Anonymous VPN

If you want to use the Internet with a layer of anonymity, an anonymous VPN is just the tool you need in your arsenal. It combines the power of military-grade encryption and IP address masking, enabling you to conduct your online activities without worrying about them being linked back to you.

Anonymous VPN

Anonymity is the basic right of every netizen along with being today’s basic need. Why i that so? This is because third-parties like ISPs store data related to your online activity.

What you watch online, which websites you browse and what payment methods you use are accessible by any prying eyes, especially hackers, surveillance agencies, and governments, whether you’re at home, browsing in a public place, or even at work. Believe it or not, everything is stored and monitored without you even knowing about it. Here, an anonymous VPN service can best protect you!

What is Online Anonymity?

Let’s face it – the vast majority of people don’t care about being anonymous, whether it’s in real life or online. That’s because we’ve been conditioned to voluntarily hand over some of our personal information every time we do business with companies.

Online Anonymity

Your mail is delivered to your doorstep, with your name and address written on it. Phone books list phone numbers alongside our names. And if you want to buy something online, you have to provide a name, address, and payment information.

Humans are trusting creatures by nature, but that’s where the problem lies. You can’t trust anyone blindly, especially when it comes to your data. It doesn’t come as a surprise that some of us are taking measures to be more anonymous online.

Since that’s not exactly a word you will come across in every day conversations, allow us to explain a little. When you receive an anonymous letter from somebody, it means an unknown individual sent it.

Online anonymity, also known as Internet anonymity, is a bit different. After all, we want more than just our name to be hidden. We want to perform actions on the Internet while keeping everything related to us a secret.

We don’t want people knowing that we purchased a certain medication. We don’t want people knowing our bank account details. We don’t want them knowing that we emailed a former ex. We don’t want that web search to be tied back to us. While we may be relatively comfortable with some of that data making its way to others, there’s not a single person on this planet who likely is comfortable with all their behaviors being logged or captured. An invasion of privacy of such magnitudes is bound to make anyone uncomfortable.

How An Anonymous VPN Can Help

When you use the internet , your un-encrypted traffic can be intercepted by anyone. They can then use it to engage in identity theft, stealing your hard earned money in the process!

Furhtermore, your real IP address is also left exposed to the outside world. This means your online activity is traced back to you by advertisers, ISPs, and other agencies. In short, everything you do is visible to everyone.

If you want to stay completely anonymous online, you’ll have to get an anonymous VPN service. A good VPN assigns you a whitelisted IP address. The VPN will also secure your data from end-to-end with military-grade encryption. The result? You’re able to browse with a cloak of anonymity!

6 Reasons Why You Need an Anonymous VPN

Want to stop ISPs from tracking your online activity? Tired of having your private details collected by anyone? Unable to access the content available on the US version of Netflix?

By signing up to an anonymous VPN service, you can protect yourself from the worst of the Internet. Here are some reasons why you should equip yourself with an anonymous VPN:

1. Secure Yourself on Public Wi-Fi

Who doesn’t love public Wi-Fi? It can be found almost anywhere and enable you to stay connected on the go. The convenience of public Wi-Fi is undeniable, but it’s worth noting these networks are not secure.

It’s a known fact that most public Wi-Fi connections offer little to no security to users. This means that any cybercriminals can intercept your Internet and steal your data.

Always connect to a VPN before using public Wi-Fi. Doing so will ensure that your browsing sessions are encrypted. In this way, no one can get their hands on your information and even if they do, deciphering it isn’t so easy.

2. Access Any Website & Content

Let’s suppose that you’re a New York resident on a vacation in the Bahamas and want to stream TV shows and movies available on US Netflix. You try to access the streaming service but you can’t due to regional limitations.

In other words, you can’t watch US Netflix from anywhere even if you happen to be a resident of the United States.. These services use your IP address to identify where you’re located. By locating your IP, they block access to their site. With an anonymous VPN though, you can enjoy complete online accessibility.

