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How to Access WhatsApp from Anywhere?

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WhatsApp is now accessible

WhatsApp is a highly regulated app!

Dozens of countries have limited access to the most attractive features on WhatsApp such as WhatsApp calling, video call, and location sharing. A few conservative countries have restricted access to the app entirely.

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    WhatsApp Users Are At Risk

    WhatsApp VPN

    Messages containing malicious links and malware are too common. They infect smartphones and breach security. Use a WhatsApp VPN and remain safe.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Confused about how a WhatsApp VPN works and how you can send and receive messages with it when the service is restricted? Here are answers to some of the most popular queries.

    What is WhatsApp?

    WhatsApp is an instant messaging service owned by Facebook Inc. It has more than 2 billion users across the world who use the service to chat, share photos and videos, and stay updated about the whereabouts of the people they love and care about.

    How is WhatsApp Used and How Does it Work?

    WhatsApp uses internet to send and receive messages. It uses end-to-end encryption protocols to keep personal chats safe from intrusions. WhatsApp has been working on innovative features lately, some of which have recently been rolled out, such as WhatsApp P2P Payment, which allows users to make transactions from within the app only.

    Who Uses WhatsApp?

    WhatsApp has got its users in almost every country of the world except China, and North Korea. It is used by government employees, army officials, movie stars, and any person who has a smartphone.

    How Popular is WhatsApp?

    WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging across the world. It has more than 2 billion users and growing. The messaging app and all the great features it offers has allowed it to become the most widely used messaging service ever.

    Why is WhatsApp blocked in my country?

    Many countries have limited access to WhatsApp due to many reasons. However, users can easily evade these restrictions with a good WhatsApp VPN such as PureVPN. When connecting to WhatsApp VPN, you can change your location to any other country of your choice where WhatsApp is working.

    What You Need to Access WhatsApp?

    To access WhatsApp, you must have a working phone number and a smartphone with internet connection. Once you have installed the application, sign up by registering your phone number.

    Is WhatsApp’s Default Encryption Secure?

    Supposedly, the default encryption provided by WhatsApp is secure. However, the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal has tainted Facebook’s reputation and has put doubts in the users’ mind about their data’s privacy and security. If you are uncertain, and looking for better encryption, get WhatsApp VPN.

    What are the Best Alternatives to WhatsApp?

    Viber, Telegram, and IMO are great alternatives to WhatsApp. However, these messaging services are not as feature rich as WhatsApp and don’t have as many users.

    What other sites can I access with a VPN?

    With a VPN, you can access any website, service, or content, which is restricted in your region. When you connect to a VPN, you can choose any location based on your preference and access content that is easily accessible at your preferred location but restricted at your current location.