move steam games to another drive

How to Move Steam Games to another Drive

Steam is a convenient digital video game service that offers multiple library folders. When downloading a game via Steam, you can install the game in a folder of your choice.

With the new update, Steam has made things easier. You can now quickly move a game to a different folder after downloading it without re-downloading the entire thing. Previously, you had to redownload a game when moving it to another folder.

This entire process saves you time and bandwidth of downloading gigabytes of game data all over again. HDDs and SSDs do tend to degrade after some time, and installing a new SSD meant you would have to download the game again. Now, you can drag the game to a new drive/folder.

Here’s the process of moving Steam games to another drive:

Step One: Create a Second Steam Folder

First, you’ll need to make a Steam library folder on the second drive if you haven’t already done so.

To do this in Steam, follow the process:

  •         Click Steam
  •         Head over to Steam Settings
  •         Select the Downloads category
  •         Click the Steam Library Folders button
  •         Click Add Library Folder
  •         Select the drive you want to create the library folder on, and click New Folder
  •         Give it whatever name you like, click OK
  •         Click Select to choose the folder you just created.

The folder you chose will appear in the Steam Library folders list. You can now close this window.

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Step Two: Transfer the Games Files to the Second Library

In this step, learn how to move an installed game file to a second library. Here’s the process:

  •         Right-click it in your Steam library and select Properties
  •         Click the Local Files tab
  •         Then click the Move Install Folder button
  •         Select the Steam library you want to move the game to and click the Move Folder button.

That’s it. Steam will automatically move the game’s files to the other library location. If you choose to move other games to the same library location, repeat this process.

Note that when you’re installing a game in the future, Steam will prompt a message asking which library you want to install it to. You can choose to install it wherever you want and move the installed games to another drive at any time.

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