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PureVPN launches one-click VPN apps for Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV and Kodi to the delight of millions of users around the world and help them access their favorite global streaming channels from anywhere.

If you love streaming content online, be it TV shows, movies, or live channels, you’re definitely in for a treat. PureVPN has launched its VPN apps for Android TV, Fire Stick, and Kodi to remove the hassle of manual installation and compatibility issues and help you enjoy complete internet freedom on the internet-enabled device of your choice.

So, what’s new with these offerings? Well, for one, you will gain access to the content you were unable to watch before. Also, they come packed with all the features that you need to stream as much as you want with complete privacy, and at blazing-fast speeds.

Android TV

With PureVPN’s Android TV VPN app, you will no longer have to go through the hassle of configuring the service manually on your Android TV. PureVPN will not only bypass ISP bandwidth throttling for a smooth streaming experience, but also help you overcome any restrictions on streaming services and help you watch the content you want on your Android TV.

Amazon Fire Stick

PureVPN’s Fire Stick app makes the process of configuring the service on your Amazon Fire Stick easier than ever. Since you will be tunneled to another country with less restricted internet, you can access any streaming service and watch your favorite content. Plus, with the VPN for Fire Stick denying your ISP from throttling your connection, streaming at high-speeds becomes a reality!


Setting up a VPN on Kodi can be a confusing process, but PureVPN’s Kodi VPN add-on allows you to setup the service in a few clicks. Did you know that ISPs throttle your internet if they suspect you’re a streamer? Once connected, you can avoid this discrimination as you stream the content you want on Kodi. You will also be able to unblock multiple Kodi add-ons without exposing your real identity.

As a Bonus:

DD-WRT Firmware Applet for Routers

The best router firmware integrated with the world’s most reliable VPN service – that sums up PureVPN’s DD-WRT VPN applet! Military-grade encryption is applied to your home network, adding an extra layer of security to your data and communications. Furthermore, along with keeping you anonymous at all times, the applet enables you to access your favorite content from anywhere.

Ready… Set… Stream!

When it comes to streaming your favorite TV shows, movies, or live channels without any hassle, PureVPN has you covered. Simply download the app of your choice and start watching the content you want right on your device!

So, why wait? PureVPN encrypts all your internet traffic while you stream on your device and replaces your real IP with one of its anonymous IPs, allowing you to access hundreds of streaming services and enjoy endless entertainment with absolute freedom.

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