In the example above, you’ll have to connect to a US server and get an American IP address. By doing so, you’ll trick Netflix into thinking that you’re accessing it from America. This means you’ll get to watch your preferred content without any hurdles!

3. Save Money on Car Rentals & Flights

Traveling doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. You can actually save thousands of dollars on car rental and flight bookings. How? In case you didn’t know, many online companies charge different prices depending on the IP address you use.

Using an anonymous VPN, you can change your IP address, check the prices you’re getting from different regions, and purchase from the cheapest one. The same concept can also be applied when booking hotel rooms. Cool stuff, right?

4. Get Around Government Surveillance

There are many governments around the world that track the Internet usage of their citizens in the name of national security. In countries such as Iran, Russia, North Korea and China, this practice is carried out openly. Even the governments of some Western powers collect information on what you do online.

Whether you’re a whistleblower or someone who wants to stay anonymous, get a VPN! It encrypts your Internet connection, making it impossible for governments to track you.

5. Boost Your Online Security

Did you know that identity theft is one of the most prevalent cybercrimes in the US? According to a study by Javelin Strategy & Research, a whopping 14.4 million of American citizens fell victim to identity theft last year.

While these numbers are lower in comparison to 2017, it doesn’t change the fact that identity theft is a frustrating experience for victims. Fortunately, an anonymous VPN provides much-needed security and peace of mind. It does so by using complex encryption algorithms.

6. Avoid Targeted Advertisements

You may have realized how the ads you see online are related to your interests. It’s not a coincidence! Companies use cookies , among other methods, to track your behavior across websites and serve you targeted ads.

If you want to browse without these annoying ads following you everywhere you go, what you need is a VPN connection. With your real IP hidden, it becomes difficult for advertisers to influence your buying decisions.

The Best Anonymous VPN Around

If you, like many other internet users, are concerned about your anonymity, there is no better solution than PureVPN. It offers a great mix of features that will revolutionize how you protect your anonymity online.

IPv6 Leak Protection

IPv6 leaks can compromise your privacy, even if you’re connected to an anonymous VPN. Luckily, PureVPN Windows app comes with IPv6 leak protection

Global Server Network

Some countries have privacy friendly laws while some have anti-privacy laws. With more than 6,500+ VPN servers at your disposal, you can switch to pro-privacy countries at the click of a button or the tap of a finger.

Access Any Website

Taste complete Internet freedom with our anonymous VPN service, which gives you unlimited access to 300,000+ whitelisted IPs.

DNS Leak Protection

DNS leaks are a threat to your online privacy. The best anonymous VPN will always come with a DNS leak-protection guarantee.

Multiple Protocols

When you use a VPN, you want not just anonymity but speed as well. Having access to multiple VPN protocols will give you the best of both worlds.

IP Address Masking

Our VPN users can leverage IP address masking to go about their daily online activity with complete anonymity.

Internet Kill Switch

A reliable anonymous VPN like PureVPN offers an IKS feature that ceases all activities of a user in the event of a DNS leak or connection drop.

WebRTC Leak Protection

Prevent your real IP address and identity from leaking online with our foolproof WebRTC leak protection.

Military-Grade Encryption

This comes in many forms with 256-bit being the highest level. Encryption lets you connect to the internet via a secure tunnel that keeps unauthorized access at bay.

Split Tunneling

The split tunneling feature channels sensitive data through our VPN tunnel, while the rest is passed through your ISP’s servers.

How to use Anonymous VPN

With PureVPN, you can be anonymous online in 4 simple steps:

1. Buy a VPN subscription that best suits

2. Download the VPN app on your preferred device.

3. Now, select a VPN server location to connect to.

4. Hit the “Connect” button to activate VPN tunnel and browse anonymously!

Get an Anonymous VPN Today!

Today, having an anonymous VPN is no longer an option—it’s truly a necessity. Browse the Internet knowing that your online identity is protected and access the Internet without any limitations.

Sign up for a reliable VPN service such as PureVPN. Unlock websites and content, use public Wi-Fi networks safely, avoid government surveillance, and reap all the benefits from wherever you are on the planet.

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