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How to Get Access to Tinder When it’s Inaccessible?

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What’s the need of a Tinder VPN?

There are dozens of dating apps out there but nothing comes close to Tinder. The immense popularity of the app has been a major reason why the app is unavailable in countries that are less liberal in their approach. The dating app boasts 57 million people that use the service around the globe along with 4.1 million users who pay for the premium version of Tinder.

Government control exists in many countries with authorities prohibiting access to dating and social media services frequently. While some might ban it temporarily, there are certain countries around the world that choose to completely forbid its citizens or travelers from accessing Tinder altogether.

Get PureVPN 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Countries with Limited Access to Tinder


Tinder makes it easy to meet new people. At the same time, some countries make it difficult to access Tinder, making it nearly impossible to meet new people through an application. With Tinder, you can browse through profiles by swiping left until you find the one making your heart skip a beat which makes your finger swipe right.

Unluckily, access to Tinder might be restricted in certain locations. With partial to total boundaries on the web, trying to meet new people can be an issue. Luckily for you, PureVPN’s Tinder VPN can get you past internet barriers that allow you to swipe right and meet new people.

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Why Should You Use a Tinder VPN?

A Tinder VPN can get you past limitations that restrict the open use of dating applications which let you meet new people online.

Hundreds of millions of people travel around the world in a year. That means at least millions of people travel through regions where dating apps and websites are unavailable.

When traveling, you want to make the most of you trip before you head back to your normal work life where you tirelessly work around the clock to make ends meet. Singles often engage in dating apps when traveling but imagine reaching a destination only to learn that the dating app is banned in the region.

It can be a turn off to find out you can’t use Tinder to meet new people. PureVPN’s Tinder VPN will dodge such internet firewalls that prohibit access to restricted websites and applications. Once connected, you can easily use Tinder and meet new people.

Over the years, dating sites have suffered cyberattacks leading to loss of users confidential data. Famous dating site, Ashley Madison, was hacked, exposing user names and much more. That’s not getting any better either. Just the last years alone have seen the intensity of hackers and their tactics in entrapping the worse years for data breaches which totaled losses to billions of dollars. The last thing you want is your profile being exposed in a massive hack.

With a VPN, you have greater chances of not falling a victim to these hacks. Even if you do get entangled, PureVPN’s military grade encryption will not only keep your online activity secure but render your data of no use to hackers as the information they’d get will be gibberish.

Business institutions often limit access to the social media and telecommunication services for all the users connected to their network. This is mostly done to improve work efficiency and avoid a casual culture in the organization. There’s no doubt that it’s can irritate those who want to communicate and meet new people.

If you are having trouble accessing Tinder at your workplace, PureVPN’s Tinder VPN can get you instant access no matter where you are in the world. Just connect to PureVPN and access Tinder from anyplace without any limitations.

Academic institutions repeatedly restrict access to websites that are known to facilitate any form of social engagement. That applies to anyone who’s connected on the school network. That locks out not only students but teachers as well and why jeopardize on your social life?

If you are continually getting a message which says ‘access restricted’ it’s because the network team has disabled access to Tinder. PureVPN’s Tinder VPN bypasses those network firewalls and gains you swift access no matter in which school you’re studying. Just connect to PureVPN and access Tinder from anyplace without any hassle.

Tinder Gold is the dating app's premium subscription plan which includes a feature that lets you see who's already liked you without any swiping, removes ads, enhances your search results, and much more.

Tinder Gold coupled with PureVPN’s Tinder VPN can revive your entire dating experience as you won’t be bombarded with ads, you’ll get instant reachability, more prominence since you’re paying premium, ultimate account security and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tinder

Following are answers to some of the most popular queries about Tinder. It also include the role of VPN with Tinder App

Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that allows users to like or dislike other users, and allows users to chat if both parties liked each other in the app. The app is often used as a dating site and a dating application.
Tinder is popular because of its diversity and unbiased search results. The app lets you meet new people in a particular location which is loved by many.
Some countries have conservative views around dating applications. Also, for security reasons, the government may limit access to Tinder around a facility that has significant importance to the country.
To change location on Tinder, simply connect to the VPN. For example, you’re living in California, and you connect to a server in New York, you’ll start getting nearby search results of New Yorkers.
Both Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus are members-only services which require users to pay in order to use them. Tinder Plus subscribers can pay a small fee to upgrade to Tinder Gold. Non-subscribers can also upgrade directly to Tinder Gold (which includes all Tinder Plus features). As with Tinder's existing paid features, a longer-term subscription to Tinder Gold will provide a discount compared to purchasing one month
While you can use a Free VPN for Tinder, you may face internet disconnections, pesky ads, and your conversations may be monitored by the free service.
Yes, absolutely. A VPN service provides you with encryption which encode your data to the highest secrecy, rendering it of no use to any other party.
A VPN service that offers consistent speed, good connectivity, provides encryption, doesn’t log your online activities, and keeps your communications secured against snoopers.
Tinder is blocked as governments can’t regulate the online dating service. Since messages and personal information is transmitted through the Tinder server located in some other country, governments find it irksome not having access to that data.

It depends on how active you are on your tinder profile. If you use your tinder account often, and if you are regularly swiping on people, chances are that more people will see you. On average, it takes about 2 days for you to match up with someone who has the same preferences as you. However, if you are looking for instant matches, here is what you can do. When you launch the app, skip the first eight options, and then swipe right on the next five options. You may have an instant match. Read the next FAQ to understand why

There are many factors at play, which contribute to the app’s AI that matches people with one another. When you open the app, the first five to eight options will be good looking profiles. Tinder considers a person to be good looking if their profile gets swiped right frequently. The next few options will be all the people who have already swiped on you. If you swipe on people here, chances are that you will get matched instantly.


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