PureVPN Antivirus & Antimalware

PureVPN's Antivirus Stops Threats from Reaching Your Device

If you’re among those who think they’ll do without a web-based antivirus, here’s your wakeup call. The diversity of cyber threats and hacking activities means your device is in a vulnerable state.

One way for viruses and malware to spread like wildfire is via embedding themselves in torrents and other downloadable files. However, they can also infiltrate your device from a simple loophole within an app or a bug in an app that hasn’t been fixed.

Hackers continuously look for loopholes in a system to compromise it. They do it by developing a virus in the form of an adware, a bot, ransomware, rootkit or worse, spyware. Virus and malware protection is a prerequisite when going online from your device.

While you might argue that you can avoid potential threats by not visiting certain websites or downloading specific files, the truth is computer viruses can make their way onto your computer or any other device by mimicking a variety of files, which can make their way to your device via email attachments or phishing websites.

Protection from Viruses & Malware

  • Protect files from being locked by ransomware

The antivirus protects your against ransomware and keeps you secured against online attacks at all times. The virus definitions are kept up-to-date throughout PureVPN's network.

  • Protection from advanced threats

Real-time gateway anti-virus scanning delivers intelligent file-based protection through a high-performance engine that scans for file-based Internet threats in real-time.

    • Faster, smarter, simpler

    PureVPN’s smart advanced features scan your internet traffic at the gateway to block viruses, worms, and malware before they can enter your network and execute their dangerous payload.

    • Non-stop protection

    Malicious signatures are updated without interruption, so you never have to worry about your network being exposed to the latest threats circling the internet.

    Get Complete Protection against Viruses, Malware & Ransomware Attacks

    Since malware was created with the one motive in mind – profit – protection against such attacks is necessary as witnessed by the ransom amount demanded by the evil hackers.

    Additionally, spying activities have escalated in the last 10 years and it’s not just celebrities who have been victims of spyware but ordinary individual’s as well. The total malware revolving around the world has skyrocketed and can be found infecting most modern computers.

    What’s worse about ransomware is that it encrypts everything on your hard drive and makes your computer unbootable, meaning that you lose everything saved on your desktop and mobile device.

    Here are some of the most notorious ransomware/malware that caused billions of dollars in damages to businesses along with individuals. PureVPN’s anti-malware feature comes packed with functionality which can combat any malware.


    A malware created with the sole intent of stealing private data such as credentials, financial details and disrupt networks. The malware infected 3.6 million systems.


    A notorious malware that recently infected thousands of PCs, encrypting files and demanded hundreds of dollars to decrypt, causing millions of dollars in damages.


    A malware that encrypts your data and then asks for money to decode your private information.

    Zeus Gameover

    A malware which relied on peer-to-peer infrastructure, collected financial information, credit card numbers, etc. It infected 1 million computers globally.

    With PureVPN’s antivirus and antimalware, you can rest assured about your online privacy and security.

    • Single-Toggle Activation

    Enable the toggle and get access to advanced features to combat viruses and malware.

    • No Complex Installations

    Easy to install and setup process; hardly takes any time.

    • No Hardware Necessary

    The installation and setup process are both automatic and do not require any additional hardware.

    Get PureVPN Antivirus & Antimalware in 3 Easy Steps

    Secure your devices against hackers, third parties and spying agencies with just a one click solution. Signing up is an easy process and hardly takes much of your time.

    1. Visit the order page to sign up for a PureVPN account.
    2. Download and install PureVPN app for your device (Windows, Mac, Android & iOS).
    3. Every subscription plan includes PureVPN’s antivirus and antimalware features without any extra cost.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is an antivirus and an antimalware?

    An antivirus and an antimalware are software used to prevent, detect and combat viruses and malicious software on the internet. The purpose of this functionality is to protect your device against malicious codes that may disrupt your system. PureVPN’s antivirus and antimalware functionality will secure you against all viruses and malware.

    1. Why do I need an antivirus and an antimalware?

    An antivirus and an antimalware are your online savior. With increased ransomware and spyware software targeting individuals and businesses, an antivirus will secure you against viruses and an antimalware will battle malware that’s trying to infiltrate your system.


    1. How do I use PureVPN’s antivirus and antimalware feature?

    PureVPN’s new update comes bundled with the antivirus and antimalware capability. All you have to do is have the PureVPN app installed on your smartphone. Insert your credentials and activate the antivirus and antimalware feature within the PureVPN app.

    1. How many devices can be used with PureVPN’s antivirus and antimalware feature?

    PureVPN’s antivirus and antimalware feature is equipped with robust technology that can be used on 5 multiple devices. The app is designed to detect and combat viruses and malware on all devices connected to PureVPN with the feature set to ON.

    1. How do I install the best antivirus and antimalware?

    To download the best antivirus, head over to the Play Store on your Android device or App Store on your iOS device. Once there, search for PureVPN. Download the PureVPN app. Signup for the service, if you haven’t already. Insert the credentials provided to you in the email. Login and start using the antivirus and antimalware feature.


    Customer Reviews

    "PureVPN’s antivirus and antimalware feature is exceptional. Our enterprise is satisfied with their service and we don’t need to install other software as we’ve got an all in one solution – a VPN, an antivirus, antimalware and other features." –

    "Really happy with PureVPN’s antivirus feature. I had different software for virus and that way I had to manage different apps and software. With PureVPN’s apps, I can easily switch on the feature and it’s just so easy to manage." –




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