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Best Pluto TV Channels List You Can Stream Now

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EntertainmentBest Pluto TV Channels List You Can Stream Now

If you’re into live TV streaming, you have a plethora of options such as Sling TV, FuboTV, and YouTube TV, to name a few. However, if you’re looking to stream live TV free of cost, there’s only one option: Pluto TV.

The popular Internet television service, which is only available in the United States, offers hundreds of channels in a cable-like interface. You can stream TV shows, movies, programs, and more without having to pay a penny.

In this article, you’ll find our recommendations for the best Pluto TV channels to watch. We also list Pluto TV’s channel lineup so that you can find the specific type of content you’re looking for.

Note: If you want to watch Pluto TV outside the US, it’s absolutely possible! You’ll just need to equip yourself with a VPN.

What Channels are on Pluto TV?

There are many different channels on Pluto TV spread across categories like News, Movies, Latino, and Sports. Some of the ones worth mentioning include:

  1. CBS News (Ch. 205)

Pluto TV has plenty of news channels to choose from, with CBS News being among the most popular. It’s live and offers 24/7 coverage of objective and solid reporting.

  1. Star Trek (Ch. 150)

The Star Trek channel is currently showing episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but more Trek series and movies have been promised in the near future.

  1. CSI (Ch. 355)

Do you miss the CSI franchise? You can relive those times with this Pluto TV channel, which shows select episodes from CSI: New York, CSI: Miami, and other CSI series.

  1. Stories by AMC (Ch. 135)

The AMC network is home to many critically acclaimed TV series. The Stories by AMC channel lets you watch blocks of episodes of The Walking Dead, Halt and Catch Fire, and other AMC shows.

  1. Hell’s Kitchen (Ch. 294)

If you’re a fan of Gordon Ramsey (and reality cooking shows in general), this Pluto TV channel is a must-watch. You’ll be able to stream many of his Hell’s Kitchen seasons, and that too, uncensored!

  1. NFL (Ch. 708)

If you want to relive some of the most iconic and classic pro football moments, the NFL channel on Pluto TV should be your go-to.

  1. Totally Turtles (Ch. 983)

If you’re looking to satisfy your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cravings, this Pluto TV channel shows episodes of both classic and more recent TMNT animated series.

  1. Classic Doctor Who (Ch. 532)

Why pay to stream the famous BBC sci-fi series on BritBox when you can watch it for free on Pluto TV’s Classic Doctor Who channel?

  1. Slow TV (Ch. 696)

This Pluto TV channel is ideal for those who want to watch something soothing and calm. It shows narration-free videos of countryside trips to regions like Norway.

  1. Degrassi (Ch. 144)

The Canadian TV drama series, which features actor-turned-rapper Drake, is also quite popular among American audiences. You can stream its episodes 24/7 on the Degrassi channel.

Pluto TV Channels List – All Categories

Note: Keep in mind that the list may vary as Pluto constantly adds new channels to its catalog.


Pluto TV channels

  •  TV Spotlight
  •  TV Action
  •  TV Drama
  •  TV Thrillers
  •  TV Indies
  •  Classic Movies
  •  Pluto TV Movies
  •  TV Comedy
  •  TV Horror
  •  Black Cinema
  •  Paramount Movie Channel
  •  80s Rewind
  •  The Asylum
  •  Pluto TV Movies 2
  •  TV Romance
  •  TV Terror
  •  TV Documentaries
  •  CMT Westerns
  •  TV Cult Films
  •  Gravitas Movies


Pluto TV channels

  •  MTV Pluto TV
  •  ET Live
  •  Bet Pluto TV
  •  Spike Outdoors
  •  TV Land Drama
  •  CMT Pluto TV
  •  TV Lives
  •  Complex
  •  British TV
  •  Shout! TV
  •  MTV Dating
  •  VH1 I Love Reality
  •  BET Her Pluto TV
  •  American Gladiators
  •  TV Animals
  •  TV Celebrity
  •  Nosey
  •  Awesomeness TV
  •  Classic TV
  •  Classic Toons
  •  MTV Teen
  •  VH1 Hip Hop Family
  •  Spike Pluto TV
  •  Baywatch
  •  Crime Network
  •  TV Reality
  •  Fuse
  • Degrassi
  •  Buzzr
  •  Star Trek


