How to Install Kodi VPN - A Complete Guide for All your Devices

Updated: Nov 03, 2019

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Almost everything is free on Kodi. If you want to watch live TV, or if you are interested in binging your favourite TV shows and movies, Kodi has got it all. You just need to get the right addons which would provide you access to all of your preferred content.

Kodi is not safe though. Since it is an open source platform, there are thousands of addons which are not regulated or moderated. Some of them have been accused of spying on users, while others have lead hackers to gain access to users confidential data.

Kodi add-ons are available to you to stream movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, documentaries, news and so much more. Kodi VPN has become a one-stop solution for binge watchers.

Apart from the endless benefit Kodi add-ons offer, there’s a big drawback and that’s regional limitations. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Kodi add-ons are location-locked content and cannot be accessed outside their respective regions.

Similarly, copyright infringement issues and DMCAs can get you into trouble with law enforcement authorities. But, you can easily access limited content with add-ons and remain anonymous online with Kodi VPN.

Why Do You Need A VPN for Kodi?

Millions of people around the globe have Kodi installed on several Operating Systems and hardware platforms such as televisions and remote controls. Since Kodi allows users to play and view most online streaming media such as videos, music, and podcasts along with digital media files from local and network storage media, Kodi users need the built-in capability of a VPN to help them access location-blocked add-ons and content available in different regions.

PureVPN is a huge believer in unlimited accessibility. Its features allow you to browse anywhere on the internet and stream your favorite channels like Netflix US, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc., at best speeds. With our Kodi VPN, you can take full advantage of Kodi and all of its features and services.

Plus, a good VPN service also helps combat internet-powered attacks by hackers and surveillance agencies. Coupled with the security benefits of a VPN, this combination enhances fun and entertainment. Those who prefer cord-cutting services over cable TV understand the importance of a VPN service.

How to use Kodi with VPN? [Video]

How Does a VPN Help with Kodi?

Simply put, a Kodi VPN not only allows internet users to freely browse the internet by connecting to different VPN servers around the world through its global network, but it also masks their IP address, thus making them completely invisible to cyber-criminals, hackers, and third-party agencies

Kodi can be configured on various devices such as Android, IOS, Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Xbox, and PlayStation.

With a Kodi VPN, you can do the followings:

  1. High-Speed Streaming: You can enjoy streaming content at blazing-fast speed with a Kodi VPN regardless of where you are in the world.
  2. Easy-To-Install One-Click Connection: Installing a Kodi VPN is much easier than you think. With a simple click, you are redirected to the download page for a particular device, and the process begins instantly.
  3. Browse with 100% Anonymity: With the best Kodi VPN, you don’t have to worry about your ISP throttling your speed or third-parties monitoring your internet activities. You are completely undetectable on the web!

Itself Kodi is not illegal. Many content producers and media houses do hate it though. Since Kodi is open source, anyone can create any sort of plugin which can be used to access content from unauthorized sources.

However, just because a few people are misusing Kodi for getting access pirated content, it would be unfair to ban or restrict Kodi. Try understanding it this way; there are god drivers and there are rash drivers. The fact that rash drivers exist doesn’t make the car a bad invention.

Did you know a major chunk of the internet is hidden from you? That’s where Kodi VPNs come in. They allow Kodi users to access hidden content such as restricted live streams and addons.

How to Setup Kodi on Different Devices (Windows/Mac/Android/iOS/Apple TV)

Here’s how you can setup Kodi on your devices:

How to Setup Kodi on Windows

Setting up Kodi on your Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10 is more easy and straightforward than other operating systems. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Download page on Kodi and select the 32Bit Installer.
  2. If you are a regular user of Windows OS, you will see the common options: Run, Save or Cancel.
  3. Choose Save to download the application at your desired location.
  4. Double-click the downloaded file to install Kodi.
  5. During the Installation, you may be asked to follow some easy steps. It is best to go with the default settings.
  6. Done!

How to Setup Kodi on Mac

For Mac lovers, Kodi can be configured on their Mac devices. Here’s how you can setup Kodi on your Mac:

  1. Start by downloading Kodi’s latest app for your Mac. Keep in mind that the app comes in a disk image format.
  2. Double-click the file to open it. To install that app on your Mac, simply Drag the Kodi icon into the Applications folder.
  3. Now, try opening the Kodi app.
  4. Though it depends on your current Gatekeeper settings, you may get an error on your first try which would be something like this: cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. To get around it, you can simply CMD+Click the Kodi app and select Open to play Kodi. Or, you can also go to your OSX Security & Privacy settings from the System Preferences menu, and choose Anywhere where it says Allow applications downloaded from.
  5. Viola! You are now ready to binge watch on Kodi.

