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Get a Vietnamese IP Address Instantly

Want to obtain a free Vietnamese IP address from anywhere? Our Vietnam VPN is just the solution you need. You get unlimited access to a global network of 6,500+ servers in 140+ countries, with 6 of them placed in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi.
Our highly optimized VPN servers in Vietnam provide fast, private, and secure connectivity from anywhere in the world. Connect to any one of them to instantly replace your original IP address with a Vietnamese one.

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Restriction-Less Browsing

The Vietnamese government is increasingly regulating and monitoring its citizens’ Internet access. If you want to browse with complete freedom, you can use Vietnam VPN to switch your virtual location to a censorship-free country.

Vietnamese Content Access

Regional limitations make most of your local content inaccessible outside the country. With Vietnam VPN on your travels, you can quickly get a free Vietnamese IP address and watch your favorite Vietnam TV channels at blazing-fast speeds.

Free-Speech Protection

Vietnam remains one of the worst countries when it comes to online freedom of speech, with many journalists getting jailed over the years. With our free Vietnamese VPN, you can make sure that your voice is heard whilst concealing your real identity.

PureVPN Apps Are Available For

Connect with 10 multiple devices simultaneously with the best VPN for Vietnam. Our service is also compatible with consoles, as well as SmartTVs, Kodi, Amazon Fire and Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, more than 50+ Routers, Computers and other Smart devices.

Top 4 Questions People Ask About Using a VPN for Vietnam

Vietnam VPN

Are VPNs Legal in Vietnam?

Yes. VPNs are completely legal in Vietnam, but you can get into trouble for using one to access blocked websites or services as this is considered illegal. Therefore, it’s essential to use a provider that can disguise your VPN traffic, such as PureVPN.

Note: Always use OpenVPN as your protocol of choice in Vietnam.

Do I Need A VPN in Vietnam?

Yes! When you are travelling to Vietnam, you must have a VPN to access contents because of Internet censorship by the Vietnamese government.

How Do I Get a Vietnam IP Address with a VPN?

Get a PureVPN account, download and install our app, and launch it using your credentials. Then, connect to a Vietnam VPN server. Check your new IP address with our online tool – What is My IP to verify your new connection and browse away!

How Do I Watch American Netflix in Vietnam?

The simplest way is to free download our browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, go to Popular Websites, and click Netflix US. You will then be redirected to the American version of Netflix!

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