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Split tunneling functionality is popular among internet users who route their internet requests using the VPN network and their ISP simultaneously.

What is Split Tunneling?

Split Tunneling is an ingenious feature that’s renowned among the streaming and gaming community. The function does precisely what it intends: splits your internet traffic in a way where you have the option to route it through your ISP or the VPN.

Also known as Split tunneling VPN – the functionality protects your internet traffic by encrypting it while it transmits through the VPN network. At the same time, you stay connected to your local network and devices that are related to that network.

Why Do You Need Split Tunneling?

As an internet user, Spit Tunneling will come in handy when you are working on diverse tasks that require a VPN connection as well as your local network (ISP).

Split Tunneling for Online Gaming

As an online gamer, Split Tunneling will enhance your online gaming experience as it’ll have you connected on your local network while you’re gaming. At the same time, it will let you work on tasks that require a VPN connection.

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Perhaps you’ve got a work deadline to meet, and it requires you to have secure remote access, you can conveniently use the Split Tunneling feature to carry on with your work in complete secrecy (secured with AES 256-bit encryption), and enjoy your online gameplay simultaneously.

How Does Split Tunneling Work?

Once you switch on the Split Tunneling feature, you’re instantly connected to a secure VPN server. This process creates a secure encrypted channel from where your traffic is sent and received.

As a user, you have the complete option to choose which information you want to route through the VPN server (encrypted) and the rest through your ISP (not encrypted).

The option not only enhances your online experience, but it also empowers you to be the judge of which websites require the highest encryption, for example, online banking, social media platforms, office work, online gameplay, etc.

Benefits of Enabling Split-tunneling

  • Watch foreign TV shows/movies through the VPN network while using the local network
  • Share P2P files without jeopardizing your online privacy and security
  • Accessing and connecting to gameplays that are unavailable in your region
  • Ability to access LAN devices while connected to the VPN network

With Split Tunneling disabled:

  • You won’t be able to access overseas and local content simultaneously
  • Transmitting all data through the ISP finishes your bandwidth
  • You can’t access LAN devices while you’re connected to the VPN

Gaming Community and VPNs

The gaming community is always questioning the authenticity of VPN services that claim to offer the Split Tunneling functionality, which supports online gaming.

As such, PureVPN is proud to clear the confusion regarding VPN networks and online gaming. With Split Tunneling enabled, you can enjoy online gameplay either on the VPN network or the LAN, without compromising on your online activities.

split tunneling for gaming

This enhances your online capabilities, enables more options, and doesn’t limit you to connect and disconnect the VPN network all the time.

Do More with PureVPN’s Split Tunneling Feature

If you’re still unsure of how Split Tunneling will benefit you, here are some examples which can clear the confusion:

Gaming and P2P

When it comes to online gaming, encryption can secure your online gameplay, keeping you away from DDoS attacks and hackers.

When it comes to downloading or uploading files online, encryption is necessary. PureVPN masks your real IP address and assigns you a virtual IP address of a location where the torrent is available. Thus, protecting you from unwanted notices and ISP throttling.

As gaming and P2P activities demand high bandwidth usage, PureVPN offers unlimited bandwidth, which means you can be split tunneling all you want without worrying about running out of bandwidth.

Connected to PureVPN’s split tunneling feature, you can enjoy online gaming and carry on with your P2P activities at the same time.

Browsing and streaming

A VPN helps you access content that is unavailable in your region. Connect to PureVPN and gain instant access to the US library of Netflix, all thanks to the streaming optimized servers that don’t slow down your internet connection.

If you are working on something that requires browsing the web from different regions, connect to a VPN server in a different country and gain instant access to their local content. With 6500+ servers in 78+ countries, you can be virtually anywhere with just a click of a button.

Final Word

All in all, Split Tunneling is a must-have feature for all internet users. It gives you more control over your online activities and the VPN application.

With other features packed in PureVPN’s applications, such as the Internet Kill Switch and WebRTC leak protection, you are far away from cybercriminals and surveillance agencies.

Take the WebRTC leak test and see if you’re secure on the web.




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