How to Unban from Airbnb

How to Unban from Airbnb: Rent Out Unrestricted!

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Airbnb is a service that allows property owners to rent out their spaces or the entire property to travelers. Customers can rent out individual rooms for personal use, guest space for multiple people, or even rent property for family. 

How to Unban from Airbnb

Approximately 150 million users use Airbnb. Out of which, 45 million users are from America. Airbnb listings are presently available in over 100,000 cities and towns. In this blog, we will discuss how to get unbanned from Airbnb.

The reason why Airbnb is so popular among people is that not everyone can afford to stay in expensive hotels and apartments while taking care of other travel expenses. 

Additionally, it is also difficult to find hotels in a busy area. Therefore, it is convenient and saves time by booking a room/hotel with Airbnb. 

How Does Airbnb Work?

Here is how Airbnb works.

Airbnb Guest

If you join Airbnb as a guest, you can create your free account. With such a vast city list, you will find a place you like within your budget. 

You can find places to rent based on where and when you want to go. Furthermore, you can also find accommodations based on your check-in and check-out dates, as well as the number of guests you plan to stay with.

To further narrow your search, you can give additional information about neighborhood location, price, and property type. 

Although your billing information is required to secure a reservation, payment is only made once your host approves the request.

Being a Host

If you want to join Airbnb as a host, you can do so free of charge. However, you must provide an accurate description of your property and a list of amenities so customers can match your space with their needs better. 

Airbnb also offers professional services to help hosts better advertise their properties and show guests what they’re buying. Hosts can also set the prices and availability according to their schedule. 

Additionally, they are the ones who have the authority to decide if they want to give out their property to a particular buyer or not. 

Airbnb also allows hosts to set up their property listing to instant book. This allows instant booking for those who meet specific criteria and are interested in booking the property without prior approval.

Why Does Airbnb Suspend Accounts?

Airbnb suspends its user’s accounts if they don’t follow the ground rules. Airbnb has a “three strikes” policy for most offenses. Therefore, the host/guest will receive two warnings before Airbnb permanently locks down their account. 

However, if it is a more severe violation, Airbnb can immediately suspend that account. 

If you are an Airbnb user, we suggest following the guidelines and community standards. If you don’t, there is a risk of getting your account suspended or banned from the platform. 

In the following section, we have discussed the common violations you can be aware of. 


If you rent a property from Airbnb, you must comply with specific rules. It is essential for guests not to damage the property or engage in any misconduct during their rental period. For example, throwing wild parties that lead to police involvement.

In such situations, Airbnb will suspend your account. 


This applies to both guests and hosts. If either of them is dishonest, Airbnb will suspend their account. 

If a user submits fake information about their identity or a host uploads misleading pictures of the property, it amounts to deception on both sides. 

Multiple Accounts 

If a user has multiple accounts, there are chances of the report getting suspended. Various accounts from the same user can increase the likelihood of fraudulent activities.

Lowest Rating

Airbnb has a feature that enables users to write reviews about the services they got from a specific host. 

If a host has been receiving negative reviews persistently, Airbnb will suspend the account to ensure the service quality for their customers.

Safety Issues

Airbnb ensures the safety of its customers and prioritizes it as well. If a host fails to provide adequate protection to the guests, they will be banned. 

Safety threats include faulty electrical connections, the absence of smoke detectors, a poorly maintained property, etc.

Community Violations 

Most properties that are rented are in some neighborhood. If a guest does not adhere to the community guidelines and becomes a nuisance to others, their account will be taken down. 

Common community violations include noise disturbances, parking disputes, and neighbor complaints. 

How to Get Unbanned from Airbnb

Often, users complain that they haven’t violated any of the guidelines, yet their accounts are suspended. There are different types of suspension, ranging from 5 days to a few weeks to permanent.

If you are facing a similar problem, we have listed a few suggestions that you can try to get your account unbanned. 

  1. Review the Ban

If you think the restriction on your account is unfair, you can request Airbnb for a ban review. By doing so, you will be informed about your violations and the duration of the ban. 

  1. Collect Evidence 

To corroborate your claims, you have to find relevant evidence. You can collect pictures, attach screenshots of the message, and send them to Airbnb to prove you weren’t involved in any fraudulent activity.

  1. Contact Airbnb

You can contact Airbnb through the support page or even write an email to them. Whichever method you use, ensure you give every detail of your situation and make your case convincing. 

  1. Explain the Situation

As mentioned above, you must make your case sound authentic to enhance its credibility. You should attach all the collected documents to add value and support your argument. 

  1. Request a Review 

After submitting all the evidence, it’s time to request a review. Airbnb will reassess your case and reevaluate its decision. 

If the evidence you provided supports your claim, Airbnb will reconsider certain factors and revoke the ban, letting you access your account once again. 

  1. Make Amends

If you’re found guilty of violating specific ground rules, you must rectify the mistakes. 

This involves rendering an apology to the impacted parties, paying damages, and completing an educational course to show your dedication towards showing compliance with the community standards. 

How to Avoid Airbnb Bans

There are several precautionary measures that you can adopt to avoid the Airbnb bans. Please have a look at them here:

Authentic Profile

The profile you create should be authentic and not misleading. The pictures of the property and amenities you share on your profile should be an accurate reflection of what you offer.

Straightforward Communication 

Communication between the host and guests should be clear and straightforward to avoid any misunderstanding later on. 

Both parties should address all the doubts so there is less chance of facing last-minute issues. 

Respect House Rules

Guests should consider the house rules and take care of them to avoid conflict with the host. 

The property should be treated with respect so that an excellent host-guest relationship can be established.

Be Punctual 

Both guests and hosts should respect the time of one another. Showing up late is a sign of a lack of respect or commitment. Tardiness can also affect future deals.

Positive Feedback 

Hosts and guests must keep a positive track record of their services and behavior. By reading these reviews, other buyers will gravitate toward your property, ultimately bringing you revenue. 

Similarly, if a guest has a history of positive reviews, more hosts would want to rent out their properties to them.

Security and Safety

You must guarantee the safety of your guests to avoid inconvenience. Carelessness towards safety can cause you significant losses in terms of both financial resources and human lives.

Avoid Unregistered Guests

Refrain from renting out spaces to unregistered guests as they will put your services in a bad light with the misconduct and violating community standards. 

How to Unban Airbnb From a Different Country

The government restricts Airbnb in some cities and counties to control the short-term rental market as local rental prices rise exponentially. 

Airbnb is banned in most prominent cities/counties, including Singapore, Barcelona, Japan, Amsterdam, etc. 

Since it’s New Year’s time, everyone will be planning a New Year’s holiday. If you live in any of the places mentioned above and want a room booking, you can do so by using a VPN. 

Similarly, if you use the Airbnb platform as a host and have to operate your account from an Airbnb-restricted location, you can still access it using a VPN extension. 

PureVPN is the best option because it helps you unban Airbnb from all countries. 

With 6500 servers available in 70+ locations and a geo unblock feature, PureVPN generates a new IP address for you that will give Airbnb the impression that you’re trying to access the platform from where it is accessible.

Here is how to use it to unban Airbnb.

  • Subscribe and download PureVPN.
  • Connect to a server where Airbnb is available. For instance, the US.
  • Submit a review.

Use Airbnb Ethically to Avoid Bans 

Airbnb is a great platform to make money and earn revenues. However, it’s crucial to use it ethically. Engaging in any fraudulent activity or misconduct will eventually get you into trouble.

So, be ethical and earn money honestly! 


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