The Best VPN for Work from Home during Coronavirus Pandemic

The Best VPN for Work from Home during Coronavirus Pandemic

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PUREVPNAt PureVPNThe Best VPN for Work from Home during Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 has enforced us all to work from our residences. As much as you would like to head out and get fresh air, anxiety kicks in, and you find yourself with your laptop working from home.

With a virtual workstyle becoming common these days, remote access is gaining significant popularity. To maximize the use of remote access, you need a remote access VPN.

What is a Remote Access VPN?

A remote-access VPN enables users to create secure connections through a remote computer network. Once you’re connected to a remote access VPN, users can gain instant access to all the content that’s available on that network as though they were directly plugged into the network’s servers.

In simpler terms, what this means is that users can connect with their offices’ servers while being physically located in other parts of the globe. It doesn’t matter if you’re an small business or a large corporation, a remote access VPN is beneficial for everyone, especially those organizations with hundreds of their workforce distributed across multiple parts of the world.

When you’re physically present in an office, you’re mostly connected to the office network. The office network allows you to conveniently access the printers available in your office, connect to other teams, send and receive data from colleagues, and much more. The intranet network is much secure and secures your team from cybercriminals and spam websites.

While employees that are physically present in the office can conveniently connect to the office network, remote employees can’t do that unless they have a remote access VPN.

A remote-access VPN means that remote employees can log on to an office network from anywhere. It could be from a different building, while they’re traveling locally or internationally, while they’re in the subway, or anyplace where they have access to the internet.

The Best VPN for Work from Home during Coronavirus Pandemic

How to Configure a VPN for Remote Access

Setting up a VPN for remote access is a straightforward process:

  •         Download and install the remote access VPN
  •         Login with your credentials
  •         Connect to the server of your choice

Voila, you’re all set. Now, you can connect your laptop, phone, tablet, or even remote desktop directly to your office.

Upon successful connection, your online activities become entirely secure. No one can eavesdrop or spy on your internet connection. Since it’s a virtual connection, you don’t need a massive setup such as modems, routers, or cables to get started.

As your connection is entirely private, you can transfer confidential data, files, pics, and anything else without worrying about someone tapping on your internet connection. That’s the beauty of a VPN. You get the security you had in your office at home. 

By using a VPN, your entire internet traffic gets routed through the VPN tunnel that’s secured by state-of-the-art AES 256-bit encryption. Now, you can access any files from anywhere on the globe that are in the office, home, or from your phone or tablet.

A remote-access VPN connects your device to a network that’s physically located on the other side of the world. It all happens instantly, leaving you to feel like you’re logging in directly to your office network.




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