How to Watch Africa Cup of Nations Live Online

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FootballHow to Watch Africa Cup of Nations Live Online

The Africa Cup of Nations is quickly approaching, and it promises to be a mouth-watering blend of strong teams from across the continent. This year’s tournament will feature some great matches in early January before moving on into February where we can expect even more excitement!

So, if you are interested in watching this upcoming competition, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will take a closer look at how you can easily stream the Africa Cup of Nations live online.

How to Watch Africa Cup of Nations 2021-22 Live Online

The great and prestigious 33rd edition of the tournament was pushed back from this summer’s schedule, with a total 52 games scheduled across 29 days. The event will be hosted by Cameroon now. As stated before, only a few channels are allowed to broadcast these matches. However, what if you live in a country where none of the channels exist? Well, you can watch the AFCON 2022 on BBC iPlayer, but the service is geo restricted and is available in UK. Here’s how you can access BBC iPlayer to watch live action instantly:

  • Subscribe to PureVPN
  • Connect to a server in UK 
  • Watch the AFCON 2022 matches live online on BBC iPlayer

Where to Watch Africa Cup of Nations AFCON Online

Due to the African Cup of Nations being an international event, the matches are broadcasted worldwide. However, the broadcasting rights are limited to one or two channels only per country. For your convenience, below are just some of the broadcasting channels.

  • UK – BBC iPlayer, Sky Sports
  • USA – beIN Sports
  • Canada – beIN Sports
  • Australia – beIN Sports
  • Nigeria – SuperSport
  • Ghana – SuperSport
  • South Africa – GTV, GTV Sport Plus, SuperSport
  • Online Stream – beIN Sports Connect

AFCON 2021-22 Schedule 

  • ​Group Stage, Round 1: Sun, Jan. 9 – Wed, Jan. 12
  • Group Stage, Round 2: Thurs, Jan. 13 – Sun, Jan. 16
  • Group Stage, Round 3: Mon, Jan. 17 – Thurs, Jan. 20
  • Round of 16: Sun, Jan. 23 – Wed, Jan. 26
  • Quarterfinals: Sat, Jan. 29 – Sun Jan. 30
  • Semifinals: Wed, Feb. 2 – Thurs, Feb. 3
  • Final & 3rd Place Match: Sun, Feb. 6

What are the Groups for AFCON 2021-22

With a total of 24 teams participating, six groups have been made, each with four teams randomly drawn. The groups are as follows:

  • Group A: Cameroon, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia
  • Group B: Guinea, Senegal, Malawi, Zimbabwe
  • Group C: Gabon, Morocco, Comoros, Ghana  
  • Group D: Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Guinea-Bissau
  • Group E: Algeria, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea
  • Group F: Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Tunisia

Fixtures for AFCON 2021-22

The teams in each group will play in a single round-robin format. This means that the two top teams will qualify for the next stage of the tournament, while the two bottom teams will be eliminated. Here are the fixtures for the AFCON 2021-22 group stages with UK airing times.

Sunday January 9:

  • Cameroon vs Burkina Faso – 4pm GMT
  • Ethiopia vs Cape Verde- 7pm GMT

Monday January 10:

  • Senegal vs Zimbabwe – 1pm GMT 
  • Guinea vs Malawi – 4pm GMT 
  • Morocco vs Ghana – 4pm GMT 
  • Comoros vs Gabon – 7pm GMT 

Tuesday January 11:

  • Algeria vs Sierra Leone – 1pm GMT 
  • Nigeria vs Egypt – 4pm GMT 
  • Sudan vs Guinea-Bissau – 7pm GMT 

Wednesday January 12:

  • Tunisia vs Mali – 1pm GMT 
  • Mauritania vs Gambia – 4pm GMT 
  • Mauritania vs Gambia – 4pm GMT 
  • Equatorial Guinea vs Ivory Coast – 7pm GMT

Thursday January 13:

  • Cameroon vs Ethiopia – 4pm GMT 
  • Cape Verde vs Burkina Faso – 7pm GMT

Friday January 14:

  • Senegal vs Guinea – 1pm GMT 
  • Malawi vs Zimbabwe – 4pm GMT 
  • Morocco vs Comoros – 4pm GMT 
  • Gabon vs Ghana – 7pm GMT 

Saturday January 15:

  • Nigeria vs Sudan – 4pm GMT 
  • Guinea-Bissau vs Egypt – 7pm GMT 

Sunday January 16:

  • Gambia vs Mali – 1pm GMT 
  • Ivory Coast vs Sierra Leone – 4pm GMT 
  • Tunisia vs Mauritania – 4pm GMT
  • Algeria vs Equatorial Guinea – 7pm GMT

Monday January 17:

  • Burkina Faso vs Ethiopia – 4pm GMT 
  • Cape Verde vs Cameroon – 4pm GMT 

Tuesday January 18:

  • Malawi vs Senegal – 4pm GMT
  • Zimbabwe vs Guinea – 4pm GMT
  • Gabon vs Morocco – 7pm GMT
  • Ghana vs Comoros – 7pm GMT

Wednesday January 19:

  • Egypt vs Sudan – 7pm GMT
  • Guinea-Bissau vs Nigeria – 7pm GMT

Thursday January 20:

  • Ivory Coast vs Algeria – 4pm GMT 
  • Sierra Leone vs Equatorial Guinea – 4pm GMT 
  • Gambia vs Tunisia – 7pm GMT 
  • Mali vs Mauritania  – 7pm GMT 

Round Of 16

Sunday January 23:

  • Group A runner-up vs Group C runner-up – 4pm GMT (Game 1)
  • Group D winner vs Group B/E/F third-place – 7pm GMT (Game 2)

Monday January 24:

  • Group B runner-up vs Group F runner-up – 4pm GMT (Game 3)
  • Group A winner vs Group C/D/E third-place – 7pm GMT (Game 4)

Tuesday January 25:

  • Group B winner vs – Group A/C/D third-place  – 4pm GMT (Game 5)
  • Group C winner vs Group A/B/F third-place – 7pm GMT (Game 6)

Wednesday January 26:

  • Group E winner vs Group D runner-up – 4pm GMT (Game 7)
  • Group F winner vs Group E runner-up – 7pm GMT (Game 8)

Quarter Finals

Saturday January 29:

  • Quarter-final 1: Winner of Game 4 vs Winner of Game 3 – 4pm GMT
  • Quarter-final 2: Game 1 vs Game 2 winner – 7pm GMT

Sunday January 30:

  • Quarter-final 3: Game 7 winner vs Game 6 winner – 4pm GMT
  • Quarter-final 4: Game 5 winner vs Game winner 8 – 7pm GMT

Semi Finals

Wednesday February 2:

  • Semi-final 1: Quarter-final 1 winner vs Quarter-final 4 winner – 7pm GMT 

Thursday February 3:

  • Semi-final 2: Quarter-final 2 winner vs Quarter-final 3 winner – 7pm GMT

Third Place Play-Off

Sunday February 6:

  • Loser Semi-Final 1 vs Loser Semi-Final 2 – 4pm GMT

AFCON Final 2022 (Olembe Stadium, Yaoundé)

Sunday February 6:

  •  Winner Semi-Final 1 vs Winner Semi-Final 2 – 7pm GMT

Africa Cup of Nations – Preview


The African Cup of Nations is well underway, with 24 countries competing for the prestigious title. It’s an exciting time to be alive as we witness some incredible footballing talent on display.

The defending champions from Algeria are eager not let their crown slip away after last year’s defeat by Morocco in soccer’s greatest stage; but fierce competition comes courtesy both Mo Salah ‘ Egypt who seem unstoppable at present , Sadio Mane Senegal who has been doing wonders from a couple of years globally.


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