How to Watch NFL in Canada Without Cable TV

Super Bowl Live Stream: Where to watch Super Bowl 2022 Live Online

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American SportsSuper Bowl Live Stream: Where to watch Super Bowl 2022 Live Online

If you like American football, no other sporting event comes close to the Super Bowl to attract a global audience. Last year’s Super Bowl XLIX between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots drew 114.4 million viewers on TV and over 30 million people worldwide via online streams.

Streaming Super Bowl 2022 or any NFL game is now easier than ever. There are several options for watching your favorite football team live, whether you’re at home or on the go. If you want free, unlimited access right away, this guide will teach you everything you need to know.

How to watch a Super Bowl 2022 live stream

Even though the NFL has a worldwide audience, it is restricted to only a few countries such as the US, Canada, UK, and Germany. To access a live stream that’s blocked in your region, you need to connect to a VPN and change your virtual location to a region where NFL is available for live stream. This way, you can easily access anything you want, even if it is blocked in your region.

You can easily watch NFL Super Bowl with PureVPN on BBC Iplayer in 3 Steps:

  1. SUBSCRIBETo the PureVPN app.
  2. CONNECT: To the UK server.
  3. STREAM: Visit BBC iPlayer and stream the NFL Super Bowl live online!

It is that simple.

NFL Super Bowl 2022 Broadcasters List

To watch the NFL Super Bowl live stream, you will need to tune in to any of the official broadcasters. Here is a list of Super Bowl LVI broadcasters by region:

  • USA : NBC, Peacock TV, Sling TV, fuboTV
  • UK : BBC iplayer (Free)
  • Australia : Channel 7 (Free)
  • Canada: DAZN,TSN & CTV
  • Mexico : Azteca 7 (Free)
  • Germany :  ProSieben

With a VPN service, you get to enjoy lag free and high-quality sports programming.

How to stream the Super Bowl 2022 and NFL games from anywhere 

This blog post will concentrate on one specific option, the BBC iPlayer, a website and service provided by the UK’s national broadcaster. As a foreword, I recognize that most people reading this will not be in the United Kingdom, so I’ll explain how to access BBC iPlayer no matter where you are. A VPN would be required to stream the Super Bowl live online. 

Using a VPN can be your best bet to watch region-locked channels outside their intended markets. This means that a person in America cannot simply log onto BBC iPlayer using their American IP address and expect to watch the game. However, if they have a remote IP address in the UK, they will have full access to all the BBC’s content, including streaming options such as iPlayer.

VPN works by routing your internet connection through a different server or location rather than through your ISP’s server. This allows you to connect to websites as if your device is in another region, helping you avoid geographical restrictions. Change the VPN server to one located outside of the United States, and you’re done! Super Bowl 2022 would be available for streaming on BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world. 

To stream the game for free on BBC iPlayer, follow these steps:

  1. Get PureVPN Subscription
  2. Select BBC iPlayer or UK server.
  3. Visit BBC iPlayer and enjoy the game!

How to watch the Super Bowl without cable

The Super Bowl in 2022 will be a spectacular event. No matter where you are, you will not want to miss the excitement and thrill of a live game – not to mention how much fun it would be to watch it with your friends and family! 

Super Bowl on PeacockTv


The only issue that may arise is that you may find it challenging to watch Super Bowl 2022 and other NFL games without cable or access to Peacock. Fortunately, there are ways to watch the event live – if not the entire game, then the highlights! This is one of the best options for watching Super Bowl 2022 online because, in addition to watching it live, you can also watch the game’s highlights after the game! 

The only issue is that you can only watch it in the United States due to copyright restrictions. You can get around these restrictions by signing up for PureVPN, which allows you to select a server outside the United States. Here’s how: 

  1. Get PureVPN Subscription.
  2. Connect to a US server.
  3. Enjoy NFL streaming and the Super Bowl on Peacock.

Super Bowl on Hulu Live TV


The Super Bowl 2022 will be streamed live on Hulu with PureVPN, allowing you to watch all of your favorite teams compete without worrying about geo-restrictions. If your country does not permit access to Hulu or is blocked for any reason, PureVPN will unblock it and allow you to watch the Super Bowl online. Follow these steps given below:

  1. Get PureVPN Subscription
  2. Connect to a US server.
  3. Watch NFL games tonight on Hulu Live TV.

Stream the Super Bowl 2022 with an NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is an out-of-market streaming service that includes live, out-of-market preseason games, replays of every game throughout the season, and more. The NFL Game Pass is activated on the first day of your favorite team’s season! NFL games can be streamed on almost any device or computer. With an NFL Game Pass, you can:

  • Listen to radio broadcasts of home and away
  • Watch full game replays of every game
  • Rent complete games from preseason to Super Bowl teams
  • An on-demand replay of all 256 Regular Season games
  • Watch your favorite team’s season in high-quality video live and on-demand

Where to watch NFL live stream in the US

Sling TV is currently the leading live streaming service in the United States for cord-cutters. It provides a variety of packages that provide access to various channels at varying prices. “Sports Extra” is one of the packages.

Where to watch Super Bowl in the United Kingdom

Sky Sports is the best place to be for true American football fans because they not only show all of the NFL action, but they also have the right to show live coverage of the Super Bowl every year. To gain access to Sky Sports from outside the UK, you need a VPN. Most good services provide multiple servers in various locations and make it simple for users by providing an automatic option that selects the best server for your IP address at the time. 

