How to watch movies without WiFi for free


Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon prime video have enabled us to catch up with our favorite and hottest TV shows. However, streaming still has one major disadvantage that is they need to have access to the internet at all times.

This means they aren’t at all advantageous when traveling abroad. But not to worry, the best streaming services now allow people to watch movies offline. Moreover, it is all for free as part of the standard account. Furthermore, in this guide, we will be giving a full description of how to watch movies without Wi-Fi for free. The best part it is free and completely legal.

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You can download free movies to watch offline on android and other platforms that are integrated into your regular subscription of Netflix. Downloading content doesn’t count the number of screens that you are allowed to watch them on.

However, not all content is downloadable, but look for a downward arrow within your compatible devices that ensures the content, such as you can watch a movie without Wi-Fi. Netflix has proven itself worldwide as one of the best ways to download movies or any other content.

If you want to know how to watch movies without Wi-Fi for free using Netflix, it’s very basic: you need to download the Netflix application directly on your PC instead of using your browser.

There is a Netflix app available on Google play store and Microsoft store that you can download to access these streaming services. Unfortunately, Linux or mac doesn’t have a Netflix app available, so it doesn’t have the option to watch movies offline.

Netflix makes it pretty easy to search for downloadable movies by entering a genre name or any specific keywords related to your choice. Besides, it also has gained its reputation due to its high transfer speeds, but this would vary based on your connection type and speed. However, most people can watch free movies without download or offline as well.

Amazon Prime Video

It’s straightforward to download movies to watch offline from Amazon prime video. When browsing through all options, select the “Free to me” option at the top of the screen within the application. Everything on Amazon prime is downloadable and watched offline without Wi-Fi.

How to download movies on a laptop is very simple. Just select the download button below the description of the chosen film, then direct to my stuff to access all your offline movies.

One of the concrete advantages of Amazon Prime’s is the extensive collection of movie downloads that it offers, having assortments across all sorts of genres, including kids-friendly choices.

Moreover, Amazon Prime offers a lot more in its package with access to audible series, music tracks, eBooks, and many other promising membership perks. Amazon prime video is available across multiple platforms such as Android or IOS, being one of the best ways to download movies or stream them online.


Are you looking forward to gathering some insight and motivation during your travel time? STREMIO makes sure the gap is filled. You can easily download content for viewing it later offline on your laptop and make sure to take it throughout your trip.

STREMIO can prove to be a reliable travel companion throughout your trip, so make sure you install it on your device before departure. STREMIO offers more than 2000 content to download and includes subtitles for multiple languages.

After browsing for STREMIO talks that seem worthwhile, tap the arrow to download movies to watch offline. STREMIO also offers a creative feature of building custom playlists to determine your choice of topics you like so that you can watch them during your free time without consuming your precious time browsing.

Unlike many other apps mentioned above, this app provides content for free, making it an excellent choice to be lighter on your pockets.

Google Play Movies and TV

You can download Google play movies offline, allowing you to download movies and TV shows across five devices. If you own an IOS device, you can’t make purchases within the app. However, that doesn’t hold for Android users.

Finding content on Google play is easy thanks to its simplistic layout. It’s quite similar to Amazon prime, so you can quickly find what movies you must watch at any time and place. Being able to download your movies and TV shows on your portable devices, especially when traveling with kids, gives peace of mind and whine-free traveling throughout your leisure trip.

YouTube Premium

You can download movies to watch offline on a laptop using YouTube premium if you can find it. There is a download button linked to each video description but requires a premium subscription service to make it work. The YouTube premium service has its perks by giving access to millions of ad-free videos and includes YouTube music as well. Besides, it allows parental controls for controlling viewing activity for kids.


Hulu is a US-based streaming service that offers many titles from the likes of The Handmaid’s Tale, Palm Springs, or Minding the Gap. You can also download movies and shows on Hulu and stream them on the go. All you have to do is use the download button to watch titles later on without an internet connection.


You can enjoy all Avengers movies, Mandalorian, WandaVision, and more originals on Disney+. If you are suffering from a bad internet connection then download some movies or shows on the service to view them in offline mode whenever you want. You may not be able to download tiles in Ultra HD or 4K but the downloaded content is in high quality.


Vudu can be your go-to streaming service to watch free movies and shows whether you are into comedy, horror, adventure, or action. The service also allows you to download movies and shows that are available to stream for free, so you can enjoy them later. Some top-rated titles on Vudu include Tangerines, Stop Making Sense, Death Note, Mr. Bean, Naruto, and more.


Star Trek is one of the top-rated shows that is available on CBS alongside The Twilight Zone and The Good Fight. You have an option to download movies and shows on CBS All Access from the hamburger menu. All you have to do is pick a show or movie and click on the download button.