How to Permanently Delete Your Yahoo Account

The following is an exclusive guide on how to delete a Yahoo account with ease. Yahoo was one of the best email services around a decade ago. Over time, newer email services replaced Yahoo as your default emailing platform.

Due to the growing number of email services, some of us have developed a habit of tasting every new service for features that seem unique to us. If you are among such users, you may want to learn how to delete your yahoo account permanently before moving to a new service.

However, trying a new service isn’t the only reason users can learn how to delete the Yahoo account. You may want to opt-out of the mailing service and permanently erase all your footprints to keep your email data secure from security breaches.

Get Yourself Secured Because Your Privacy Matters

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How to Delete Your Yahoo Mail Account (Step-by-Step)

  • Cancelling your Yahoo account permanently is pretty simple. You first need to go to the Yahoo Account Delete page.

    yahoo termination page
  • Sign in with your ID and Password after clicking the above link .

    close yahoo account
  • It is highly likely that you will be required to enter a CAPTCHA to make sure you are a human and not a bot.

    deactivate yahoo email
  • Once you are signed in, you will see two options: Terminate This Account or Return to Account Information.

    closing yahoo account
  • Click the Terminate This Account.

    close yahoo mail

Your Yahoo account is terminated and you are not a yahoo user anymore.

What Happens When You Permanently Delete a Yahoo Account?

So you want to delete your Yahoo account. And now you did. But what’s next for you?

Once you have deleted your Yahoo account permanently, there may be some contacts who still email you or want to interact with you. Here are a few important things you must know before deleting your Yahoo account permanently:

  • Account name and email address: The username and password of your Yahoo account will be released back to the service after 30 days. In short, if a new Yahoo account user is interested in using your account name, then he or she can use it because you have deleted the account permanently. This is the reason you must notify all your previous Yahoo contacts that you have deleted the account and use another one with a different email address.
  • Restore the Yahoo account within 30 days: If you have deleted a Yahoo account and realized there were some important files or contacts on it, then don’t worry. Yahoo allows all the users to redeem their deleted account within 30 days from the day you permanently delete the account.
  • Password Recovery Options: If you have deleted your previous Yahoo email address and want to recover it after several days, then you have to use another email address for password recovery options. Yahoo doesn’t allow users to restore the email address twice. Therefore, you will not be able to use the same Yahoo email address once again after deleting the account.
  • Yahoo contacts: There will likely be contacts and services that send emails to your Yahoo account regularly. After you delete the account permanently, your Yahoo account will respond with a “delivery failure message” to every subsequent email.
  • Yahoo Email Address: Before you delete a Yahoo account permanently, make sure you have a backup email address associated with services like the bank, Amazon, or Facebook. You can’t restore your Yahoo account after 30 days so create another account and keep it active.

What Do You Lose after Deleting a Yahoo Account Permanently?

Here are 8 things that you terminate permanently after deleting your Yahoo account.

  • Email address
  • Email data and information related to it
  • Yahoo GeoCities data
  • Yahoo Briefcase data
  • Yahoo Small Business data
  • My Yahoo data
  • Flickr account
  • HotJobs data

The Best Part?

According to Yahoo, you can restore the account completely within 30 days of account deletion. Even though Yahoo’s account purge takes up to 90 days to complete the whole process of deleting an account, you have only 30 days to restore it or you lose all the aforementioned data forever.

However, you should never compromise on personal security. Yahoo has had many security breaches and users were victims of multiple phishing attacks in the past. That’s why you must also get a new service account if the one you are using is not privacy-friendly.

Although getting a new account is understandable, it still does not take away the fact that you need extra security. Internet service providers, hackers, and government surveillance agencies can easily monitor your online activities such as browsing history, accounts, and personal data.

To prevent this security issue, you must use a VPN on your device at all times.

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Why Use PureVPN?

Best Answer: PureVPN uses high-end encryption protocols like 256-AES bit (bank-grade encryption) to enhance device security. In simpler words, you can use PureVPN to hide your online activities from internet service providers, hackers, and surveillance agencies. Moreover, you can customize the security protocols and set the settings on high security automatically by choosing the Security mode on PureVPN. Plus you can use PureVPN to boost security and ensure that third-party apps are not selling your data to advertisers.

Get Secured Now Because your Privacy Matters

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