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How to watch Dirty John Season 2 in the US for free

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Exciting news! Dirty John Season 2 is now available on 7 Plus! Another season of this gripping true-crime story. Season 2 digs into the shocking tale of Betty Broderick, a woman convicted of a double murder in 1989. The series has intense drama as her life takes a dark turn, exploring the complexities of relationships and the consequences of extreme actions. It’s a compelling series full of twists and turns. Tune in to 7 Plus now for a heart-pounding viewing experience!

Despite the show’s gripping plot, you might not be able to watch Dirty John Season 2 in the US for free, as 7Plus only works in Australia. But don’t worry because this is where a good VPN comes in handy. 

Read more to know how you can use a VPN to watch Dirty John Season 2 in US for free: 

How to watch Dirty John Season 2 in US for free

Say goodbye to all geo-restrictions, and watch Dirty John Season 2 in the US for free. You only need a premium VPN like PureVPN that knows no boundaries and circumvents all geo-restrictions in a single click.

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Download the PureVPN app on your preferred device.
  3. Connect to an Australian-based server.
  4. Go to the 7Plus website or app, then log in or sign up. 
  5. Voila, you can now watch Dirty John Season 2 in the US restriction-free!

Why is 7Plus restricted in the US?

7Plus is a popular streaming service in Australia but doesn’t work outside the supported region due to licensing agreements. Geo-blocks restrict access to Australian users only, preventing people abroad from using the platform.

However, the good news is that you can bypass all such geo-restrictions imposed by 7Plus and watch Dirty John Season 2 in the US for free using PureVPN. This is because PureVPN masks your IP address and switches it to the Australian one, making you appear to be accessing the service from within Australia. And that’s how you won’t be blocked by 7Plus and can watch Dirty John Season 2 in the US for free or anywhere in the world hassle-free!

Where to watch Dirty John Season 2 in the US for free?

You can watch Dirty John Season 2 on 7 Plus for free in Australia. However, if you live abroad, you must use PureVPN to get past geo-blocks and access 7Plus to watch Dirty John Season 2 in the US for free or anywhere.

What is Dirty John Season 2 release date?

Dirty John Season 2  will air on 7plus on August 6th, 2023. So, mark your calendar! 

What is Dirty John Season 2 episode count?

Dirty John Season 2 consists of eight episodes.

What is the storyline of Dirty John Season 2?

Dirty John Season 2 is about Betty Broderick’s real-life story. Betty was a dedicated wife and mom, but things got really bad when she went through a tough divorce with her lawyer husband, Dan. The divorce upset her; sadly, she did something terrible: she committed a shocking double murder in 1989. Dirty John Season 2 sheds light on Betty Broderick’s tumultuous relationship, emotional struggles during divorce, and her tragic descent into anger and desperation. It is a must-watch series you can now stream on 7 Plus. 

Official trailer

Check the official trailer for Dirty John Season 2 below:

Official cast

The cast of  Dirty John Season 2 includes:

  • Amanda Peet as Betty Broderick
  • Christian Slater as Dan Broderick
  • Rachel Keller as Linda Kolkena
  • Chris Mason as Sean Broderick
  • Missi Pyle as Karen Kintner
  • Emily Bergl as Debbie Peck
  • Holley Fain as Kathy Lee
  • Tiera Skovbye as Cindi
  • Lena Georgas as Laurie
  • Sprague Grayden as Nancy Broderick
  • Olivia Knox as Kim Broderick
  • Tre Armstrong as Marilyn Young
  • Lola Tash as Shalane Jensen
  • Jeananne Goossen as Cindy
  • Gordon Harper as Larry Krasnoff

The hype on social media 

The hype on social media about The Dirty John:

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Dirty John Season 2 available on Netflix?

Yes! Dirty John Season 2 is available on Netflix.

Can I watch Dirty John Season 2 for free?

Yes. 7Plus is free in Australia, so you can watch Dirty John Season 2 without paying any subscription fee.

How can I watch Dirty John Season 2 in the US for free?

The easiest way to watch Dirty John Season 2 in the US for free is to change your IP address to an Australian IP address using a reliable VPN service like PureVPN and stream all that you want on 7Plus from anywhere in the world. 

 Is Dirty John Season 2 based on a true story?

Yes, Dirty John Season 2 is based on the real-life events surrounding Betty Broderick and her involvement in a shocking double murder case in 1989.

What else can I watch on 7Plus?

Some of the popular shows on 7Plus are:

Purevpn – The Best VPN To watch Dirty John Season 2 in the US

PureVPN has dozens of VPN servers in Australia to give you hassle-free access to 7Plus from anywhere.

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