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Did you know that Hostar is India’s most popular streaming platform, with not only the biggest collection of content, but also FREE content available on its mobile app? 

From Cricket, football, MMA, and 2024 T20 World Cup to Disney+ originals, films, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and National Geographic, every hit content is available there without a cost. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and be always up-to-date on the latest and greatest content!

On-going event: 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

Having said this, let’s discover how to watch Live Sports on Hotstar and enjoy Ii’s offerings: 

Steps to Watch Live Sports on Disney Plus Hotstar India

To watch Live Sports on Disney Plus Hotstar India from anywhere in the world, you need PureVPN app. DP+ Hotstar India, is only available in India and can’t be outside. Disney Plus Hotstar India has better content and library for sports, movies and tv shows fans.

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN app
  2. Install the app on your device.
  3. Connect to a India server.
  4. Open the Hotstar website or app. 
  5. Watch DP+ Hotstar India live online with ease.

What is Hotstar?

Disney+ Hotstar, an Indian subscription streaming service owned by Disney Star, a part of The Walt Disney Company, offers a range of content. It started in 2015 when the platform launched as Hotstar, featuring shows and movies from Disney Star’s local networks, plus some third-party content.

Things took an exciting turn in 2019 when Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, and by April 2020, Hotstar was rebranded as Disney+ Hotstar, becoming part of Disney’s worldwide streaming family. Now, it’s a go-to for everything from Disney+ originals and blockbuster films to Indian entertainment and sports.

Why can’t I watch Hotstar(web app) outside India?

Hotstar, an India-based streaming service, has geographical restrictions due to licensing and distribution agreements, which means you can’t access its content outside India. As a result, if you try to watch live sports on Hotstar from another country, you’ll get an error message saying the content is unavailable.

What Sports can I watch on Hotstar?

These sports are available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, offering a diverse range of live sports content for you to enjoy.

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Kabaddi
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Powerboating
  • Tennis
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Khelo India

Enjoy Cricket on Disney Plus

You can watch the latest IPL season 2024 and the upcoming T20 ICC Men’s World Cup live on Disney+ Hotstar. Hotstar is a perfect destination for sports fans because not only they can stream the games live, but there will be also different languages broadcast available as well as interviews of your favorite players and the best moments collection of games. 

Watch IPL on Hotstar

IPL season 2024 is available on Hotstar with live coverage of every match supported by top-notch commentary. You can also watch replays of games if you’ve missed any and engage yourself in the interviews and previews of games available on Hotstar.


If you’re a football fan, Disney+ Hotstar is your go-to streaming service. You can watch live matches from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and Bundesliga. Plus, it streams major football tournaments and leagues from all over the world. Some of the recent and upcoming matches include games like Crystal Palace’s 4-0 victory over Man United. You can also enjoy live football streaming and get live scores to keep up with all the action.

Mixed Martial Arts

You can watch Matrix Fight Night (MFN), India’s biggest mixed martial arts promotion, on Disney+ Hotstar. This partnership lets you stream the 10th edition of the MMA competition, along with previous events. Furthermore, you can also be updated about the world of MMA and follow the journeys of Indian athletes. 


On Disney+ Hotstar, you can watch a variety of tennis games, including coverage of events like Wimbledon and TATA Open Maharashtra. Hotstar offers live streaming of tennis matches, replays, and highlights, allowing you to enjoy the excitement of the sport from the comfort of your home.

Hotstar has secured the rights to broadcast Wimbledon live and along with this, it also has a proper collection of the best moments of the highlighted players, including Djokovic, Alcaraz, and Vondrousova.


You can watch powerboating on Disney+ Hotstar. The live streaming of powerboating events, lets you enjoy the excitement of the sport right from your home. Major events from this sport that are available on Hotstar are the E1 World Championship and interviews of major sportspersons regarding their interest in the powerboating sport.

Is Hotstar Free?