Pluto TV channels

  •  TV Election
  •  NBC News
  •  CBS Los Angeles
  •  Today
  •  Cheddar News
  •  TYT Network
  •  Court TV
  •  Today’s Top Story
  •  CBSN
  •  CNN
  •  Weather Nation
  •  Top Stories by Newsy
  •  Sky News
  •  TV News
  •  CBSN New York
  •  The First
  •  Bloomberg
  •  Newsmax TV
  •  RT America

Binge Watch

Pluto TV channels

  •  The Addams Family
  • VH1 Love and Hip Hop
  •  VH1 RuPaul’s Drag Race
  •  Forensic Files
  •  Fear Factor
  •  Dog the Bounty Hunter
  •  This Old House
  •  Midsomer Murders
  •  Rifftrax
  •  MTV Guy Code
  •  MTV The Challenge
  •  CMT Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
  •  The New Detectives
  •  Leverage
  •  Hell’s Kitchen
  •  Antiques Roadshows UK
  •  Wipeout
  •  MTV The Hills
  •  VH1 Black Ink Crew
  •  Unsolved Mysteries
  •  Cold Case Files
  •  Criss Angel Mindfreak
  •  WPT
  •  Doctor Who Classic
  •  MST3K
  •  CSI
  •  Stories by AMC


Pluto TV channels

  •  Comedy Central Pluto TV
  •  Tosh.O
  •  Funny AF
  •  Dogs 24/7
  •  Fail Army
  •  Comedy Central Stand-Up
  •  Crank Yankers
  •  Stand Up TV
  •  The Pet Collective
  •  Wild ‘n Out
  •  TV Land Sitcoms
  •  Cats 24/7
  •  Internet Gold


Pluto TV channels

  •  Pluto TV Sports
  •  PGA Tour
  •  TV Surf
  •  Pursuit Up
  •  Impact Wrestling
  •  Big Sky Conference
  •  Fox Sports
  •  Major League Soccer
  •  TV Winter Sports
  •  Fight
  •  Sports Grid
  •  NFL
  •  Stadium
  •  Red Bull TV
  •  Glory Kickboxing
  •  Eleven Sports

Tech & Geek


  •  TV Scifi
  •  TV Gamer
  •  NASA TV
  •  TV Science
  •  4K TV
  •  CNET
  •  Minecraft TV
  •  TV Tech
  •  Naruto
  •  IGN
  •  Gameplay Roblox


Pluto TV channels

  •  Live Music Replay
  •  Vibes
  •  Monstercat
  •  MTV Biggest Pop
  •  Yo! MTV
  •  MTV Spanking New
  •  Main Stage
  •  The City
  •  Red Cup
  •  The Cross
  •  Fuego
  •  70s
  •  80s
  •  90s
  •  Y2K
  •  Dash 1
  •  Loud
  •  Indie
  •  The Return of Doggystyle
  •  Electrocity
  •  Discover
  •  Alter Native
  •  Monstercat Electronic & Dance
  •  Subdustrial
  •  Euphoria
  •  The Strip
  •  Church of Rock N Roll
  •  Oldies
  •  Ratpack
  •  What the Funk
  •  Moonlight
  •  Pure Soul
  •  Love
  •  La Isla
  •  Reggae King
  •  Cool


Pluto TV channels

  •  TV Cine Estelar
  •  TV Peliculas
  •  TV Cine Latino
  •  TV Investiga
  •  TV Novelas
  •  Telemundo Telenovelas Clasicas
  •  MTV Latino
  •  Comedy Central Latino
  •  TV Brasil
  •  Combate World
  •  Lucha Libre AAA


Pluto TV channels

  •  Nick: Dora TV
  •  Nick Pluto
  •  Nick Jr. Pluto
  •  TV Family
  •  Totally Turtles
  •  Kids TV
  •  After School Cartoons
  •  Anime All Ages
  •  Anime All Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Pluto TV channels:

How Many Channels are on Pluto TV?

Pluto TV has inked deals with over 170 content providers like CNN, Comedy Central, NFL, Nickelodeon, and A&E to offer more than 250 channels.

How do I to Get More Channels on Pluto TV?

You can’t add extra channels on Pluto TV. However, you can expect new ones to appear from time to time as the Internet TV service is constantly updating its impressive catalog.

Can You Pause Pluto TV?

Nope. There’s no pause option available on Pluto TV.

Wrapping Things Up

If you want to cut the cord and stream live TV, Pluto TV is the best option. Not only do you have tons of Pluto TV channels to choose from, but also you’re able to watch what you want for absolutely no cost.

Are there any other channels on Pluto TV that we should add to the list? Feel free to use the comments section below!

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