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A Croatian IP lets you gain accessibility to location-locked services and superior protection against online threats. Enjoy the fastest Croatian VPN service.

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Set up the best VPN in Croatia on multiple devices.

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Get a Croatian IP Address

If you wish to experience better speed, latency, and performance, you would require a VPN server in Croatia, i.e., in Zagreb. Having a secure VPN server nearest to your location can help you get the best security and accessibility without sacrificing speed and performance.
The highest level encryption isn’t the only dynamic feature you get with PureVPN. In fact, you also get access to our 2,000+ servers and 300,000+ anonymous IPs. Moreover, with our expert personnel supervising and maintaining our network, you are assured of getting 99.99% uptime, all year round.

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Reinforce Online Security

A vulnerable network or connection can expose you to a world of cyber threats that can damage not only your data, but it can also put your privacy at risk. If you want to secure your data as well as your privacy, it is best to opt for the most reliable and secure vpn on the planet, i.e., PureVPN.

Disguise Real IP Address

Your real IP just doesn’t reveal your actual location, but in fact it can also lead to unwanted surveillance and eavesdropping. Moreover, it can also limit your access to international content. It is time to say goodbye to location tracking and other surveillance practices with a trusted Croatian VPN service.

Access Local Content

Blackouts can be quite annoying when it comes to watching your favorite sports online. Likewise, uncalled for restrictions as seen practiced by Croatia’s popular service, HRT, can certainly put you off. Well, with our VPN for Croatia, you get unrestricted and seamless access to your favorite content from anywhere.

Top 3 Questions People Ask About Using a VPN for Croatia

Croatia VPN

Does PureVPN Work in Croatia?

Yes, of course. In fact, our VPN service has multiple VPN servers in the Croatian city, Zagreb. As a result, you can connect to the Croatian servers from anywhere in the world.

Is American Netflix Accessible in Croatia?

Since we have a dedicated set of servers and IPs for American Netflix, you can access the streaming service or its US and UK libraries in and outside Croatia.

Is VPN Legal in Croatia?

Yes, VPN is entirely legal in Croatia and its cities. However, the use of a VPN service should be kept limited to personal online security, privacy and internet freedom.

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