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Best Belarus VPN: Reasons to Use and Setup Guide

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PUREVPNAt PureVPNBest Belarus VPN: Reasons to Use and Setup Guide

Internet outages are a common occurrence in Belarus, especially during times of political unrest and law enforcement engagement. The country is also notorious for blocking websites, particularly those that are critical of the government.

As if that wasn’t enough, the law makes it compulsory for internet service providers (ISPs) and public Wi-Fi operators to log users’ data. To access the internet freely, privately, and safely in the country, you’ll need a Belarus VPN service.

Below, we explain why you should use a VPN in Belarus and the steps you need to follow to set one up on your device. Let’s dive in:

Why Do You Need a VPN in Belarus?

There are many benefits of using a Belarus VPN:

To Bypass Government Censorship

On 21st August 2020, Belarus blocked more than 70 websites, including independent news portals, electoral portals, and human rights portals, to name a few. However, the country’s history of internet censorship dates back to 2015 – the government banned the use of VPN services and Tor and blocked access to a pro-human rights news site called Charter 97.

If you want to use the internet with freedom in Belarus, a VPN is your best bet. It allows you to get an IP address from another country with no censorship (such as the United States), which makes it appear as if you’re actually based there. As a result, you’ll no longer encounter restrictions when trying to access sites blocked in Belarus.

To Safeguard Your Privacy

In 2012, a law was passed that required public Wi-Fi operators and ISPs to log the data of its users. You know what that means? Your browsing history (the sites you visited, the content you viewed, and more) can be accessed by the Operational and Analytic Center, a government agency that has controlled ISPs since 2010.

A VPN is the most effective tool to protect your online privacy. With your real IP address masked and traffic secured via bank-grade encryption, you can use the internet without fearing about your every move being monitored.

To Access Global Content

You may have noticed that certain streaming services like All 4, Stan, and Hulu aren’t accessible in Belarus. Are you wondering why? That’s because they implement geo-restrictions due to licensing agreements with studios.  

Fortunately, you can get around these hurdles with a VPN. Just connect to a country where the streaming platform is available, and you’ll be able to access it without any restrictions. However, you’re going to need a subscription to enjoy the content.

How to Set Up and Use a VPN for Belarus

It’s simple to set up and use a VPN – even if you’re a beginner. Just follow these instructions to get started:

  1. Subscribe to a PureVPN plan.
  2. Download and install the app for your device.
  3. Enter your username and password to sign in to the app.
  4. Select a server of your choice and wait a few seconds for the VPN to connect.
  5. If your IP address has switched, you’re all set!

PureVPN – The Best Belarus VPN

PureVPN enhances your freedom and privacy on the internet by replacing your real IP address with one of our own. Moreover, bank-level encryption is used to keep your traffic and communications safe from prying eyes.

Our no logs policy has been certified twice by Well known audit firm, meaning you don’t have to worry about records being kept about your online activities when you use our service. Did you know that PureVPN has opted for an always-on audit for your peace of mind? Learn more here.

Easy-to-use apps are available for all major mobile and desktop platforms, including Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android. We also have extensions for commonly used browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

A PureVPN subscription comes with all the features you need, such as an Internet Kill Switch and Split Tunneling. The best part of all, you can test out our service risk-free thanks to a generous 31-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. VPNs are banned in Belarus. Therefore, you should exercise caution before using these tools. Always stick to those services that don’t store any logs and offer a kill switch.

Should I Use a Free VPN for Belarus?

It’s not the best idea considering free VPNs are known to collect and sell user data to third parties for a profit. Furthermore, they come with limitations like fewer servers, bandwidth caps, and little to no encryption.

Does Using a Belarus VPN Slow Down Internet Speed?

The encryption process that takes place will have some impact on your internet speed. However, in some instances, users have experienced faster speeds, especially if they’re victims of ISP throttling.

Does PureVPN Work in Belarus?

Yes, it does. We don’t have any servers there as of now, but you can still connect to our 6,500+ servers in 78+ countries.




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