How to Setup Kodi on Android

You can always enjoy Kodi on your Android-powered devices. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your Android menu and look for Settings.
  2. Open Settings and then go to the Security menu.
  3. Look for the Unknown Sources option and check the box to enable it. The feature will allow you to install the Kodi app for Android.
  4. Now, go to the Google PlayStore to download and enjoy the latest Kodi app.
  5. You will need to go through the same steps for your Android TV as the menus are same across the app.

How to Setup Kodi on iPhone/iOS

Setting up Kodi on your iOS is a simple and easy process that doesn’t take too much of your time. The best part is that the Kodi installation process is same across different iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro:

To enjoy Kodi on your iPhone or any other iOS powered device, you will need to download the following important files:

Once you have downloaded the aforementioned files, let’s move on to the Kodi setup:

  1. Start by connecting your iPhone or any other iOS-powered mobile device to your Mac. Once the device is connected, open the Xcode application that you have downloaded from the Mac App Store.
  2. Now, select Create a new Xcode project, then Single View Application, and click Next.
  3. Fill out Product Name and Organization Identifier fields. Then, click Next.
  4. You will be asked to save the file, which you can save on the desktop. Click Create.
  5. It’s up to you whether you want to share the contact details with Xcode as the app usually asks this permission. However, it’s not mandatory!
  6. Select Fix Issue, which will open up a dialogue box. Click Add. Now, enter your Apple ID to log in.
  7. Once signed in, select Choose to open App Signer. Then, select Browse to choose and open the Kodi deb file you downloaded earlier.
  8. Now, choose the profile you created earlier with the identifier. Proceed to add Kodi as the App Display Name, before clicking Start.
  9. Enter a file name, before clicking Save.
  10. Open Xcode again and choose Windows. Choose Devices to select yours from the left pane. Once you have selected your device, look for a Plus sign at the bottom of the right pane and click it to choose and open the .ipa file, created earlier.
  11. Now, disconnect your iPhone and unlock it.
  12. Sometimes you may get an Untrusted Developer error when you open your device. To remove the error, go to the Settings of your device. Tap General and then Device Management. Find your account under the Developer App. Now, Tap Trust “account name”, and tap Trust again.

You can now enjoy Kodi on your iOS 12 or your iPhone via a Kodi VPN.

How to Setup Up Kodi on Apple TV

Got an Apple TV? You can setup Kodi on your Apple TV, and enjoy high-speed streaming with the app.

To enjoy Kodi on your 4th Generation Apple TV, you must have an Apple Developer account – free or active. Furthermore, you will also need to download the following important files:

  • Xcode 7.2+ (available on Mac App Store)
  • iOS App Signer for Mac
  • The latest Kodi .deb file for your TvOS

Once you have downloaded the aforementioned files, let’s move on to the Kodi setup:

  1. Start by plugging your Apple TV to your Mac through a USB-C to USB-A cable.
  2. After the device is connected, open up Xcode and choose to Create a new Xcode project. Select Application from the main menu under the TvOS section. Now, choose Single View Application, before clicking Next.
  3. Now, proceed by creating a ‘New Project’. You can fill out the product name and organisation name fields with any details you want. Do the same when filling out the Bundle Identifier field and here the details would be written in a reverse-domain style – for example, com.arcade.kodiappletv. Make sure that all the fields are filled out before clicking Next. Finally, save the project on your desktop or any other location from where you can access the file easily.
  4. Now, head back to the Xcode’s main window where you should be seeing an error stating Matching provisioning profile cannot be found. To get past the error and resolve it, simply click Fix Issue.
  5. However, to fix the above issue you would require a free active Apple Developer account. So proceed to sign in using the associated Apple ID and password. Though the application continues to ask for details, it can be overlooked as it’s not mandatory. Continue by selecting the correct Apple ID and clicking Choose. Once done, the Xcode application will fix the issue to make a provisioning profile.
  6. Now, choose Apple TV from the drop-down which you can find at the top left side of the Xcode application, along with other options such as the Play and Stop buttons.
  7. Once you are done with the Xcode application, open iOS App Signer. Now, choose the right Signing Certificate and proceed to fill out the Provisioning Profile field. Choose the project name you have created on the Xcode application earlier. Select Input File to browse, location and select the Kodi .deb file, downloaded earlier. It’s up to you to whether you want to fill out the App Display Name field and give it a unique name or leave it.
  8. Click Start after making sure that all the fields have been filled out with the correct details. Once you click the start button, the application will proceed to create .ipa file which you can install on your Apple TV.
  9. Go back to the Xcode, and go to Window, then Devices, and choose Apple.
  10. Now, choose the IPA file you have just created. The app will now install the files on your Apple TV.
  11. You can now enjoy Kodi on your Apple TV fourth generation.

