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Flying may be exciting for some. However, at some instances, it becomes downright tiring and exhausting, especially when it comes to waiting.

In fact, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that in 2017 alone, almost 40% of the flights were late or delayed due to bad weather or late-arriving aircraft.

airport sleep pods

So, what would you if your flight is delayed and your limbs are too tired to keep you awake even on a bench?

If you are thinking about getting some sleep on the reception or waiting area benches, don’t do that. It would only end up with either neck pain, shoulder pain or back pain.

If you are planning to check-in at a hotel, you are better off without it because it would be expensive, and it may result in a missed flight.


So what can a tired traveler do? Fortunately, there’s a simple way that can save you time and money.

This is exactly where Airport Sleeping Pods comes in.

What are Airport Sleeping Pods?

Airport Sleeping pods (sometimes called nap pods) provide travelers with a place where they can rest and sleep. These sleep pods are capsule-shaped beds, built-in different airports across the world. Plus, it can cater one or more passengers.

These sleep pods often have compartments for luggage, power sockets for charging electronic items, a lamp light for book-readers, and sometimes public WiFi for travelers to connect to the internet.

Airport sleeping pods come in varied sizes. In fact, some even come in a large size that makes it look like a mini-hotel. Moreover, large sleep pods may also have a private bathroom and a TV!

Are you allowed to sleep at Airports?

It depends on airport to airport. Sleeping at the waiting lounge in most of the airports is allowed, but some airports do not permit travelers to rest while other airports close at night. Before visiting the airport, you may check out its official website to learn more about its policies and even opening and closing hours.


Sleeping pods, on the other hand, are facilitated by the airport itself and so using the pods is completely legal. After all, you are also paying rent for a service you are availing.

How much do Airport Sleeping Pods Cost?

The accommodation has always been a burning question when it comes to the cost of the sleeping pods. The prices of airport sleep pods depend upon several factors: the number of hours you spend in it, the size of the pod, and the number of people it can accommodate.

In some cases, the prices may also depend on the season you are traveling in and what time of the day you rent the sleep pod.


To give you an estimate of sleeping pod average price, here are some examples:

  • NapCabs average price ranges from 10-15 EUR per hour.
  • Go Sleep Pods average prices range from 10-15 USD per hour.
  • Snooze Cube single cubes range from 18-20 EUR + VAT per hour while 24-28 EUR + VAT per hour for a double cube.
  • YotelAir capsule hotel is the most expensive than most of the sleeping pods providers.
  • Minute Suites average price starts at $42 per hour and $10.50 for an additional 15 minutes.

There is also the minimum and maximum duration limit for renting any sleeping pod. For example, the maximum duration limit for Napcabs is 12 hours, and the minimum duration limit for Napcabs is 2 hours. You can also book sleeping pod online through booking websites.

Which Airport has Sleeping Pods?

Here are some of the worldwide international airports where you can easily find airport sleeping pods to rest and relax.

Airport Sleeping Pods All Around The World

Go Sleep Airport Sleeping pods at Vanta Airport (HEL) – Helsinki, Finland:

You can find Go Sleep Pod at HEL between the departure gate 28 and 29 in the Schengen area of Terminal 2.

IzZzleep Sleep Capsules at Mexico City International Airport (MEX) – Mexico City, Mexico:

You can find izZzleep sleep capsules in MEX that include hourly rates, nightly rates, and even showers.

NapCity Sleep Pods at Berlin, Munich International Airport – Germany:

You can find NapCity sleep pods in the Munich airport that offers a small bed with internet access and TV.

Minute Suites at Dallas, Atlanta, Philadephia International Airport, United States:

You can find Minute Suites sleep cabins to relax, work or nap at Dallas, Atlanta, and Philadelphia  international airports. Minute Suites provides more than just sleep pods but an actual suite with a daybed, a TV, and a desk in order to facilitate their customers with entertainment, sleep and work.

Go Sleep Pods and Snooze Cube at Dubai International Airport (DXB)- Dubai, UAE:

You can easily find Snooze Cube or Go Sleep Pods at DXB.

Go Sleep Pods at Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) – Moscow, Russia:

You can easily find Go Sleep Pods at SVO at Terminal E, between gates 36 & 37.

YotelAir Sleep Cabins at Gatwick, Heathrow International Airport – London, England:

You can easily find Yotel Air sleep cabins or capsule hotel at Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport and South Terminal at Gatwick Airport.

IGA SleepPod at Istanbul Airport (IST) – Istanbul, Turkey:

You can easily find sleeping pod provided by IGA SleepPod cabins at IST, costing between €6 and €9 per hour.

SAMS at Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) – New Dehli, India:

You can easily find (SAMS Snooze At My Space) sleep pod at DEL installed in Terminal 3.

GoSleep Pod at Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) – Abu Dhabi, UAE:

You can easily find GoSleep Capsule hotel installed at AUH installed in Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 in the Al Dhabi Lounge at AED45 ($12.25) per hour.

Free Sleep Pod at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) – Toronto, Canada:

Travelers can easily find free sleep pod built throughout the YYZ.

Can I access the Internet at Airport Sleeping Pods?

Most of the airport sleeping pods’ providers facilitate their users with an internet connection. Still, if you don’t have an internet plan, you can access the free airport WiFis provided by most of the popular airports across the globe.

But there’s a catch…

While airport WiFi networks give you the convenience of staying connected, checking emails, streaming content, and browsing the web, you should be aware of the security risks as well.

The hackers can eavesdrop on your data by using tools like sniffers, which can help them get through your social network ids, documents, bank accounts, passwords, emails, and use your sensitive data for nefarious purposes!

Additionally, you may also be bombarded with annoying ads (some of which may be malicious) if a company sponsors the free Wi-Fi.

Here’s how you solve this…

VPN software for Android

By connecting to a High-Speed VPN when accessing public WiFi is one of the best ways to protect your private information. PureVPN not only offers 6,500+ servers and 300,000+ IPs to hide your identity behind but also secures all your incoming and outgoing traffic via military-grade encryption for the best public Wi-Fi security.

Have a secure and safe trip!





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