DDoS Protected VPN

Our DDoS-protected VPN service is competent enough to withstand the most complex DDoS attacks. Since your real IP address is masked, a DDoSer will never be able to flood your system with DDoS attacks. All your traffic first passes through our dedicated anti-DDoS VPN servers which are capable of absorbing the largest DDoS attacks.

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How Does PureVPN DDoS Protected VPN Work?

PureVPN’s anti-DDoS functionality hides your real IP address from attackers and filters the incoming traffic to your connection through its anti-DDoS mitigation servers.

Protection Against DDoS

PureVPN’s DDoS manages DDoS attacks precisely and is equipped with mechanisms to combat a serious DDoS attack of 480Gbps, keeping you protected at all times.

Activates Automatically

Our DDoS protection activates automatically and springs into action instantly when anyone tries to attack you.

Safe Connection for Gamers

PureVPN’s gaming VPN service coupled with DDoS protection keeps things fair and competitive, giving an unmatched gaming experience.

Static Connection for Live

Servers streaming a live feed can provide uninterrupted and fast streaming to their clients with PureVPN’s DDoS protection.

Blocks All Unwarranted Traffic

Unwarranted traffic means decreased speed or shutdowns. PureVPN’s DDoS protection blocks all unwarranted traffic reaching your machine. Let the DDoS attacks hit us, not you.

Keeps Your System Smooth

The DDoS Protection gives you complete peace of mind with your system running flawlessly without any connection interruptions.

PureVPN’s Features

Data Encryption

PureVPN encrypts your every device, to give you impenetrable encryption.

Online Security

PureVPN prevents hackers from getting into your personal information by encrypting all Internet traffic.

Online Anonymity

PureVPN makes it impossible for ISPs

Complete Freedom

PureVPN lets you surf the web with complete Internet freedom, without any interruptions or obstacles.

No-log Certified

We never monitor, store, or share your private information with anybody. What you do online is your business alone!

24×7 availability, Whenever you need us

Emails, Chat and Tickets; Our team of Customer Success Heroes is always reachable.

31-Day Money Back Guarantee

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What is a DDoS Attack?

Distributed Denial of Service, better known as DDoS, is a malicious cyberattack that disrupts an online service or an individual, making it offline. Cybercriminals carrying out a DDoS attack flood a targeted network with high traffic, overwhelming the entire server and eventually causing it to crash.

How Does a DDoS Attack Work?

A DDoS attack requires several internet-enabled devices that are infected with malware. The malware enables the hacker to control the devices remotely, creating a botnet.

The hacker then delivers specific instructions to each bot, such as sending multiple requests to a specific IP address, a server, a device, or an application. A massive influx of data requests disrupts the server, causing it to crash.

How Does DDoS Protection Work?

DDoS protection means that your devices are equipped with tools that block any unwanted traffic which would potentially decrease speed or cause a shutdown. The tool must be smart enough to distinguish between average and high traffic, preventing a catastrophic situation from the start.

How to Prevent a DDoS Attack?

Prevention against a DDoS attack requires you to be vigilant and ahead of cybercriminals at all times. The primary mode of defense is to:

  • Secure your network infrastructure
  • Educate employees regarding DDoS
  • Have a contingency plan
  • Diversify server and cloud services
  • Notice signs of a DDoS attack and act swiftly
  • Employ a DDoS protection service for optimal online security

How Does a VPN Protect Against a DDoS Attack?

A VPN is packed with security algorithms that secure your digital infrastructure. A robust VPN service like PureVPN provides security against the most complex DDoS attacks. It’s geared to protect against an attack of 480 Gbps and automatically activates when someone tries to attack you.

By blocking unwanted traffic and maintaining data encryption, rest assured your network is secured against a DDoS attack.

Does a VPN Protect Against DDoS Attacks While Gaming?

DDoS attacks are a common threat during live gaming sessions. A gaming VPN is a reliable tool to protect against DDoS attacks during multiplayer gaming sessions because of hidden IP addresses.

Since a VPN masks your real IP address, the attacker is unaware of your digital identity. Hence, they are unable to attack and cause any harm to you. Moreover, online gamers must be aware of the growing online threats and protect themselves by declining video calls or message requests from unknown users.