How to setup Kodi VPN through Routers

If you are a Kodi user, and want to access content from geographically limited add-ons on all your devices at the same time, you can do so by installing our Kodi VPN on all your devices individually. This highly optimized VPN app supports up-to five multi-logins, which means that you can use the same VPN account on 5 devices at the same time.

But isn’t it boring to install VPN on all your devices separately when you can just configure it on your router and get default VPN functionality on all of your devices? That is right. Installing VPN on your Wi-Fi router is fast and simple. It takes very little effort to install the VPN, and works great on all the popular Wi-Fi routers.

How to setup Kodi VPN on other platforms and devices

How to setup Kodi on OpenELEC Devices

Note: Setting up Kodi to attain the maximum benefits requires a step-by-step process, which hardly takes much of your time.

Advice: We understand the process contains jargons which might be unfamiliar to you. You’ve got nothing to worry about as we’ve got you covered. Just follow the easy process to get the best internet experience possible.

If you want to install an older version of Kodi on your device, for Kodi v.15 ISENGARD, click here. For Kodi v.16 Jarvis, click here

Step 1 – Download Kodi on your OpenELEC device (Raspberry Pi)

  • Head over to Kodi’s website.
  • Download the file.
  • Install the downloaded file.

Once done, follow the method:

Step 2: Download and Install Kodi VPN Add-on.

Follow the steps given below to install PureVPN Kodi Add-on on your device.

  1. Open your browser and visit “
  2. The file will Download automatically
  3. Once downloaded, locate the installation file in its folder.

Step 3: Place the downloaded file in USB drive.

Place the downloaded file “” in a USB drive and plug it on the OpenElec Kodi Box.

Step 4: Launch KODI and install VPN Addon for KODI.

  1. Navigate to Home Page and click “Add-ons.”
  2. Click on the “Files” icon.
  3. Then click on “Install from zip file.”
  4. Navigate to the USB device where you’ve placed the installation file.
  5. Click once on “” for the installation of add-on to begin.

Step 5: Setting up PureVPN Kodi add-on

  1. Navigate to the Add-ons tab and Click PureVPN Monitor OpenVPN.
  2. A new window will appear, click Add-on Settings.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Select the country or region from where you want to access the content of your choice. Click Display VPN Status to check you current IP and location.
  5. Click Change or Disconnect VPN Connection to display the list of servers. Connect to the country of your choice.

Done! Now you can access region-specific content Kodi addons with complete anonymity via our Kodi VPN.

How to setup Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick, Fire TV, and Fire Cube

Kodi can also be configured on Amazon devices. Here’s how you can setup Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick or your Amazon Fire TV:

  1. Start by turning on your Amazon device, and then going to the Settings > System and then Developer Options.
  2. Select and turn ON the Apps from Unknown Sources, and then the ADB Debugging options.
  3. You may see a warning alert when you turn on the unknown source, but you can select OK to ignore the warning as you can always turn it off later.
  4. Go to Fire Stick main screen. Now, go to Search and type Downloader to choose it. Select Get.
  5. Once you select Get, the download will start. Once the downloading is finished, a notification will pop up at the bottom right corner.
  6. Go to the Menu and choose Launch Now.
  7. Choose the URL section to download either of the two compatible versions: Krypton 17 and Leia 18. For Krypton type the following URL, kodi17apk. To install the latest v18, type in the URL box.
  8. Click Next and then Download to get the desired Kodi version.
  9. Click Install when the downloading is finished, and the Kodi installation will soon begin.
  10. Once the installation is finished, open Kodi and enjoy your favorite shows.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is Kodi?

Kodi is an open source media player which has millions of users worldwide. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it contains thousands of free add-ons, and gives you access to infinite content. It’s not just video streaming that Kodi is known for. Many people use Kodi for listening to music as well.

