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How to Make a Composter in Minecraft

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PUREVPNGamingHow to Make a Composter in Minecraft

To survive in the survival mode of Minecraft, you will need to produce a lot of food for yourself. However, producing a lot of food means growing more crops, which can occasionally be slow-growing. 

Fortunately, the Composter can help you create a consistent supply of Bone Meal to accelerate the growth of your crops.

Building a Composter in Minecraft is an easy task; the recipe is simple to obtain, and composting requires only a few considerations. 

Find out how to make a Composter in Minecraft.

What Materials Are Needed to Create a Composter?

A player simply needs seven blocks of wood—either oak or spruce wood slabs—to create a composting machine.

How to Craft a Composter in Minecraft

In the game, making a composter is really simple. To build wooden slabs, players just need seven wooden planks. Once the wooden slabs are obtained, they can arrange them in a U form at the crafting table. Players will receive the composter block when they place all seven in crafting slots.

 1. Make Seven Woods in a U-Shape.

Obtain seven blocks of wood and an open crafting table. Arrange the seven woods in a U-shape, leaving the top open on the table. 

Players will receive the composter block after all seven are positioned in crafting slots. To create a composter, combine oak and spruce wood slabs.

crafting inventory

2. Place the Created Composter in the Inventory

The composter will be created after you place seven wood slabs in a U shape onto the grid. Move the Composter picture into your inventory as soon as it turns on.

Created Composter in the Inventory

How to Use a Composter in Minecraft

The composter is a useful item in Minecraft that can be used to make bone meal. First things first, make sure the area you choose for your composter placement is appropriate by giving it great thought. 

When you add something recyclable to the composter, it will begin to produce bone meal. 

Your mastery of the art of composting is demonstrated when you see green particles coming out of the composter. 

When the composter is full, a batch of bone meal will come out. To begin composting, fill it with seven layers of decomposable materials.

Minecraft Tasks You Can Complete Using a Composter

Use as a Wooden Fuel

Composters can be used in the blast furnace as fuel. You may obtain six smelted or cooked food items by simply placing four composters in the Fuel slot. (After smelting/cooking it becomes 6 pieces of an item).

When beginning a new game, this tactic is crucial, particularly if you’re pressed for time and need to acquire some powerful weapons as soon as possible.

Use as an Iron Farm

Everytime you click on the composter, which takes charcoal as fuel, it creates a single item using all the materials on the crafting table inventory slots, including enchantments. 

The final product is selected at random from ingredients that generate the desired outcomes.

This mod will turn your zombies into a part of an iron farm or create farms specifically for cultivating communities for breeding if you enjoy surprises and unpredictability. 

Receiving a slab of beef and a sandstone sword made with wooden tools can be another surprise!

Bone Meals

You’ll need three skeleton skulls or at least five cow bones to prepare a bone meal. It will also help to craft Feathers and Coal together. After that, put them in the Composter to begin preparing a bone meal.

The composting process will take a few days to finish once it gets going. Once it’s finished, use a shovel to remove the bone meal.

Waste Disposal

Composters are a useful tool for managing waste and undesired things in inventory since they may be used to get rid of excess natural products like crops, seeds, and other plant-based products.

Happy Composting, Minecraft Style!

A player’s options for sustainability can multiply after they learn how to build a composter in Minecraft. In order to maximize crop development and improve agricultural attempts, this crucial building block enables the effective recycling of organic waste into rich bone meal. 

You may watch as garbage magically transforms into a valuable resource by choosing the perfect spot for the composter and filling it with decomposable materials. 

As long as you are persistent and fill all seven layers, you will find a plentiful supply of bone meal. Green particles indicate that the composting process is proceeding successfully.


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