How to Get an Australian IP Address

Get a dedicated Australian IP to access any local content or securely connect to remote servers. Protect your privacy against invasive metadata retention laws that exist in Australia. Connect with a Dedicated Australian IP and get military-grade encryption when using public Wi-Fi networks.

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How to Connect to Australian IP


Step 1

Launch PureVPN


Step 2

Scroll to find Australia


Step 3

Click To Connect!

Why Do You Need an Australian IP Address

Australian IP addresses are sought after by Aussies, who are living, working, or traveling abroad. The need for an Australian IP address stems from the desire to watch local Australian content such as Netflix Australia or any other TV show.

Get Australian IP
31-Day Money Back Guarantee

How to Get an Australian IP Address

Australian IP addresses aren’t uncommon, and a majority of Australian residents who move in and out of the country need it at some point. The best way to access Australian content and stay connected with the rest of Australia is to get an Australian Dedicated IP.

Australian Dedicated IP

PureVPN offers dedicated IPs for multiple countries, and an Australian Dedicated IP is most sought-after. With PureVPN’s Australian Dedicated IP address, a preferred location and IP will always be used exclusively by you and only you.


Enjoy total control of your whitelisted dedicated IP. As several jobs require a dedicated IP to access specific databases, a dedicated IP VPN is essential to access these networks, databases, and servers securely.An Australian Dedicated IP speeds up your P2P activities with P2P optimized servers. You gain instant access to Australian content while you are physically present in another country.

Benefits of an Australian IP

There are several other benefits of getting an Australian Dedicated IP:

IP Protection

You do not have to stress about marketing agencies, governments, or ISPs spying on your browsing activity. Stay Protected with topnotch AES 256-bit encryption

No-logs Policy

A strict no-log policy means that your details aren’t shared with third parties, even if they request it. Your online activities are completely anonymous.

Safe Wi-Fi

You can log into your accounts, make bank transfers, and shop online on Use Public and Private Wi-Fi networks without worrying about someone snooping on you.