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Travel Wallet: A Relief for Tourists in 2021

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TravelTravel Wallet: A Relief for Tourists in 2021

It is no secret that packing for an international flight is a stressful endeavor. You might also be worried about keeping all your valuable documents including passports, cash, and credit cards in one place in order to keep them safe and secure. Well, a travel wallet is the answer to all your worries!

What is a Travel Wallet?

Travel wallets allow you to keep track of all your important documents in one place while traveling. This handy tool is designed to keep your most valuable documents safe from theft, loss and, damage.

A travel organizer wallet saves you from juggling your important documents from one luggage to another as you have to retrieve them repeatedly from place to place, keeping you stress-free.

You will just need to have this compact yet spacious container to hold all your documents together and keep them secure from pocket-picking and loss.

Finding a perfect wallet for travel sometimes can be as tiring and exhausting as finding the best suitcase for traveling. But, we have gathered a list of the best travel wallets in 2020 that can organize and assemble all of your travel essentials into their multiple pockets.

Best Travel Wallets For Men

After analyzing and testing multiple wallets for travel, we have narrowed down a compiled list for top travel wallets to buy in 2020 that are pocket-friendly and ideal for holding multiple documents together:

Leatherology Men Travel Wallet

Leatherology Men Travel Wallets are one of the best wallet providers in the market that can feature up to 9 credit cards, zippered pockets, three receipt pockets, 2 large gusseted pockets to hold passports and an external boarding pass pocket for easy access.

Tumi Men Travel Wallet

Tumi Men Travel Wallets are top-notch leather material wallets that can feature up to 10 card slots with additional slots to carry your passport and documents.

Bellroy Leather Men Travel Wallet

Bellroy Leather Men Travel Wallets are attractive and stylish wallets for men to carry while traveling. Moreover, this wallet can feature up to 10 cards with separate sections for passport and tickets. It also contains a hidden compartment for spare cash making it one of the most secure travel wallets for men.

Dash Men Travel Wallet

Dash Men Travel Wallets are folding wallets that are made-up of eco-synthetic canvas leather. Also, they can feature up to 2-4 cards, international currencies, and can fit up a passport in it.

Samsonite Men Travel Wallet

Samsonite Men Travel Wallets are one of the most pocket-friendly wallets on the market. They can feature up to 6 cards with additional dedicated pockets for flat cash and your passport on one side, as well as large pockets on both sides for boarding passes or other needed travel documents.

Best Travel Wallets For Women

Cuyana Mini Zip Around Women Travel Wallet

Cuyana Mini Zip Around Women Travel Wallets are compact but can carry almost all of your essential documents. These travel wallets for women feature six curved card slots, a billfold, and a snap closure coin pouch. There are 2 more hidden card slots to carry your ID, tickets, or a few travel receipts if need be.

CalPak Women Travel Wallet

CalPak Women Travel Wallets can be used as a wallet, a purse, or a fanny pack, hence offering you the choice to strap up or go strapless. This beautiful wallet is made up of faux leather and is available in almost 10 colors.

Aspinal of London Women Travel Wallet

Aspinal of London Women Travel Wallets are more-like portable cabinets that can carry all of your travel essentials together. These include but are not limited to money, tickets, passports, boarding pass, credit cards, and everything else!

Kate Spade Women Travel Wallet

Kate Spade Women Travel Wallets are elegant, stylish, and made up of durable Saffiano leather with 17 additional pockets for cards, IDs, etc.

Cuyana Women Travel Wallet

Cuyana Women Travel Wallets are luxurious and elite wallets that are made up of Italian leather. They feature 3 sections that can store your key essentials for traveling including your passport and credit cards.

Travel Neck Wallet for Passports:

Other popular types of travel wallets are Neck Wallets which are mostly available on Amazon. This travel neck wallet is used while traveling to keep your key travel essentials including your passport secure.

Travel Neck Wallets are put on like a cross shoulder bag that can be easily hidden under clothing, keeping all your personal items and documents safe.

Here are a couple of best travel neck wallets for passports:

Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet by Venture 4th

Venture 4th neck wallets are incredibly popular because they are made for travel. Hence, the company makes sure to make these passport wallets comfortable, lightweight, and water-resistant to ensure the safety of your stored valuables.

Neck Wallet by Zero Grid

Zero Gird neck wallets are highly secure as they come with RFID blocking. This protects your valuables including your passport, cards, and other travel essentials from pickpocketing and theft.

What are the advantages of Travel Wallets over Regular Wallets?

There are numerous reasons why you should prefer a travel wallet over a regular wallet. As mentioned before, travel are specifically built to keep all your key essentials while traveling together and prevent pickpocketing, loss, and theft.

I have narrowed down a list of detailed features of a travel wallet as follows:

  • Travel wallets are specially designed to handle all your documents while still maintaining a slim, compact profile.
  • Security and safety of money is one of the biggest issues for travelers on their trip. Thus, modern-day wallets for travel come with RFID-blocking material on the interior to protect travelers against electronic pocket-picking and theft.
  • Most wallets for travel are designed in a way to keep them lightweight. Most of these wallets are sophisticated and compact but it doesn’t mean it can’t look appealing. Wallet companies design these wallets out of fine leather to give them an elegant and smart look.
  • Keeping track of your credit cards during travels is itself a difficult task. These wallets not only help you store up to 10 cards but also allow their easy handling.

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