Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere Using VPN

Traveling is one of the fascinating experiences in life, but it never comes cheap, especially when it comes to purchasing airline tickets. However, fret not! Now, you can find and avail cheap tickets with the help of a VPN.

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Why You Can’t Find the Cheapest Flights?

It’s challenging to get cheap international flights deals. Moreover, the longer you surf on flights booking websites, the higher the prices go! It is because of a tactic employed by airline companies. In fact, many websites track your location and monitor your browsing activities to manipulate the airline tickets’ price.

How do they do that? You may wonder:

IP Address:

IP addresses are the first component used to track users’ location.


Cookies are used to monitor your browsing behavior and show you customize ads as well as pricing.

GPS on handheld devices:

Your device’s GPS can be used to track your location and, thus, display you airline ticket prices accordingly.


When you browse through public Wi-Fi, websites can track your location once you give them permission.

Location Tracking:

With HTML5 coding, it is easy for websites to track your location through your PC.

How to Find Cheap Flights with PureVPN?

Using a VPN is the best way to find cheap flights! With it, you can change your IP address to another location and confuse the website into believing that you’re a user from another region. It also allows you to search for locations where you can find cheap airfares. For example, you may find that the ticket is reasonable for residents of the US than for, let’s say, residents of the UK.

Here’s how you can go about it:

Cheap Flights Finder

Go to any cheap flight finder like Expedia or and search your desired destination


Connect PureVPN

Launch PureVPN and join any server location of your choice


Compare Airfare

Search the same flight and avail the cheapest airfare for your desired destination

It Isn’t a Gimmick, but a Reality!

Here’s how a user saved $800+ on an airfare:

Mike was in Paris, France. He’s going to Phoenix, Arizona (PHX) on 1st Dec 2017, and on December 5th he planned to go to Perth, Australia (PER). To avoid the hassle of price fluctuation he tried to book the flight in advance. >br> He looked up the most sought website Skyscanner for cheap tickets to Phoenix, Arizona (PHX) and couldn’t find much difference even by changing the versions of the website. The price was more or less the same. While on the French version of the website he was shown the best price for €620 equivalent to US$723. After changing the website version to Canada, he got the best price for C$917 equivalent to US$723. Same as before. Mike, while in France, was booking a ticket in advance for his flight from Arizona (PHX) to Australia (PER). He opened the French version of the website, Expedia. Next, he searched for flights from Phoenix, Arizona (PHX) to Perth, Australia (PER), from December 05, 2017 to December 20th, 2017, and found a flight for the €1,738.57 equivalent of US$2027.95. Now, he changed his virtual identity by connecting to PureVPN’s server in the US and performed the same search. When he changed the IP address to the US, he was quoted US$1170.06. By merely switching server locations using PureVPN, he found the same flight priced at US$857.89 less than the original search amount. That’s 42% in Savings! All because he booked the flight from the US rather than from Paris.

The Perks of Traveling with a VPN on Your Device

Enjoy Dirt Cheap Flight Tickets

You can always save big bucks on your airfares.

Access Your Favorite Shows

You can stream location-locked content from any region.

Login to Your Desired Social Profiles

You can overcome restrictions on social media channels.

Stay Protected on Public WiFi

You can browse the internet securely on public hotspots.

Conduct Secure Online Banking

You can make online transactions without worrying about data theft.

Avoid ISP Surveillance

You can prevent unwanted eyes from spying on you online.

The Powerful Features of PureVPN


Servers & Locations

PureVPN gives you one-click access to 6,500+ servers, 300,000+ IPs, and 96+ locations.

IP Leak Protection

Our VPN boasts state-of-the-art IPv6 leak protection, DNS leak protection, and WebRTC leak protection.

Military-Grade Encryption

Multiple tunneling protocols plus 256-bit AES encryption guarantee the highest level of data security.

Internet Kill Switch

Our fool-proof IKS feature keeps you protected from the consequences of accidental IP leaks.

Split Tunneling

Split VPN and non-VPN traffic to optimize your VPN experience and speed up your browsing.

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