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Connect PureVPN and hide all your online activities

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Why Should You Hide Your Browsing Activities?

  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can see sites you visit, files you download, conversations you make online, etc., and sell it to advertisers.

  • Marketing agencies and other third parties target you based on your preferences, including past purchases, and your online habits.

  • Government entities and foreign spy agencies eagerly search for loopholes in your network and devices to plant malware and spyware.

  • Hackers lurking at public Wi-Fi hotspots can easily infiltrate your device and access the data on it without you ever knowing about it.

  • Privacy is the right of each individual and you must use necessary measures to defend your right to privacy and accessibility.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

PureVPN ensures complete anonymity via:

  • No Browsing Logs

    PureVPN does not store any of your online activities, period.

  • Hide Your Online Identity

    Keep your physical identity off the radar at all times.

  • Encrypts All Web Traffic

    Secure your online activities with AES 256-bit encryption.

  • Internet Kill Switch

    Stops the internet in an event your VPN connections drops.

  • Split Tunneling

    Gives you the ability to distribute your internet traffic between your ISP and the VPN.

  • WebRTC Leak Protection

    Protects your real IP from leaking at websites and web services.

Anonymize Your Internet Browsing with PureVPN

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Begin your Anonymous Browsing in 3 Simple Steps

Getting started with anonymous browsing is an easy process that will go a long way in securing your online presence against hackers, advertisers, spies, and tracking. Here’s how to get started:

Download PureVPN’s easy-to-use application.
Connect to the server that you desire to use.
Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Masking Your IP Address is Easy with PureVPN's Chrome & Firefox VPN Extension

  • Chrome VPN Extension

    Make your web browsing private and anonymous with our Chrome VPN extension. PureVPN for Chrome lets you enjoy streaming at blazingly fast speeds. The extension blocks ISP tracking, while masking your IP address in the process. With instant connectivity, you can stream 40+ channels from over 30 countries with zero hurdles.

  • Firefox VPN Extension

    Masking your IP address is made easy with our Firefox VPN extension. Get unrivaled online privacy, security and unlimited access to the content of your choice. Not only can you hide browsing from ISP, but you can access the content of your choice easily and anonymously.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Stream Your Favorite Channels With PureVPN's Browsing Extension

  • Access Any Content

    Bypass government censorships and explore the web with complete freedom and anonymity.

  • High-Speed Streaming

    Access and stream your favorite content anonymously at rapid internet speeds.

  • Blazing-fast Connection

    Get connected within seconds to the server of your choice regardless of your physical presence.

  • Prevent online identity theft

    PureVPN assigns you a virtual identity, keeping your real identity from falling into the wrong hands.

Get PureVPN Now 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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