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Best Phone Security Apps For Wi-Fi 2024

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In these modern times, free Wi-Fi is preferred more over free food. And to avail free Wi-Fi, people willingly connect their devices to any available Wi-Fi network without thinking twice if it’s secure or not! Such a habit can land you in muddy waters.

The risk of your device getting infiltrated through a cyber-attack is very high when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Any cyber-attack can make your identity vulnerable and cause you to lose your important and sensitive data. And in most cases, there would be zero chances of ever recovering the lost data.

To avoid such misery, it is strongly recommended that you install a Wi-Fi security app on your device. Below is a list of the most popular  apps, and how they can protect you from cyber-attacks:

Top Apps for Android


It’s difficult to create a different password for each one of your devices. It’s even more difficult to ensure that the password is complex and difficult to guess for a hacker. Fret not, though – Wifi-Password is here to rescue you!

This app allows you to generate random and complex passwords which you can use for your Wi-Fi network, as well as the devices connected to it. The best part is that this app provides a built-in functionality to save these passwords, so you don’t even have to remember them.

Wi-Fi Security Apps

Wi-Fi Inspector

The next best app for your Android Wi-Fi security is Wifi Inspector. It’s a free app for gaining visibility into your Wi-Fi network and allows you to see all the connected devices, including IoT and smart devices. It even shows their IP addresses and MAC addresses, and enables you to control and manage each device individually.

Though it doesn’t provide a lot of detailed functionalities, it takes up very little space. It doesn’t jam your device’s performance and delivers all that it promises.

Wi-Fi Security Apps

Wi-Fi Protector Pro

For users who live in tech-savvy neighborhoods, this app is a must-have to protect your Android-powered devices. It allows users to remain safe from all kinds of Address Resolution Protocol related attacks such as Denial-of-Service or Man-in-the-middle attacks. This app immediately blocks your device during an attack, enabling users to keep their data safe and protected.

Wi-Fi Security Apps

Top Apps for iOS

Secure Wi-Fi

This app works wonders when it comes to securing the data sent between your device and a Wi-Fi router. The app auto-enables itself only when it detects an unsecured network to which your iPhone or iPad is connected.

With this app on, it becomes challenging for hackers and eavesdroppers to hijack your session, steal your data, or take hold of your identity and credentials.

Wi-Fi Security Apps

Civic Secure Identity

iPhone users no longer need to be worried about unknown devices connecting to their home Wi-Fi networks. With this app installed on their devices, users can remain protected from all kinds of Wi-Fi attacks.

You get constant updates and notifications whenever your Wi-Fi router gets breached, intruded, or attacked. Moreover, if your iPhone gets stolen, you receive constant updates about its location and whereabouts.

Wi-Fi Security Apps

WiFi Hotspot Protector

Without this app installed on your iPhone, it is almost impossible to keep your personal and sensitive data protected. It keeps cybercriminals at bay, and protects your sensitive information such as credit card details, e-mails, passwords, and pictures.

The app works wonders at notifying the user about compromised or unsecured Wi-Fi networks that can compromise security and lead to data losses. Wi-Fi Hotspot Protector encrypts all of your communications by default, keeping you safe from intruders and hackers of all sorts.

Wi-Fi Security Apps

Top Security Apps for Windows

Wi-Fi Radar

Identifying and troubleshooting issues with your Wi-Fi network at your home or office has never been easy. However, this app is great for boosting the signal strength from your router, without the need for any additional hardware.

Gone are the days when the far-off corners of your house received little to no signal, making your browsing experience a pain. With this app installed on your laptop, you will always receive signals at full strength.

Wi-Fi Security Apps


This is the best app available on the market that can protect you from wardrivers. Wardriving is when someone approaches to a wireless network’s proximity and tries to breach it with specialized equipment.

This app creates multiple fake networks to confuse wardrivers about which network to connect to. This helps a great deal in keeping your Wi-Fi network safe and secure.

GlassWire Pro

Wi-Fi Security Apps

GlassWire is a wonderful app that allows you to manage and control your Wi-Fi network in the easiest manner. It offers plenty of features, such as the ability to check who is using your Wi-Fi, and block any suspicious users. It also shows a detailed graph that lets you track connected devices over a period of time.

But that’s not all. The app also allows you to monitor your webcams, cameras and the microphones in your smart devices for any suspicious intrusions or hacks. In the event of an intrusion, you will be immediately notified, giving you ample time to secure your network and devices.

Wi-Fi Security Apps

Top Security Apps for Mac


This great software provides great info and stats about Wi-Fi coverage and performance. It displays heat maps and dead spots on your Wi-Fi network, making it possible to optimize the locations of access points.

NetSpot also allows users to gauge their wLAN interface, and determine if preferred wireless channels can work better with the available access points. It can also troubleshoot problems and improve wireless network coverage by enhancing performance and signal strength.

WiFi Explorer

Wi-Fi explorer is the best tool for finding issues that may be compromising your network or limiting its performance. It provides a detailed analysis of problems on a Wi-Fi network such as channel conflicts, rogue access points, as well as overlapping and configuration issues.

Wi-Fi Security Apps

It also enables you to consistently monitor your network strength and allows you to export a detailed report in CSV format which comes in handy for diagnosing and troubleshooting your network.


Wi-Fi Security Apps

KisMAC is an excellent wifi analyzer application for Mac OS. It can map wireless networks and provide detailed information on their performance as well as problems. Furthermore, you can view all clients and SSIDs within your range, even if they are hidden from you.

This application has built-in support for Apple AirPort extreme as well as many other USB devices, making it a must-have tool.

Bonus App


A leading VPN provider, PureVPN is available on all popular OS (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux). It provides ultimate security to its users by making them anonymous online and encrypting all of their data. It is a complete cyber security tool that keeps you protected against all kinds of cyber-attacks and malware.

PureVPN is also available as a DD-WRT applet which can be integrated with your Wi-Fi router. This means that all devices connected to your VPN WiFi router become protected and encrypted by default. No longer do you have to worry about individually protecting each one of your devices.




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