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Valorant has a player base of approximately 17.2 million gamers. It is a competitive shooter game that Riot Games developed. The same team that created the League of Legends. 

You might get blocked on Valorant for various reasons; sometimes, the ban is due to misunderstanding, too. 

In this blog, we will tell you how to get unbanned from Volarant and never stop playing what you love!

How to Get Unbanned from-Valorant

Why Do Players Get Banned from Valorant?

As Valorant has such a vast user base, it bans players from keeping the platform fun and safe for everyone. Bans disrupt your game. However, at times, it becomes necessary.

Misconduct among players is widespread. This is one of the reasons why players get banned. In the following section, we have discussed why Valorant can ban your account. 

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Valorant facilitates player-to-player communication with its inbuilt chat box and voice-calling features. Often, players misuse the feature and start harassing one another to lower the morale of other players. 

If a player gets offended and reports the hate speech, Valorant suspends that player’s account. 


If you find out that a player is cheating in the game and employing deceptive tactics, you can report that account. 

The system will immediately review your request to see if a player purposefully cheated. If they get caught, their account will get banned. 

Life Threats

Another big reason Valorant bans players’ accounts is because they threaten each other with claims of physical harm or harassment outside of the game. 

Your account can get banned if you are involved in such maladaptive behavior. Such violations can result in permanent bans, even if it’s your first offense. 

Team Damage

Valorant has a calculator that records how much damage you’re inflicting on your team. Players usually self-sabotage to break the flow of other players. Refrain from doing that, as it can potentially ban your account if it gets reported.

Account Boosting

Account boosting or sharing is a significant offense that has banned the accounts of multiple players already. Some players try to raise their in-game status by sharing their accounts with others. 

It is not much help because nobody cares about the player’s rank in the game. Additionally, if they get caught, their accounts will get suspended because Valorant can detect the difference in IP addresses when logging in and out of the account. 

Don’t Buy/Sell Accounts 

Selling and buying accounts is a business, and Valorant doesn’t appreciate that, mainly because these accounts are sold to streamers.

If you get caught violating the terms and conditions of Valorant, your account will get banned. 

Is It Possible to Unban a Valorant Account?

Whether your account will get unbanned or not depends on the severity of the violation you committed. If your account gets banned for a severe breach, there is little chance of getting unbanned in Valorant. 

For example, Riot takes hate speech very seriously, so there’s not much to debate.

On the other hand, if your account got suspended for minor violations such as arguing, there are chances that your account will get recovered. 

Now that we have discussed the possible reasons for getting an account suspended, let’s delve into how to recover the account if the violation was minor. 

  1. Make an Appeal

The first step to get your account unbanned in Valorant is to appeal. Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how:

  1. Click on Community – Valorant
  2. Next, go to “Support” to access the support center.
  3. Scroll down to “Submit a Ticket”.
  1. Login to your banned account using your login credentials.
  2. Once you have logged in, you will get a Valorant unban appeal form.
  1. Under the request type, select “Discuss Personal Suspension or Restriction.”
  2. In the subject, specify the relevant information, such as “Valorant Ban Appeal.”
  3. In the Description section, write why your account was suspended and how you will prevent it from happening. For example, “My account got suspended because I argued with a friend while gaming. Little did I know it was against the terms and conditions. I assure you that I will refrain from engaging in any hateful speech in the future. Please consider my request and help me recover my account.
  4. Next, select Discuss Game Bans in the inquiry section.
  5. Then, specify the duration of the ban if it is a permanent ban, select 31+ days
  6. Choose the appropriate reason in the Do you know why your account was suspended category based on the Valorant ban you received.
  7. You can also attach relevant files as evidence of your claim.
  8. After completing the form, tap Submit, and your ticket will be sent to Riot for review.

If you have presented your request authentically and convincingly, you will certainly hear back from Valorant. 

The support team may ask for some additional information to corroborate your concerns. Therefore, please provide them with all the relevant information. 

Furthermore, be respectful while communicating with the support team, as it increases the likelihood of a positive response. 

Keep tabs on your Email to hear some news. 

How to Avoid Getting Banned on Valorant

Here are some suggestions to help you avoid bans.

Follow Rules

If you play games in Valorant without violating the platform rules, you can enjoy a fun gaming experience without facing any restrictions. 

Following rules and not violating them is the simplest method that you can implement to circumvent bans. 

Do Not Cheat!

Cheating is morally and ethically wrong. Deceiving your team members while playing is against the game rules. You can always upgrade your level by practicing and improving your gaming skills. 

You will feel more satisfaction with a victory earned through hard work instead of deceitful tactics!

Respect Others Feelings 

Please refrain from using foul language and slurs while playing the game, as it hurts the sentiments of other players. 

If you take care of their feelings, you will contribute to creating a positive and safe gaming atmosphere. 

Secure Your account

To avoid account sharing, we suggest that you use better security measures to keep your account protected from unacceptable users. 

Use a VPN

As mentioned above, Valorant tracks the IP address of your account when you log in and log out. If you are a traveler but enjoy gaming, it can trouble you, as Valorant will ban your account with frequent location changes. 

Use PureVPN to mask your actual IP Address. Plus, it has 6500 servers available in 70+ locations that you can use to set your location. Here is how you can use it.

  1. Download PureVPN.
  2. Purchase a subscription.
  3. Connect to a server you will use as a permanent location for gaming in Valorant. You can save the server information to connect to it whenever you want to play games.

Enjoy Volarant, but Remember – Don’t Cuss – Don’t Fuss 

Gaming gives us an adrenaline rush but does not give us the right to violate the terms and services of the gaming platform. 

A game is just a game that should be enjoyed without cursing. Be respectful when playing Volarant because, more than anything else, that will help you avoid bans.


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