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A Candid Chat with Jake Moore about Cybersecurity

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PUREVPNAt PureVPNA Candid Chat with Jake Moore about Cybersecurity

Jake is a Cyber Security Specialist for ESET, Europe’s number one Internet Security and antivirus company. Besides tracking and developing tools to combat growing cyber threats, Jake provides cybersecurity advice and training to SMEs and large corporations.

Jake can be regularly seen commenting on cybersecurity issues in the press such as The BBC, The Guardian, The Independent, and Forbes. Additionally, Jake offers cybersecurity advice to large companies such as Vodafone, The Bank of England, and Facebook.

Jake has also worked in the Digital Forensics Unit and Cyber Crime Team with Dorset Police, investigating computer crime for over 14 years. He gathered all digital evidence to present in the Crown Court.

Let’s start the interview.

Question 1: Cybersecurity tools are increasing at a rapid rate, and so are cyber threats. With that in mind, do you see a secure digital infrastructure anytime soon?

Jake: Although it may seem like malicious actors are currently winning the war on cybercrime, the gap is closing and we are slowly starting to see protection increase across organisations. Over the last decade one of the toughest barriers has been to make decision makers understand the threats and their impact. Many firms have suffered serious attacks but this has, in turn, secured more organisations’ IT operations. This education and more proactive approach to awareness is now rapidly on the increase which is strengthening the backbone in digital infrastructure. 

Question 2: Most online users and enterprises have little to no information regarding cybersecurity. Should cybersecurity training be made mandatory?

Jake: From my experience, the companies offering cybersecurity training as mandatory are far better equipped to deal with an attack and some have first hand experience of attacks but they have known how to mitigate the impact or stop it altogether. Training can often have a stigma attached but when it is configured well, it can have excellent results and save companies millions of pounds. Rather than being designed to chastise anyone, training should be used to teach staff about the reporting process as well as raise awareness in an engaging or even entertaining way. Everyone is busy but if the training is of interest there is more chance staff will partake as well as retain the information. 

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Question 3: Are antivirus software and VPN tools enough security measures to combat growing cyber threats and data breaches?

Jake: Cybersecurity is all about having multiple resources at your disposal. Antivirus and VPN tools are of course absolutely necessary tools in the toolkit, but to fully protect an organisation, there is no one golden rule or silver bullet to effectively and entirely secure the perimeter of a functioning business. Attack vectors change at lighting speed and the nature of cybersecurity means it can be difficult to always predict a threat actor’s next move. However cliche that may sound, a multi-layered approach is by far the most secure way to reduce threats and impact.  

Question 4: Data breaches cost billions of dollars in damages annually. Isn’t it about time businesses invest in the security of their digital IT infrastructure?

Jake: If only it were this simple! Some companies may still think they are invincible with a dangerous “it won’t happen to me” attitude, but we have come a long way over the last decade and more businesses are starting to understand the complexity and seriousness in securing the IT infrastructure. We are already seeing businesses beginning to invest the right amounts of money (eye watering amounts to many CEOs!) but money isn’t always the answer. Securing the digital infrastructure is only half the battle and although desperately required, companies need to think about security culture too if they want to fully protect their future. 

Question 5: Cybersecurity can be a complex and boring subject for many. How can it be made exciting and infused into the curriculum of students?

Jake: If cybersecurity is a boring subject, then it isn’t for you! However, some students may not have opened the full potential of what it really means and how it can actually be one of the most thrilling and fascinating industries to work in. What really opens students’ eyes is when the subject is given real world examples to contend with and manage. This brings in all the theory into an actual scenario which can be far more exciting to work on than reading code. Furthermore, once a subject is made exciting, the difficulty soon diminishes. 

Question 6: Do you think the fate of cybersecurity is at risk with constant interference from foreign entities with evil intentions?

Jake: Nation state attacks are simply something we will always have to contend with and not going away any time soon. The obscene budgets funding such attacks can often make even the most secure CISOs quake in their boots, but these are manageable and there are ways to mitigate the attacks with preparations which limit the impact. 

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Question 7: In your opinion, what should users do to protect their online activities and steer clear of hacking attempts?

Jake: Whether it is professionally or personally, the backing up process needs a revamp. We are still seeing people and businesses lose access to data and falling short of understanding the reasons behind good backup measures. Furthermore, organisations must test the restoring functionality as testing is often underrated but can take the rug out from beneath a company’s feet. Simulation attacks are often the best way to highlight vulnerabilities, and although it may be expensive, businesses need to remember that cybersecurity is an investment, not an expense. 

Question 8: The role of a Cyber Security Specialist is demanding and may stress you out. Other than work, how do you spend your time off the digital grid?

Jake: Away from work, you will find me on the beach or in the sea. I am into most ocean activities and living on the coast of Dorset gives me plenty of choice and a wonderful back garden into one of the most beautiful places in the UK. I also enjoy watersports photography, which gives me even more of a buzz when taking my DSLR camera in a water housing into the deep.

Cybersecurity is like global warming, it’s constantly evolving and at grave risk. Similar to the steps being taken to combat climate change, measures must be taken today to secure the digital landscape of how we communicate and the plain field we leave behind for our kids and future generations. Thank you very much Jake for the interview. Our readers will definitely love this interview. As for our readers, you can follow Jake through his Twitter where he often tweets @Jake_MooreUK or follow him on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakemooreuk or his site https://jakemoore.uk/




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