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How to set up a VPN for Smart TV in Easy Steps

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When people search for a VPN for Smart TVs, they are usually seeking a solution to get around country/regional restrictions or to get Internet security.

If you are new to a VPN, you might be scratching your head by now about the common reasons we just mentioned. Well, don’t! We will discuss it later in this blog why a VPN is necessary for a Smart TV.

For now, let’s get straight to the guide on setting up a VPN on Smart TV and unlocking the true potential that your smart appliance has to offer.

VPN for SmartTV


Can I Use a VPN on Smart TV Directly?

Before we get on to the setup guide, it would be better that we first answer the question that people usually ask, i.e., whether a VPN can be set up on a Smart TV directly or not.

Well, it all depends on the type of Operating System that the device uses. For starters, we need to understand the fact that not every operating system supports all the VPN protocols. This lack of protocol compatibility in some operating systems make them incompatible with some VPN services.

However, if a Smart TV is using a popular operating system such as Android, then yes, users can install the VPN on their Smart TV directly via a VPN client for Android. The operating system supports OpenVPN protocol which is, fortunately, offered by almost every VPN service provider.

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How to Setup a VPN on Smart TV

As we have discussed earlier, we can’t install a VPN on a Smart TV directly if the operating system is incompatible with the VPN. Keeping that in mind, we have listed here some methods through which you can work with a VPN for your Smart TV, regardless of the operating system.

How to Setup a VPN on Android Smart TV

Luckily, Android Smart TV users can easily set up a VPN directly with an Android client. To set up VPN on your Smart TV, follow this guide:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN for premium access
  2. Go to Play Store on your Smart TV and download PureVPN app
  3. Open the VPN on your Smart TV and enter your credentials
  4. Choose the server of your choice and hit Connect
  5. Enjoy all your favorite shows on your Smart TV regardless of regional restrictions

How to Setup a VPN on Samsung, LG or Other Smart TVs

You may be looking for a VPN for your Samsung smart TV or a VPN for your LG smart TV, but we bet that you can’t find a client that you can directly install.

Smart TVs such as Samsung, LG or Panasonic are amongst those brands that run a non-android operating system, which is mostly a third-party OS. These operating systems don’t support VPN applications which is why you can’t find any direct installation guide.

Luckily, you can still enjoy a VPN on your Smart TV through the following method.

Smart TV VPN Setup for DD-WRT Routers

One of the most desirable ways to set up a VPN is by installing the application on a router. Once the router is equipped with the VPN functionality, the Smart TV or any other device that is connected to it automatically gets all the goodness a VPN has to offer.

Here’s how you can set up a VPN on a DD-WRT router:

* Note: You first need to download and install PureVPN’s DD-WRT applet on your router.

  1. Open DD-WRT dashboard and go to Setup
  2. Go to Basic Setup and select PPTP from the Connect Type drop-down
  3. Check Yes for “Use DHCP
  4. Enter the VPN server or Gateway (PPTP Server)
  5. Enter your PureVPN username and password
  6. Write “refuse-eap” in the Additional PPTP Options field
  7. Enable DHCP server
  8. Click Apply Settings and then Save
  9. From the top menu, select Status and then go to WAN tab
  10. Click Connect

It is by far the most convenient way to enjoy a VPN on Smart TV. Although you can also set up a VPN by physically connecting the Smart TV with your Windows or Mac OS with an Ethernet cable. However, that would defeat the very meaning of convenience. Wouldn’t it?

Why Do You Need a VPN for Smart TV?

VPN services are built to deliver security and anonymity to users connected to the Internet space. Today, the Internet has been bogged down to the extent that we now have issues like lack of freedom, censorship, illegal , surveillance, throttling and more.

A VPN is the only tool available that lets users overcome these issues and use the Internet as they see fit. That being said, one of the most common use of VPNs is bypassing geo-blocking on streaming services.


BBC iPlayer is a great service that lets you not only watch live sports online but also other entertainment as well such as movies, TV shows and documentaries. However, people living outside the UK cannot access the channel due to regional restrictions. However, with a UK VPN server on your Smart TV, you can watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK with ease.

Another added advantage of a VPN is that it lets you bypass ISP throttling with great ease. With no ISP throttling at all, you get to experience buffer-free streaming experience on your Smart TV.


Anonymity is another important reason why many users, across the globe, prefer to use a VPN on their Smart TVs. People love freedom, be it in the real world or the Internet. But due to strict Internet censorships, people just can’t seem to enjoy the online freedom they want, unless they are behind a VPN. With a VPN, people can easily mask their real IP all the while enjoying online freedom without any trouble.


Streaming and anonymity aside, security is yet another important purpose a VPN serves. If you don’t want anyone peeking into your internet traffic or online confidential details, simply use a VPN. The military-grade encryption of a VPN keeps all your data invulnerable against hacking, spoofing or spying.

All in all, connecting a Smart TV to a VPN is the best way to enjoy online freedom, security and anonymity.

Unlock & Enjoy True Smart TV Experience with a VPN

Smart TVs are built to give you the convenience of enjoying Internet from your couch or your bed, for that matter. But the lack of freedom on the Internet to enjoy the content of your choice defeats the very purpose of that convenience.

Therefore, get a VPN for Smart TV today and unlock the true freedom of the Internet!

Is there a free VPN for Smart TV?

Yes, there are free VPNs available, but not specifically for Smart TVs. Free VPNs are not reliable and have fewer servers available. Also, free VPNs sell users’ data and show annoying ads for money. 

We suggest choosing a paid VPN service if you are looking for your Smart TV. Paids VPNs are more reliable and have high-speed servers available in various locations. They also vouch to keep your data safe and private from data harvesters.

Can you use a VPN on a 
Smart TV?

Yes. You can easily use a VPN on your smart TV – while matching the manufacturer and operating system requirements.




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