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Philippines VPN

Get A Philippines IP Address

VPN users crave for a VPN server in Philippines. Wonder, why? Philippines doesn’t have any content restrictions. This is what makes it a desirable location for users. Good news for you is that you can get a Filipino IP address and open doors to unlimited content with PureVPN. With our high-speed servers stationed at Manila, you can access any online content from any region in the world. Isn’t that amazing for Pinoys living abroad and craving to catch up on teleserye?

Apart from Philippines VPN servers, we also own 2,000 servers located elsewhere. They are spread out in the US, the UK, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Germany and more. With every server, supervised by highly-skilled technicians, you are assured to get 99.99% uptime all year long. By connecting to a VPN server in the Philippines, you get access to your favorite local channels from anywhere. Even if you travel outside the country, you can access your favorite streaming channels including TV5, Cignal Play, PSL Games and more by using PureVPN.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Get Absolute Internet Freedom

Philippines has seen its ups and downs when it comes to freedom of expression. This can be seen by looking at the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. But you can ensure your online safety and anonymity with a VPN for Philippines. You won’t be needing any Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom (MCPIF) to guarantee your online freedom.

Bypass Regional Restrictions

Regional restrictions have become a bane for Internet users. You can access streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix US or download games like PUBG with ease. The regional content restriction has made it difficult for users to do things the way they like. But not anymore! PureVPN’s Filipino VPN service allows users to access location-locked content from anywhere.

Enjoy the Fastest Internet Speeds

Philippines is considered to have the slowest Internet networks in the world. Apart from the allotted bandwidth limit, slow internet connections can also be a result of ISP throttling, which in Philippines’ case hits the bull eyes. If you wish to free your Internet from throttling and other problems, you would need to setup PureVPN.

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Better Gaming

When you join our servers, you will be able to download and play online games from any region you want.

Restriction-less Internet

Be it Freeform, Pandora or US Netflix, access any online content of your choice with our trustworthy VPN.

No IP Leak Issue

You will never have to worry about IP leaks anymore because your connection is secured with our IP leak protection feature.

Anonymized Internet Traffic

You won’t be needing MCPIF to ensure privacy when you are connected to the anonymous servers of PureVPN.

Unadulterated Speeds

With throttling out of your way for good, you can enjoy buffer-free streaming and uninterrupted downloading.

No Bandwidth Limit

We never cap users’ bandwidth limit which is why our users enjoy unlimited VPN all day long.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee