Top 25 Cybersecurity Experts to Follow on Twitter

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Cybersecurity has become a critical concern for brands and governments across the world. Data breaches have become too common and too lethal. 2017 has already witnessed more than 15 data breaches, including Bell’s data breach that resulted in 1.9 million customers’ records stolen. Talking about attacks, how can we not mention the recent WannaCry attack that crippled hundreds of businesses, colleges, and hospitals around the world.

With cyberthreats on the rise, the need for getting in touch with cybersecurity experts and getting their help or opinion too has increased. Thankfully for us, Twittersphere is full of cybersecurity experts willing to share their thoughts, research and news on a wide range of topics such as vulnerabilities, viruses, malware, application security, DevOps, data breaches, privacy, threat intelligence, privacy and more.

We have compiled a list of 25 cybersecurity experts, all of whom are opinion and thought leaders with a passion for making the internet a safer place. These cybersecurity experts can help cybersecuirty seekers stay one step ahead of hackers and digital anarchists.

Here goes the list:

Eugene KasperskyEugene Kaspersky

Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, he is an industry figure with more than two decades’ experience of fighting malware and combatting other cyber threats. He started as a software engineer at a company that sold antivirus solutions to a handful of buyers. Kaspersky now spearheads one of the biggest security companies in the world. He regularly Tweets interesting, educational links from the Kaspersky blog and other credible InfoSec outlets.


Brian Krebs Brian Kerbs

He has a decade’s experience of authoring cybersecurity-related blogs published on his award-winning blog (12 Awards), The blog focuses on computer security and cybercrime. He is an NYT bestselling author and has an award winning book ‘Spam Nation’ to his name. Besides, he has also written 1,300 blog posts for the Security Fix blog and several stories for In addition to all this, he has won twelve other awards for his security blog. His Twitter account discusses current InfoSec issues and the dangers of security weaknesses.


Mikko HypponenMikko Hypponen

He is the Chief Research Officer at F-Secure, a columnist, and a renowned TED speaker. He has received many accolades, and has also been included in the list of the the 50 most influential people on the web by PC world magazine. He has led many efforts to defeat notorious security breaches and viruses, and is also a consultant to several governments on information security. On Twitter, he is a whistleblower on IT security newsrelevant to both governments and enterprises.


Eric VanderbugEric Vanderbug

He is the Director of Information Systems and Security at JurInnov, where he leads a team of cybersecurity experts who help companies against cyber threats and improve their security awareness. Eric is also the Vice Chairman of the board of directors for Technology Ministry Network, a nonprofit that helps people with tools and trainings to accomplish their goals. He is also the author of several books and has a blog about cybersecurity. Eric regularly speaks at conferences, seminars, and events and publishes cybersecurity related articles.


Bruce SchneierBruce Schneier

He is an internationally renowned security technologist, and was dubbed a security guru by The Economist. He has written 13 books, including Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World, as well as hundreds of articles and academic papers. His newsletter, Crypto-Gram, and his blog, Schneier on Security, are read by over 250,000 people.He is also the Chief Technology Officer at IBM’s Resilient. Schneier tweets about the latest big security happenings and what they mean for the enterprise.


The GrugqThe Grugq

He is an independent information security consultant. He has worked with Fortune 100 companies, leading information security firms, innovative start-ups and the public sector. The Grugq's tweets are funny and highly technical.


Troy HuntTroy Hunt

He is a Pluralsight author and Microsoft MVP for Developer Security. Troy mainly focuses on cybersecurity, technology, and the cloud. He is also the creator of @haveibeenpwned. He regualarly speaks at technological events around the world, usually on security. He enjoys showing people how easy it is to break softwares on the web today.


Graham CluleyGraham Cluley

He is an award-winning security blogger, researcher, and public speaker. He has worked in the cybersecurity industry since the 1990s. Graham has spoken at events such as InfoSec, Web Summit, Microsoft Future Decoded, Virus Bulletin, and the European Internet Security Forum. He has also helped law enforcement agencies investigating hacking groups, and he regularly appears on TV and radio explaining computer security threats.


Jeremiah GrossmanJeremiah Grossman

He is the founder of WhiteHat Security and is also the current chief of security strategy for SentinelOne. He has been in the IT sphere since 1998. He has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and The New York Times and many others. He tweets about hacking, AppSec and development.


Daniel MieslerDaniel Miesler

He is an information security practitioner and actively share his knowledge via his website, which has over 2,500 essays, posts, tutorials, articles, and other types of content. Every Sunday he shares a curated list of the most interesting stories on InfoSec, technology, and humans called “Unsupervised Learnings”.


Jack DanielJack Daniel

He is the co-founder of Security BSides, and a CISSP, MS MVP for Enterprise Security and Technical Product Manager at Tenable Network. He is also a Microsoft MVP for Enterprise Security, CCSK, Increasingly Reluctant CISSP, and is a recurrent speaker at major conferences, including ShmooCon, RSA, and many BSides events. He tweets his thoughts on information security.


Scott N. Schober

Scott is the CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS) which provides advanced wireless test and security solutions. He is a highly sought after Cyber Security expert for media appearances. He often appears on ABC News, Bloomberg TV, CBS, CNBC, CNN, Fox , Good Morning America and many more. He regularly speaks on visionary issues at conferences, discussing wireless technology and its role in Cybersecurity breaches. He has been interviewed in WSJ, Forbes, Fortune, Success, NY Daily News, Newsweek, USA Today, and The New York Times. He has spoken at many conferences like ShowMeCon, GovSec, Counter Terror expo, Espionage Research International,  ConstrucTech, IEEE and many more events.


