services on my blog post without spending a dime.

Why did you choose PureVPN affiliate program?

I had several VPN options at that time, such as PureVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN, HideMyAss VPN, and Private Internet Access VPN.

To narrow down which VPN services I should select for promotion, I looked for their reputation and user reviews. The best place I could find at that time was Trustpilot.

PureVPN had just over 1,100 reviews, which was more than any other VPN provider’s reputation.

My findings further revealed that PureVPN offered 100% commission on its Monthly Plan and 40% commission on its 3-months and 12-month plans.

Also, I selected other VPN services as well for promotion and signed up for their affiliate program. These included NordVPN, IPVanish, and ExpressVPN.

However, I was still confused about which provider to place at the top spot.

Therefore, I monitored the performance of each provider, and this is where I noticed that PureVPN was doing well. This prompted me to place it at the number one spot, followed by the other VPN services.

Did you set any goals for yourself once you signed up for the affiliate program?

As a matter of fact, I did.

Before signing up for the affiliate program, I did some calculations of my own. 

Since I was working in the morning, I decided to set an objective of $1,000 in my first month.

In order to achieve this goal, I had to sell

  • 101 monthly account ($9.99 x 101 = $1,009)
  • 48 six-month account ($53.7 x 48 x 40% = $1,007)
  • 36 annual account ($69.99 x 36 x 40% = $1,007)

I signed up to PureVPN affiliate program via this link:

Once I entered all my details, I received an affiliate link to promote on my website.

Keeping all three options in mind to achieve $1,000 in 30 days, I opted for the third option and decided to sell PureVPN annual plan.

Do you remember the day when you achieved your initial goals?

Yeah, I do, and it was March 31st, 2017 – a fantastic day.

It was my 18th day after signing up for PureVPN affiliate program, and it was then I realized that I had achieved my goals.

This was merely something that made me happy!

What is your sales-per-day record as a successful PureVPN affiliate marketer?

I remember that it was August 26, 2017. On this day, a mega boxing event took place between Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor.

"I made $6597.34 in one day and attracted 45,192 visitors on my website."                                                                                                        

63.01% of the sales came from selling annual plans, 17.55% from the monthly plan, and remaining 19.43% from 6-months plan. 

This is still my record highest sales-per-day to date.

How did you manage to achieve your desired goals?

Given my passion for streaming, I started writing about Kodi on a small scale (my blog) while working a 9 to 5 routine, as I was trying out things at that time.

As more traffic drove to my posts over time, I decided to turn my blog into a full-fledged website.

Hence, Kodi VPN came into existence.   

However, after coming across the VPN niche, I conducted a small-scale analysis of different VPN review websites.

That gave me an understanding of what sort of topics I should cover and how can I attract the interest of my target audience.

Since a majority of visitors came from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, it was easy for me to focus on topics regarding Kodi.

After highlighting this persona, I knew I couldn’t compete with the giants of the industry initially.

So I wrote more & more blogs related to Kodi add-ons to target them.  

As for promoting the posts, I actively participated in different Kodi forums and expanded my blog where necessary (no spamming).

This way I was able to drive relevant & targeted traffic to my website and pick up sales from PureVPN affiliate program.     

What is your top recommendation for anyone looking to start a successful venture in the affiliate industry?

I would advise new entrepreneurs looking to enter the affiliate industry to pick up a niche that they are most passionate about.

One of the mistakes I have noticed is that many people run after industries that are lucrative but have no idea how they operate or have any interest in it at all.  

Therefore, chose an industry that appeals to you and start working on topics that you find your audience will like.

This way, work will not feel dull or annoying, and you will be giving your 100 percent every day!

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