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How to watch Evacuation in the US on Channel 4

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Channel 4 is excited to announce an upcoming documentary that promises to engage and enlighten audiences. This captivating documentary will offer a unique and compelling perspective on a significant historical event. Through exclusive footage and personal testimonies, viewers will gain new insights into the untold stories behind the perilous British campaign to evacuate Kabul in 2021 while exploring complex humanitarian crises and unveiling challenges faced by those involved and those who have experienced them. Tune into Channel 4 for this informative and impactful documentary.

However, you won’t be able to watch Evacuation in the US, as All 4 only works in the UK. Fortunately, you only need a premium-quality VPN to bypass All 4’s geo-blocks and watch Evacuation in the US. Keep reading to learn how you can do it with a few clicks:

How to watch Evacuation in US for free

It is annoying when you run into geo-restrictions. However, with PureVPN, you can forget about geographical restrictions. This reliable VPN will instantly change your virtual location to the UK and let you watch Evacuation in US like a native Brit.

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Download our PureVPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a server in the UK.
  4. Launch the All 4 and sign in or sign up.
  5. Voila, you can now watch Evacuation in the US! 

Where to watch Evacuation in the US

You can watch Evacuation in the US on All 4 using PureVPN and say goodbye to all geo-blocks!  

Why is All 4 restricted in the US?

Due to licensing agreements, All 4 is only available in the United States, so the service employs geo-restrictions to prevent its content from being viewed outside of the country. Because of this, every time you try to watch Evacuation in the United States, you will receive an error message.  

Nevertheless, with a reliable VPN like PureVPN, geo-blocks are no longer a hassle. With its advanced technologies, PureVPN instantly changes your IP address to a UK address and gives you complete access to Channel 4’s content library to watch Evacuation in the US like a native Brit.

What is Evacuation release date and time?

Evacuation will be released on July 4th, 2023, only on Channel 4 at 9 p.m. You can also stream the show online on All 4 for absolutely free!

What is the storyline of Evacuation? 

Evacuation is a captivating yet haunting documentary series that reveals the remarkable events surrounding the Kabul airlift, which stands as Britain’s most significant evacuation since World War II. Spanning three consecutive nights, this series takes audiences on an engaging and immersive journey into the heart of this historic operation. Through the utilization of exclusive and previously unseen footage, as well as firsthand testimonies, the documentary goes beyond mere news headlines, parliamentary debates, and military strategies. It offers a compelling exploration of the experiences of the brave British servicemen and women who found themselves thrust into an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.  When the Taliban seized control of Kabul, chaos unfolded. The military is faced with the urgent task of clearing the airfield and rescuing thousands of terrified civilians. The series explores the profound dilemmas encountered by soldiers, who must make life-and-death decisions, and the challenging choices confronted by the Royal Air Force as they strive to maximize the number of lives saved. With its emotive narrative, suspenseful moments, and enlightening revelations, “Evacuation” presents a poignant and compassionate portrayal of the extraordinary courage and sacrifices exhibited by all those involved in this historic rescue mission.

What is the episode count of Evacuation?

Evacuation is a three-part series, with each episode lasting 47 minutes.

What is the cast of Evacuation?

The cast of Evacuation includes:

  • British servicemen and women
  • Combat camera teams
  • Interviewees who are predominantly serving personnel
  • Afghan citizens
  • British nationals
  • Elite soldiers
  • Royal Air Force personnel

Evacuation trailer

Check out the thrilling trailer for the show: 

The hype on Social Media about Evacuation


Is All 4 free?

Yes. All 4 is a free video-on-demand service in the UK. 

Where can I watch Evacuation for free?

You can watch Evacuation for free on All 4, as it’s a subscription-free platform. 

Where else can I watch on All 4?

Some popular titles that you can watch on All 4 are:

  • The Bling Ring
  • Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared
  • Before We Die
  • The Inbetweeners
  • Gogglebox
  • Taskmaster
  • Father Ted
  • Frasier
  • Hollyoaks 

Yes, it’s legal to use VPN in many countries; however, it’s best to first check your country’s rules and regulations regarding the use of VPN. 

PureVPN – The best VPN to watch Evacuation in the US

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