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Killer coworker is the story of a spa employee who must act quickly to identify the murderer before she becomes the next victim after she is falsely accused of killing a jealous coworker. Stay tuned to Tubi TV and watch the full show to unravel the real culprit! 

As much as the storyline sounds interesting, you must be aware of the fact that you might not be able to watch Killer Coworker outside US as Tubi TV only works in the US. However, the good news is, you can use a reliable VPN to get past all geo-blocks and watch Killer Coworker outside the US like a native user! 

Read on to know how: 

How to watch Killer Coworker outside the US

Tubi TV only works in the US, but you can still access it and stream all-new episodes of Killer Coworker with the help of a high-quality VPN like PureVPN. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

All you need to do is:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Install the app on your device.
  3. Connect to the US server.
  4. Go to the Tubi TV website or app, then log in or sign up.
  5. Congratulations, you are all set to watch Killer Coworker outside the US! 

Why is Tubi TV restricted outside the US?

BBC iPlayer is only available to viewers in the UK due to licensing and distribution agreements, which prevent it from showing its content anywhere else. Therefore, BBC iPlayer uses geo-restrictions to block people from other countries like the US. If you try to access BBC iPlayer outside the UK, you will be shown an error message.

Fortunately, there is a way to access BBC iPlayer and watch Killer Coworker outside the US. With a good streaming VPN, you can get a UK IP address and make it appear as if you are accessing BBC iPlayer from the UK. In this way, you can get around BBC iPlayer’s geo-blocks and watch titles like Killer Coworker without roadblocks.

Show release date 

Killer Coworker is coming to BBC iPlayer on May 20, 2023. So, mark your calendars! 

Plot summary

Directed by V.T. Nayani, Killer Coworker is a thriller-mystery show filled with unusual events happening at a Wellness Spa named Serenity Gardens. The movie revolves around solving the murder mystery case where the killer is trying to cover up his crime by making Stella, the employee at the spa, the culprit. However, she must quickly uncover the culprit before she becomes the next victim

Official trailer

Here’s the official trailer of the show:

Official cast

Below is the talented cast working for the show: 

  • Sierra Wooldridge
  • Brendee Green
  • Rayisa Kondracki
  • Mal Dassin
  • Chris Kapeleris
  • Janice Mendes
  • Hailey Summer
  • V.T. 

Is there any way to watch Killer Coworker for free?

Yes. Given that Tubi is an absolutely free streaming service, you don’t have to pay a penny to watch Killer Coworker in the US. However, if you live outside the US, you would need a good VPN to bypass all geo-blocks and watch the show hassle-free! 

Frequently asked questions

How can I watch Killer Coworker outside the US?

Using a premium VPN is the easiest way to get a US IP address and watch Killer Coworker outside the US without any trouble. 

Can I watch Killer Coworker on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Killer Coworker is not available on Netflix.

What else can I watch on Tubi TV?

The best shows on Tubi right now are listed below: 

  • Nikita 
  • Everybody Hates Chris 
  • Invasion 
  • Genera+ion
  • Blue Mountain State 
  • Gilligan’s Island 
  • Scooby-Doo
  • Columbo 

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What other streaming services can you access with PureVPN?

You can use PureVPN to watch more movies and TV shows by accessing a wide range of other geo-restricted streaming services, such as:


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