20 Gbps Server Upgrade

Experience Hypersonic VPN Speeds With PureVPN’s 20 Gbps Server Upgrade!

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PUREVPNPureVPN UpdatesExperience Hypersonic VPN Speeds With PureVPN’s 20 Gbps Server Upgrade!

Update: We have now upgraded several key locations to 20 Gbps server speeds. These locations include all of our servers in the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, as well as several locations across the US. You can learn more about the latest server upgrades from here

As the world embraces 5G technology, PureVPN too is preparing for the future. Keeping the future bandwidth requirements in mind, PureVPN has now upgraded 3 of its most prominent locations to 20 Gbps servers. 

You can now enjoy hypersonic speeds with PureVPN’s 20 Gbps server upgrade. Users will get to enjoy a speed booster of 2x with our massive 20Gbps server upgrade in the following key locations:

  •       London
  •       Manchester
  •       Washington

But it doesn’t end here! More 20 Gbit server locations are in plan to go live by the end of this year. And we don’t stop here. Read on to know about another massive surprise that is coming your way!

What do you get with the massive server upgrade?

You can’t build Burj Khalifa on top of weak foundations, right? The same theory applies to VPNs, especially the ones that boast high-speed offerings but do not even have the infrastructure to fulfill these claims. As the world slowly moves to 5G technology, we believe that the time is right to also upgrade our foundations – that is our server infrastructure.

PureVPN has now upgraded its server infrastructure by adding new 20Gbps (Gigabits per second) servers in the US and the UK. The initial tests indicate a massive 2x VPN speed boost in two of the most popular VPN hotspots in the world. The upgraded 20Gbps servers are located in London, Manchester, and Washington DC, with more locations planned to go live by the end of this year.

With the new upgrades, our users will be able to enjoy:

  •       Faster speeds than ever before when surfing on the web!
  •       Buffer-free streaming experience at all times!
  •       Downloads that finish way before you expected them to!

Moving from 10Gbps to 20 Gbps

It’s easy to guess that 20Gbps is much better than 10Gbps servers. It’s double the speed! A big part of PureVPN’s server network, including all the locations in the US, Europe, and Australia, was already upgraded to 10 Gbps servers last year. Now, PureVPN has surpassed this milestone!

The latest 20 Gbit server upgrade highlights PureVPN’s commitment to being the most customer-centric VPN service in the industry.

Major improvements happening elsewhere

Our American and British servers are already in hypersonic mode. But our Australian servers aren’t slow either. Just last year, PureVPN had upgraded all of its Australian servers to 10 Gbps server speeds. After recent optimizations to this server network in Australia, the results have been outstanding! As per recent tests, PureVPN is now the fastest VPN service in Australia, offering blazingly fast VPN speeds to all connected users!

From Virtual to Physical!

To improve our VPN infrastructure further, we shelved dozens of virtual servers from our infrastructure to offer a top-notch VPN experience to our user base. While virtual servers have their benefits, they fail to provide better speeds when compared to actual physical servers. Our physical VPN servers are more reliable and better equipped to deliver faster speeds.

With just 69 virtual servers in our entire server network, PureVPN’s server footprint is now 98.7% composed of physical servers.

Why isn’t PureVPN going 100% physical?

That is because there are a few locations where placing physical servers is realistically impossible. To become 100% physical, we would have to remove these locations altogether from our offerings. But, as per the feedback received from our users, these virtual locations are still in use for various purposes. Being a customer-centric VPN brand, PureVPN will not be removing these virtual locations until an alternative solution can be found for these users.

In a nutshell…

With the latest 20 Gbps server speed upgrades, and with more locations planned to go live soon, it is now easy to state that PureVPN is 100% ready for the 5G world! 




June 20, 2023


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