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Discover the secret to maximizing your savings with a Virtual Private Network! Not only does a VPN bolster your online security and privacy, but it also offers you unparalleled opportunities to cut costs on various online purchases and services. By seamlessly navigating between virtual locations, you can tap into exclusive pricing tailored for users from specific regions. 

Say goodbye to overpriced flights, unveil better deals when online shopping, snag cheaper streaming subscription rates, and book hotels at astonishingly lower costs. It is time to elevate your shopping game and get more for less with the help of a VPN. Read on to find out how you can use a VPN to buy things cheaper online:


  • Online retailers can adjust prices based on multiple factors, resulting in different charges for the same product.
  • A VPN not only improves your online security and privacy, but also helps you avoid price discrimination to save money on many things.
  • You can get hotel accommodations, video games, software, car rentals, and more for cheap by using a VPN to change your virtual location and compare prices.

What is price discrimination?

Price discrimination is the practice of charging different prices for the same product based on factors like location or purchasing history. This leads to varying online prices for users. A VPN can help combat this by masking your location, allowing you to access potentially fairer prices and avoid location-based markup.

What can a VPN help you save money on?

how to save money with a vpn

A VPN can be your money-saving ally in the digital world by helping you avoid price discrimination. Here are six things you can get for cheap using a VPN:

1. Flight bookings

When you search for flights on travel websites like Expedia or Kayak, the prices you see can vary based on your location. Airlines often charge different prices for flights depending on the country you are searching from. 

For example, if you are searching for a flight from Washington DC to San Francisco, you may see different prices if you are searching from the United States compared to someone searching from a different country.

However, using a VPN can help you get around this issue as it allows you to connect to a server in a different country, making it appear as if you are physically located there. By doing so, you can see the same prices as someone who is searching from that specific country. 

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2. Streaming subscriptions

A VPN can also help you save money on subscription fees for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. These companies charge varying prices in different countries, leading to significant differences in subscription costs.

For instance, a premium Netflix subscription may cost $27.18 in Liechtenstein, while users in Turkey pay only $6.83 per month. Similarly, Spotify Premium costs $10.99 in the US but just $1.66 in Pakistan.

By using a VPN, you can bypass these location-based price variations and access subscription services for the same price as users in other countries. This allows you to take advantage of lower subscription rates and enjoy significant savings on your entertainment expenses.

3. Online Shopping

Another fantastic way to save money with a VPN is by using it for your online shopping. Many online retailers like Amazon and Target display varying prices to users based on their geographical location.

For instance, you may find a pair of jeans on Amazon priced at $100 in the US. However, if you connect to a VPN server in India and search for the same product, you might discover a significantly cheaper deal. 

This presents an excellent opportunity to score better prices on your online purchases, and the best part is that anyone can do it with the help of a VPN. By leveraging this method, you can unlock hidden savings and make the most out of your shopping experience!

4. Hotel Accommodations

Booking a last-minute hotel in a specific location? Websites can track your preferences, potentially leading to higher prices due to demand and limited availability. This applies to both hotel-specific and third-party websites that gather local hotel rates. 

Additionally, different prices may be offered based on your website visits and browsing habits. To counter this,  you should use a VPN to enhance your privacy and make it difficult for websites to track you. 

Clear your browsing history, cookies, and cache, and activate your VPN when checking hotel prices multiple times. By doing so, you can maximize your chances of securing affordable hotel accommodations while enjoying a higher level of online privacy and flexibility.

5. Video Games

Did you know that you can save money on your favorite video games using a VPN? You have probably heard of “Steam,” the ultimate hub for all things gaming. It is not just a gaming platform, but also allows you to buy games of all kinds. 

However, game prices on Steam can vary from one country to another. Take “The Last of Us Part I,” for example. It is priced at $59.99 on the American Steam version, but guess what? In the Moldovan version of Steam, it is up for grabs at just $49.99.

Start by opening Steam and checking out the cost of the game you are eyeing. Then, close Steam, fire up your VPN, and pick a server in a different country. Once done, relaunch Steam and buy that same game at a discounted price.

6. Software

Software companies such as Microsoft also charge different prices depending on where you are buying from, and using a VPN service can help you take advantage of these variations to save money.

For instance, the annual subscription for Microsoft 365 Family costs $99.99 in the US, whereas the price drops to $59.34 in Pakistan, representing a price reduction of approximately 40 percent! 

If a particular software is priced higher in your country compared to another, you can switch to a server in that other country with the help of a VPN – this will allow you to make your purchase at a more favorable price. 

How to Save Money with a PureVPN in Three Simple Steps

Now that you understand how a VPN can help you save money, let us take a look at how to get started:

  1. Subscribe to a PureVPN service that offers fast speeds, excellent security, an extensive server network, and competitive pricing, such as PureVPN.
  1. Go to our order page and choose a plan that best suits your needs. Once done, download our app on your preferred device and log in.
  2. Now connect to a server located in any country or region that offers better prices for the items or services you wish to purchase, and you are good to go!

Frequently asked questions

How can I save money on flights with a VPN?

Airlines and travel websites often display different prices based on your location. By connecting to a VPN server in a different country, you can see the same prices as someone physically located there, potentially unlocking better deals. This allows you to find cheaper flight options and save money on your travel expenses.

How can I get subscriptions cheaper with VPN?

Like flights, many online services and subscriptions may have different pricing tiers dependent on your location. By using a VPN to change your IP address to another country, you might get access to subscription plans at a lower cost.

How can I benefit from VPN?

Besides helping you save money online, a VPN allows you to access public Wi-Fi networks safely, bypass geo-restrictions, protect your online privacy, and so much more!

How can I buy games cheaper with VPN?

Some online game stores may offer different prices for games in different regions. Using a VPN, you can access regional game stores with potentially lower prices. 

Is it illegal to use a VPN to get cheaper prices?

No, it is not illegal. However, it might be against the company’s terms of service. We recommend reviewing the terms of service of the company you are purchasing from before making any transactions using a VPN.

Final Word

A VPN can help you save on flights, streaming subscriptions, online shopping,  and hotel accommodations, to name a few. Whether you are a frequent traveler, avid online shopper, or entertainment enthusiast, a VPN offers unparalleled opportunities to maximize your savings and elevate your overall online experience. So, take the leap and start saving with a VPN like PureVPN today!


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