Kodi can be installed on virtually any device that has a screen and connects to the internet. It’s absolutely free and offers good quality streaming.

What is Kodi VPN?

Kodi has been accused of hosting pirated content by many content producers. This is why it does not work fine in many countries. If you live in a country where Kodi does not work, or if you are in a region where a specific add-on does not work properly, a Kodi VPN can help you set things right.

With a Kodi VPN, you can change your location and access all the content in an instant. A Kodi VPN will also keep you safe from all online malice such as hacks cyber-attacks and ransomware.

How to Setup VPN on Kodi?

Our VPN has a dedicated app for Kodi. This app has been designed keeping Kodi users and their streaming habits in consideration. It is an excellent tool that lets you download and install any add-on, and stream content with complete freedom and online safety. No matter what streaming device you own, you can use VPN on Kodi.

Free VPN or Paid VPN? Which one is better?

A free VPN seems to be an attractive choice for most users. However, it is very risky to use a free VPN. This is because a free VPN makes you completely vulnerable online and exposes you to all online risks which can cripple your privacy. Always use a paid VPN for anything that you do online.

How to Add Channels on Kodi?

For anything that you want to watch on Kodi, you will need to install a relevant add-on. If you want to stream content from different channels, look for an add-on that supplies content of your choice.

It is important to know that only a few add-ons can be found in Kodi’s official add-on repository. If you are looking for an add-on which is not available in the official repository, you will need to download to from an unofficial source, also known as a repository. You would also need to enable downloads/installs from unknown sources in your settings menu.

How can I fix buffering on Kodi?

If your stream is constantly buffering and ruining your streaming experience, it may be due to ISP throttling or bandwidth restrictions imposed on you by your ISP. You can easily evade these restrictions and get the ultimate buffer-free streaming experience by getting a VPN for Kodi and becoming completely anonymous online.

What is the best Kodi build?

There are many Kodi builds out there which provide a lot of add-ons, plugins, and great skins which you can set up in just one click. They save a lot of time, which you would otherwise use up in finding the right add-ons for your viewing pleasure. The best builds which provide great content and have got skins pleasing to the eye include Misfit Mods Lite and Titanium Build.

Is my Kodi connection secure? Can someone find out what I’m streaming?

Kodi is an open source media player, which makes it quite insecure and easy to exploit. Research and stats show that Kodi streamers get subjected to the highest numbers of cyber-attacks such as cyber-stalking and hacks.

A hacker, who may have gained entry into your network can know what you are watching and who you are communicating with. He can even eavesdrop on your conversations by taking control over the microphones in your devices such as smartphones and home-assistants.

What is the latest Kodi version?

The latest version of Kodi is v18.6, known as Leia. It's extremely stability and has a much better UI, which is why many people are making the switch from older versions. Moreover, a lot of bugs and limitations which had crippled the previous Kodi versions have been addressed in this build, which ultimately helps in making the user experience much more fluent and enjoyable..

Best country to connect VPN for using Kodi?

The best country to connect your VPN for using Kodi is the US. Unlike most countries where stringent cyber laws make it difficult to access the addons you need, US has great amount of online freedom. Very few services are unavailable in the US, but mostly, people in the US can access it all. This is why you should connect to a US server.

Once you connect your our VPN on a US server, everything that you want to watch will be in your access. Since PureVPN provides you with great online security, you will also remain safe from getting penalized or prosecuted for accessing restricted content.

Why do you need VPN for Kodi?

There are many issues connected with streaming on Kodi on an insecure connection. It can expose you to malware, cyber-attacks, hacks, eavesdropping and a lot of other malicious online activities that can cause you harm.

Without a good Kodi VPN, you may end up getting very slow streaming speeds which can ruin your streaming experience. Once you have set up a VPN on your Kodi, you become completely invisible online, which will help you to remain safe from all online malice.

Final Verdict

Kodi is an entirely free and open-source media player application developed by the XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology organization. While the media player is open source, and the content is all free, it does open up endless possibilities for video entertainment for streamers from all around the world.

Due to its open-source nature, Kodi has its equal share of problems, most of which revolve around hackers and cyber intruders who can gain entry into your devices to snoop on you and steal your data. With Kodi VPN services, users can remain secure on the web while enjoying uninterrupted high-quality streaming of their favorite TV shows, sports, and movies anywhere and anytime they want.