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Our VPN for Nigeria Lets You Truly Embrace Online Freedom & Security

Say Goodbye to Self-Censorship

Self-censorship is a common practice amongst many internet users in Nigeria, especially journalists and bloggers. They have to impose self-censorship to avoid attracting suspecting eyes of the government or militants. With our reliable VPN for Nigeria, you can finally avoid self-censorship and use your freedom of expression while being completely anonymous.

Beef Up Internet Security

Nigeria lost $450 million in one of the biggest cyber breaches in 2015. Over the years, the threats have not only multiplied but also worsened. The only way you can keep your data integrity intact in a state with weak cybersecurity is by using PureVPN’s 256-bit encrypted VPN servers.

Anonymize Your Connection

Nigeria is amongst those countries where you can find censorship in the form of either online journalism or blogging. Your IPs is the usual suspect for giving away your location and identity. Luckily, you can easily conceal all your activities and continue your work with our anonymous Nigerian VPN service.

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Get A Nigerian IP Address

Why would I need a VPN server in Nigeria or a Nigerian IP, you might wonder? Well, if you are concerned about shielding your data against hackers and anonymizing your activities against prying eyes, you would need a VPN server nearest to your region or, best of all, in your country.
Good news for Nigerians is that, PureVPN offer secure Nigerian VPN servers that are protected with state-of-the-art encryption and come with a huge pool of anonymous IPs. Moreover, our servers are maintained by expert technicians and, thus, offer 99.99% uptime.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We Promise You!

Superior Speed

Stream, browse or download all day long and without any interruption by connecting to our fastest servers.

Confidential Browsing

You can finally use your rights to freedom of speech on the Internet while being completely anonymous.

No-Log Policy

At PureVPN, you are assured that not a single byte of your data is monitored or logged, whatsoever.

Evade Censorship & Restrictions with Our High-Speed VPN for Nigeria

Nigeria VPN

Enjoy Fastest Servers

When you join our Nigerian VPN service, you are assured to experience top speeds every minute of the day.

Unshackle Your Internet

You can finally free your Internet from unnecessary and annoying restrictions imposed by your country.

Avoid IP Leak

Keep a strict leash on your VPN IP and avoid any IP leaks with our powerful IP leak protection feature.

Experience Anonymity

We arm you with industry’s best and efficient privacy features that guarantee you round-the-clock anonymity.

Kill Throttling

We have programmed our VPN servers to circumvent issues like ISP throttling for unadulterated speed.

Bypass Bandwidth Issue

Rejoice. We will never let you complain about VPN usage because we offer unlimited bandwidth.

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Our Advanced Security Features

Security fortification and anonymity guarantee is what you can expect from our VPN for Nigeria

Unmatched Encryption

Connect to our military-grade encrypted servers for round-the-clock data protection and private browsing.

Multiple Protocols

You can choose from multiple security protocols to customize your VPN experience as per your needs.

Internet Kill Switch

Set up our smart Internet Kill Switch feature and eliminate all your worries regarding unexpected disconnections.

Split Tunneling

Use our Split Tunneling feature to eliminate the need of manually switching between VPN and ISP connection.

Wi-Fi Protection

Connect to PureVPN’s protected VPN servers and join any Wi-Fi network without worrying about prying eyes.

Unlimited Switching

Switch to any of the 2,000+ VPN servers to enjoy lowest-possible latency, faster performance and speed.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our African Servers

Looking for servers in Africa? Not only that you can find servers in Africa but also 2,000 servers across 140 countries and 180 cities.

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