Mac Address

What Is A MAC Address And Why You Should Know About It?

Whether your network is wireless or wired, one thing is for sure: you not only need network software but also hardware (like routers or cables, for example) to transmit data from your device or computer to your router or ISP server – or vice versa.

And to ensure the data reaches only you (and that too, without being altered or overheard), it all comes down to the network addresses, more commonly known as a Media Access Control (MAC) address. Both IP addresses and MAC addresses are unique identifiers, and together they make data transmission successful.

Now, moving on to the topic of discussion: MAC Addresses.

What is a MAC Address and How is it Used?

A MAC address is a unique identification number or code used to identify individual devices on the network. Therefore, it’s also sometimes referred to as a hardware or physical address.

These numbers are embedded into the hardware of the network device during the manufacturing process. While they usually remain constant, you can sometimes find and modify the MAC address settings through software.

MAC addresses are 12-digit hexadecimal numbers (48 bits or 6 bytes in length) and often written in MM:MM:SS:SS:SS format. They help with communication on the network, and also provide some ISPs with a secure means to authenticate devices or computers for internet access.

MAC Address vs. IP Address

Indeed, both MAC addresses and IP addresses are used by a TCP/IP network – but for different purposes. The following are some differences between the two types of network addresses:

MAC Address

  • Assigned by the manufacturer, remains constant.
  • Operates at OSI Layer 2


  • Physical address


  • 48-bit address


  • 00:0E:H3:89:65:M7


IP Address

  • Changes when moved from one network to another.


  • Operates at OSI Layer 3


  • Logical address


  • 32-bit address



How to Find the MAC Address of Your Router?

Method #1 – Check the Label

Just turn over your router, and you will find the MAC address printed on a label at the back of the router.

Method #2 – Use Web Browser

  1. Open your web browser, insert your router’s IP address in the address bar and then hit Enter.
  2. Type the router’s Username and Password.
  3. Check the status of the router to find the MAC address.

How to Find the MAC Address of Your Android Phone?

  1. Tap Settings.

What Is A MAC Address

  1. Tap About Phone.

What Is A MAC Address

  1. Tap Status.

MAC Address

  1. Find the Wi-Fi/WLAN MAC Address.

What Is A MAC Address

How to Find the MAC Address of Your iPhone?

  1. Tap Settings.

MAC Address

  1. Tap General.

What Is A MAC Address

  1. Tap About.

MAC Address

  1. Find the MAC Address listed as Wi-Fi Address.

What Is A MAC Address

How to Find the MAC Address of Your PC?

In Windows

  1. Type “cmd” in the Windows Search Box

MAC Address Windows

  1. Use the “ipconfig/all” command, and you will find multiple MAC addresses listed for one computer.