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Experience the dramatic path of resilience and redemption in the new series Alter Boys coming up soon on CBC Gem. After a daring escape, a group of young men, united by the traumatic memories of a conversion treatment camp, go on an intrepid search for healing and freedom. This compelling storyline of this survival series will keep you curious and fully invested until the very end. 

Unfortunately, CBC Gem only works in Canada and is blocked everywhere else. Good news is, a good VPN can serve as a workaround and let you watch Alter Boys in the US.

Read on to learn how:

How to watch Alter Boys in US

Since Alter Boys is only available in Canada, you will need a premium VPN service like PureVPN to circumvent the channel’s geo-restrictions and watch Alter Boys in the US.

Here’s how you can do it within minutes:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Download our app on your preferred device.
  3. Connect to a Canadian server.
  4. Open CBC Gem and log in or sign up.
  5. Enjoy unlimited access to CBC titles and watch Alter Boys in US hassle-free!

Why is CBC Gem restricted in the US?

Owing to some licensing agreements, CBC Gem is only accessible within Canada. The streaming service prevents non-Canadian viewers from viewing its content as they are subjected to geo-restrictions applied by the platform. As a result, if you attempt to watch Alter Boys in the US, you will be stopped by an error message that says, “CBC Gem is not available in your region. “ 

Fortunately, geo-restrictions are no longer a hassle with a reliable VPN like PureVPN! This VPN switches your virtual location to Canada and makes your traffic appear to generate from there, tricking CBC Gem’s server into thinking that you are one of the native users. And that’s how you can enjoy access to the CBC Gem content library and watch Alter Boys in the US!  

Show release date

Alter Boys is scheduled to premiere on June 16, 2023, on CBC Gem exclusively.

Plot summary

The series Alter Boys shadows a group of young guys who must confront the lingering trauma of a conversion treatment camp following a daring escape and rescue. They start on a journey of healing, resilience, and self-discovery, bound by their shared past, as they struggle to overcome the scars that still remain in their hearts.

Official trailer

Check out the official trailer of the show: 

Official cast

Here’s the official cast of Alter Boys:

  • Jonathan Lawrence as Scotty
  • Justion Otto as Ben

Is there any way to watch Alter Boys for free?

Yes. The ad-tier of CBC Gem is absolutely free-to-use, which you can use to watch Alter Boys at no cost! However, you will need to create a free account for CBC prior to using its services for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to watch Alter Boys in the US?

Since the show is coming up on CBC Gem, which only works in Canada, you will need a top-notch VPN service like PureVPN to circumvent all geo-blocks and access CBC Gem to watch Alter Boys in the US hassle-free!

Can I watch Alter Boys on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Alter Boys won’t premiere on Netflix.

What else can I watch on CBC Gem?

CBC Gem provides a vast selection of titles in every genre that you can choose from:

  • The Fifth Estate
  • Coroner
  • Documentary Now!
  • Run the Burbs
  • War of the Worlds 
  • Sort Of
  • PEN15

Can I watch Alter Boys on Hulu?

No. Since Alter Boys is a CBC Gem production, it will not be available on any other streaming service, including Hulu.

Is using a VPN safe?

Yes, many countries have lifted the restriction from VPNs, so you can always use them to access your favorite platforms. With PureVPN, catch up on all the shows, movies, and documentaries no matter where you live!

PureVPN – The best VPN to Alter Boys in the US

PureVPN gives you plenty of VPN servers in Canada to access CBC Gem no matter where you are.

Furthermore, it barely takes a few clicks to get around CBC Gem’s geo-blocking and anti-VPN technologies using PureVPN. Our customer support team is also available 24/7 via live chat in the event you run into any issues while accessing CBC Gem.

Lastly, with PureVPN’s 20 Gbps servers, you can enjoy high-speed and buffer-free streaming of Alter Boys on your desired device. Still not sure about us? All PureVPN subscriptions come with a 31-day money-back guarantee to let you test out our VPN service risk-free!


What other streaming services can you access with PureVPN?

You can use PureVPN to watch more movies and TV shows by accessing a wide range of other geo-restricted streaming services, such as:


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