What is a Valid IP Address?

A valid IP address should be in the format of ‘’ where each ‘xxx’ is a number field that ranges from 0-255. If you’ve got a WiFi router, your device will have a valid IP address written at the bottom of the machine.

Each device that connects to other devices internally or on the web has an IP address. These IP addresses uniquely identify devices from the other. An IP address enables devices to communicate with each other.

Is a Valid IP Safe?

Nothing on the web is safe unless you use security measures. IP addresses are typically always under the radar as they allow bad actors to gain instant access to your devices. To secure an IP address, you must mask it with another bogus IP address.

A VPN enables you to replace your real IP address with a temporary virtual IP address of a different server/location. During this process, your online activities are secured with AES 256-bit encryption, keeping your digital identity far from cybercriminals.

How to Locate a Valid IP Address

Here’s the process to locate an IP address:

  • Tap Windows
  • Type cmd and press Enter
  • A Command Prompt dialogue will open, type ipconfig
  • From a list of information, choose IPV4 Address

What is My IP?

Here’s a convenient way to locate your IP address.

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