Shira RubinoffShira Rubinoff

She is the President of Green Armor Solutions and is a well known cybersecurity expert as well as an expert in human factors of information technology and security. Rubinoff was named a Woman of Influence by the Executive Women’s Forum and CSO Magazine and was honored with their One to Watch award. She was also mentioned as one of New Jersey’s Best 50 Women in Business by NJBIZ. Rubinoff has published and lectured on topics related to psychology and cybersecurity.


Eva Galperin  Eva Galperin

She is EFF's Director of cybersecurity. Prior to working for EFF, Eva worked in security and IT in Silicon Valley. Her work is primarily focused on privacy and security for vulnerable populations around the world. To that end, she has applied the combination of her political science and technical background to everything from organizing EFF's Tor Relay Challenge to writing privacy and security training materials, and publishing research on malware in Syria, Vietnam, Kazakhstan.


Julitte KayyemJulitte Kayyem

Her list of accomplishments are staggering. She is the founder of Juliette Kayyem Solutions, LLC. She is the Belfer Lecturer in International Security at Harvard Kennedy School. She was also the Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs with the US Department of Homeland Security. Kayyem’s Twitter account mainly focuses on the intersection of government and information security.


Josh CormanJosh Corman

He is currently leading the Cyber Statecraft Initiative. Corman examines the overlap of national security, international relations, and public safety while also trying to find solutions to the problems of cyberspace. He used to be the chief technology officer at Sonatype, director of security intelligence at Akamai Technologies, research director at The 451 Group, and principal security strategist at IBM. He usually tweets about his speaking engagements on the current InfoSec issues with a little humor sometimes. 


Lesley CarhartLesley Carhart

Lesley is a 17 year IT industry veteran, including 8 years in information security. She speaks and writes about digital forensics and incident response, OSINT, and information security careers, is highly involved in the Chicagoland information security community, and is staff at Circle City Con, Indianapolis.


Joseph SteinbergJoseph Steinberg

He is a recognized cybersecurity thought leader and is currently serving as the CEO of SecureMySocial. He was billed one of the top 3 cybersecurity influencers worldwide by Onalytica. He has written several books and articles on information-security-related topics, and is a frequent media commentator on cyber-related matters. He also writes a column on cybersecurity for Inc., and previously did the same for Forbes.


Graham PenroseGraham Penrose

He is the owner of TMG Corporate Services and is a blogger at Unamused Observer; AirGap Anonymity Collective; Anonymous Chronic. He is also the Social VP at IBM, Founder of Art for Action, CMO of MyFaceValue and Global Influencer at Onalytica. He strongly believes in protecting democracy, privacy, the rights of the individual and the preservation of civil liberties.


Rob GrahamRob Graham

He writes blog posts about cyber rights, Internet security, and other security-related topics. He’s the CEO of Errata Security, an online community of security enthusiasts. The insight gained from his research is delivered to his clients.


Katie MoussourisKatie Moussouris

She is a cybersecurity trailblazer. She was the architect of the first highly effective bug bounty programs for Microsoft and the US government. Today, she is the founder and CEO of Luta Security, she is in high demand as a consultant by both the private and public sector. Katie specializes in helping businesses and governments work with hackers to better defend themselves against digital threats. She describes herself as a hacker and uses Twitter to talk about new InfoSec happenings.


Andrew HayAndrew Hay

He is currently the Co-Founder and CTO of LEO Cyber Security. Hay has a wealth of experience as he has held postions like director of research, a senior security analyst, and an information security officer and he brings this knowledge to his Twitter account. He tweets “suggested readings” on cybersecurity-related topics to his followers regularly, making his account a great follow.


Parisa TabrizParisa Tabriz

She manages Google’s information security team and has been dubbed the company’s “Security Princess.” Her job is to hack into the most popular web browser on the planet and find flaws in the system before the black hats do. She’s very active on Twitter, so her followers gain a good deal of real-time information about cybersecurity.


Melissa ElliotMelissa Elliot

She is a self-described “infosec supervillain.” Melissa Elliot is a professional Application Security Researcher at Veracode and is extremely active on Twitter. She tweets about programming, security, as well as fiction writing.


Violet Blue  Violet Blue

She writes Bad Password, a weekly cyber security column for Engadget. She covers technology, privacy and security culture for media outlets like CNET, ZDNet, CBS, and her own website, She’s an activist for women in tech and works hard to raise awareness for critical issues that affect at-risk populations. She has also written a book The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy: Practical Tips for Staying Safe Online about online safety.


Tarjei MandtTarjei Mandt

Tarjei Mandt is the senior security researcher at Azimuth Security. He specializes in vulnerability research, exploit development, malware & rootkits, low-level programming, and device driver development. His tweets mostly focus on sharing articles of interest and retweeting other cyber security industry members.


Jon RolfeJon Rolfe

Jon Rolfe is a recognized cybersecurity thought leader and is currently working as a Senior Information Security Manager at Ventia. He has an enormous wealth of experience and he has worked in the IT industry for over 21 years. He tweets about the latest happenings of tech industry as well as matters related to cyber security like news about hackers, breaches and laws and actions of government with regard to encryption and online security.




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