If you want to watch this incredible sporting event, you’ll need a way to do so. Here’s how you can watch the Super Bowl 2022 in London or any other UK city with the help of three simple steps:

  1. Get PureVPN Subscription
  2. Connect to a UK server from the list. 
  3. Watch NFL streaming instantly, no matter where you are. 

Where to watch the Super Bowl 2022 in Canada

TSN and CTV are the official broadcaster of Super Bowl in Canada. Also, you can watch the event on DAZN Canada as well.

Where to watch Super Bowl LVI 2022 in Australia

You can get started with Kayo Sport’s 14-day free trial for NFL Wild Card Weekend. Kayo Sports offers live streaming and on-demand access to over 50 sports, including the NFL Playoffs. Choose a free 14-day trial of Basic ($25/month) or Premium ($35/month) and cancel at any time – no contract is required.

How to watch Super Bowl 2022 in Germany?

In Germany, ProSieben will be live streaming the Super Bowl game between the Rams and Bengals. In case you’re not in Germany, you can use PureVPN to connect to a German VPN server to watch the Super Bowl live stream and halftime show for free on ProSieben and

How to watch Super Bowl 2022 in France?

For France, you can use BBC iPlayer by connecting to a UK VPN server to stream the games. The 2022 Super Bowl begins at 6:30 p.m. ET on February 13, and the halftime performance will definitely start around 8:00 p.m. ET, after approximately 90 minutes since kickoff. Dr. Dre will be accompanied by other artists from the world of rap and R&B.

How to stream Super Bowl on Roku 

You will be able to watch the Super Bowl 2022 on the following Roku devices:

  • Roku. Streaming Stick 4K.
  • Roku. Express 4K Plus.
  • Roku. Ultra (2020)
  • Roku. Streaming Stick 4K Plus.
  • Roku. Express.
  • Roku. Streambar.

First, just plug your Roku device into your TV’s HDMI outlet to watch the games.

Secondly, you will need to follow these steps to enjoy the Super Bowl with the Peacock TV Roku app.

  • Step 1: Configure your router with PureVPN. Find out how here.
  • Step 2: Make a US-based Roku account with US as your primary location.
  • Step 3: Download the Peacock App on your Roku device.
  • Step 4: Open Peacock and sign in.
  • Step 5: Enjoy the Winter Olympics.

How to stream Super Bowl on Firestick

You can stream the Super Bowl on Amazon Firestick with these apps for free.

  • DAZN (Canada and Germany)
  • Hulu+ Live TV (United States)
  • Sling TV (United States)
  • BBC iPlayer (United Kingdom)

To install them, simply:

  • Search for any of the above mentioned apps i.e. Sling TV if you live in the USA.
  • Click Get and then Download.
  • Open the app and login.
  • Get your streaming online.

Note: Use PureVPN with the correct country server in case you are having trouble accessing the streams.

When is the Super Bowl LVI in 2022? 

The 2022 Super Bowl will be held at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood on February 13, 2022, and NBC will broadcast live across the US. You can watch NFL games online without cable or satellite and by streaming online if you want alternative options when you don’t have access to your local channels. There are also other ways that you can watch sports without cable now that the Super Bowl is about a week away, so check it out today!

Who will be performing at the Super Bowl 2022 halftime show in Los Angeles?

Super Bowl halftime show 2022

Fans of the Super Bowl have a lot to look forward to this year. 

A superstar lineup of Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar will be this year’s performers. They will easily serve as the showstoppers to The Weekend’s halftime show from last year.

The game will kick off at 6:30pm ET. That means the halftime show is scheduled to start after 8pm ET.

Don’t miss the unmissable NFL games. 

The Super Bowl is undoubtedly one of the most-watched events in the US. It’s not just a celebration of victory and defeat; it’s also a celebration of good food and good times. It’s the only time of year when everyone gets together to eat some snacks and catch up on what happened the previous year.

Frequently asked questions

How can I watch NFL streaming even if I am out of market or country?

The NFL Game Pass is the new name for the league’s online access, which provides live streaming of all NFL games. However, to access NFL Game Pass, you must be a subscriber. It is available in the majority of countries worldwide. Even if it does not provide access to live game streaming in every country, there are still ways to get it. There are several ways to gain access to ‘GamePass.’ PureVPN is the most effective way to circumvent geo-blocks. It is an online security tool that will protect your device’s connection and allow you to access GamePass from anywhere you want.

Where to watch Super Bowl 2022 in Vegas?

You can visit a nearby pub in Las Vegas to watch the 2022 Super Bowl, including Circa Resort and Casino, Caesars Palace sportsbook, or Zouk Nightclub at Resorts World. But if you can’t go to any outdoor place to watch the Super Bowl, you can always watch it online on YouTube TV, Sling TV, or Peacock.

How can I watch NFL streaming from any country? 

Consider the NFL Game Pass, the league’s online access streaming service that provides live streaming of all NFL games. It is available in many countries worldwide.

You will need to subscribe to it. The best way to do that is with PureVPN, which takes care of any geo-blocks you may face.

PureVPN PureVPN is a leading VPN service provider that excels in providing easy solutions for online privacy and security. With 6500+ servers in 78+ countries, It helps consumers and businesses in keeping their online identity secured.

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