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  • Get a Brazilian IP address in no time.

  • Secure up to 10 devices simultaneously.

  • Stream smoothly with 20 Gbps server speeds.

  • Protect your online traffic using best-in-class encryption.

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Reasons to use a VPN in Brazil

Stream without limits

Unlock a treasure trove of global content in Brazil or catch up with your favorite Brazilian series while abroad. Just switch your virtual location with our Brazil VPN and enjoy limitless streaming anytime, anywhere!

Avoid ISP throttling

Do not let ISPs ruin your streaming or downloading experience by throttling your connection. By using our Brazil VPN, you can hide what you are doing online and enjoy smooth, uninterrupted access to the internet.

Secure public Wi-Fi

Whether you are enjoying an espresso at a bustling café in São Paulo or unwinding in a Rio de Janeiro hotel, ensure your online activities remain secure on public Wi-Fi networks with AES 256-bit encryption.

How to get a Brazil IP address

Step 1

Subscribe to PureVPN.

Step 2

Download our app and log into your account.

Step 3

Connect to “Brazil” from the list of available servers.

Get PureVPN 31-day money-back guarantee

Why are PureVPN’s Brazil servers the best choice?

Connect by city

Want to connect to a city in Brazil? We offer dozens of servers in Sao Paulo that will give you a local IP address.

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Top-notch features

Enhance your online privacy and security with DNS Leak Protection, a Kill Switch, Tracker Blocker, and more.

Unlimited bandwidth

Enjoy streaming, downloading, and gaming without worrying about any bandwidth or data limitations.


Blazing-fast speeds

Get super-fast connections from any corner of the world with our state-of-the-art 20 Gbps servers.

3 million+ satisfied users

Watch Brazilian streaming services from anywhere

With PureVPN, you can access Brazil platforms like:

  • Globoplay: Dive into Brazil’s most popular streaming service, featuring an extensive selection of Globo TV shows, exclusive series, and live broadcasts.

  • Netflix Brazil: Experience a diverse array of both international and Brazilian content, including original series, films, and documentaries tailored for the Brazilian audience.

  • Prime Video Brazil: Access a broad array of international hits, local Brazilian favorites, and Prime Originals.

Most popular server locations for users from Brazil

Why PureVPN is the best VPN for Brazil

Experience what the best VPN can do for your online privacy. Here’s what you get with PureVPN vs. a free VPN:

PureVPN Free VPN
Bandwidth limit
Server locations
No connection and activity logs
Protocols supported
Apps available
Customer support

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I change my VPN to Brazil?

    Open your VPN app and log in. Choose Brazil from the list of server locations. Upon connection, you will be given a Brazilian IP address!

  • Is there a free VPN for Brazil?

    Free Brazil VPNs come with significant drawbacks such as limited data, slower speeds, potential privacy risks, and fewer server options. For a more reliable and secure experience, consider premium VPN services like PureVPN.

  • What is the fastest VPN in Brazil?

    PureVPN is known for its fast speeds, particularly because it offers servers with up to 20 Gbps bandwidth, ensuring quick and reliable connections suitable for streaming, gaming, and more.

  • Is VPN legal in Brazil?

    Yes, using a VPN is legal in Brazil. VPNs are widely used for enhancing online privacy and security, and there are no laws restricting their use in Brazil.