If you’re using a mobile device, you can enjoy existing and upcoming free content. You can also watch sports clips, highlights, and trailers without a subscription. Whereas to access most content on Disney+ Hotstar, like full shows and movies on Smart TVs, Connected TVs, and desktops, you’ll need a Super or Premium plan.

What are the packages available for Hotstar?

PlanPriceAccessSupported PlatformsAds
Mobile (Ad-Supported)Rs 149 / 3 months1 mobile deviceMobile app onlyYes
Rs 499 / year1 mobile deviceMobile app onlyYes
Super (Ad-Supported)Rs 899 / yearAny 2 devicesMobile, Web, supported Living Room devicesYes
Premium (Ad-Free)Rs 1499 / yearAny 4 devicesMobile, Web, supported Living Room devicesNo (except for LIVE content)

How do I sign up for Hotstar?

If you want to watch live sports on Hotstar, here are some steps through which you can easily subscribe and sign up for your Max account: 

  1. Visit the Disney+ Hostar website.
  2. Subscribe to the plan you want. 
  3. Create a new account by entering your email address and creating a password.
  4. Add your payment information.
  5. Redeem an SMS code if you have one.
  6. Confirm your subscription and start streaming Live Sports on Disney+ Hotstar!

Hotstar supported devices

  • Android Mobile Devices – 5.0 and above
  • Android TV’s – with TV OS 7.0 and above
  • iOS 10.0
  • Samsung Smart TV (2017 models and onward)
  • LG Smart TV (2018 model and onwards with web OS 4.0 or above – not available on TV M3)
  • Apple TV HD (4th Gen Onward)
  • Apple TV 4K (all 3 generations)
  • Fire TV 
  • Google Chromecast Gen 2 for casting (Physical devices only)
  • Smart TVs with VIDAA OS U4 and later.

It works best with:

  • The latest version of Google Chrome
  • The latest version of Firefox
  • The latest version of Safari
  • Microsoft Windows XP or above / MAC OS 10.2 or above
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled

How do I watch Hotstar on non-Android TV?

You can easily watch live sports on Hotstar on your non-Android TV using devices like Apple TV, Fire TV, or Chromecast. If you have a Samsung Smart TV (Tizen) or an LG WebOS TV, you can download our app directly onto your TV. Enjoy seamless streaming on your big screen and access all your favorite shows and movies hassle-free, wherever you are.

On how many devices can I log in to Hotstar at a time?

If you have a Disney+ Hotstar Premium Plan subscription, you can enjoy logging in on up to 10 devices, with a maximum of 3 concurrent streams at any given time. If you try to log in using a fourth device, you’ll see a concurrent device error. 

In this case, you’ll need to log out of one of your earlier devices to continue streaming on the new one. This ensures you can enjoy your favorite content across multiple devices while managing your streaming experience smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Disney+ Hotstar Mobile plan?

The Disney+ Hotstar Mobile plan allows streaming on mobile devices in HD quality at an affordable price, making it a convenient option for users who prefer to watch content on their phones

Does Disney+ Hotstar offer original programming?

Yes, Disney+ Hotstar features original programming created specifically for the platform, adding a unique and exclusive touch to its content library.

What languages are available on Disney+ Hotstar?

Disney+ Hotstar offers content in over 8 languages, catering to the diverse linguistic preferences of its viewers across India and Southeast Asia.

Can I download content from Disney+ Hotstar for offline viewing?

Yes, Disney+ Hotstar allows users to download content for offline viewing, enabling them to enjoy their favorite shows and movies even when they don’t have an internet connection.

Does Disney+ Hotstar have parental controls?

Yes, Disney+ Hotstar offers parental controls, allowing parents to restrict access to certain content based on age ratings and set up profiles for their children to ensure a safe viewing experience.

Can I watch live sports on Hotstar on my smart TV?

Hotstar is compatible with various smart TV platforms, enabling users to stream content on their big screens for an immersive viewing experience.


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