Is Instagram Wrapped safe to use?

Instagram Wrapped 2023: Should you trust the viral app?

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You’ve heard of Spotify Wrapped, right? It’s that yearly dose of nostalgia that gives you a peek into your musical soul. Well, hold onto your hats, because Instagram Wrapped 2023 is here, claiming to do something similar, but for your Instagram journey. It’s all about revealing the stats and secrets of your Instagram escapades throughout the year.

What is Instagram Wrapped?

Wrapped for Instagram is a new app that offers insights into your Instagram usage patterns. It tells you the number of hours you spent on the app in 2023, highlights your top online friends, provides a snapshot of your top-performing stories, and even gives you the lowdown on who’s hit you with the block button. IG Wrapped also makes it easy for one to identify their secret admirers.

“Our complex calculations combine our users’ Instagram analytics with some clever assumptions based on their Instagram usage in order to provide educated estimates as close as possible to the true values that Wrapped estimates,” a spokesperson for Wrapped told NBC News. “Any variability in analytics experienced by our users was likely caused by users witnessing real-time updates to our algorithms.”

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Is Instagram Wrapped safe to use?

Before you jump headfirst into Instagram Wrapped 2023, let’s take a minute to consider some important facts.

It’s a third-party app

Unlike Spotify Wrapped, Year on TikTok, and YouTube Recaps, which are all legit features of their respective platforms, Wrapped for Instagram is a different ball game. It’s not owned by Instagram or its parent company, Meta. Instead, this third-party app is the brainchild of Wrapped Labs LLC.

Privacy concerns

Here’s where things get a little tricky. Instead of having a dedicated website, the developers of Wrapped for Instagram opted for a Notion page to house the app’s privacy policy. They admit to using third-party services, which might collect personally identifiable data. 

While the app claims to keep your information under lock and key, it has raised eyebrows over its privacy policy. Even Meta doesn’t seem to be a big fan of Wrapped for Instagram.

“This app violates our terms and we’ve asked Apple to remove it from the App Store,” a Meta spokesperson told Digital Trends, a tech and lifestyle website, when asked about the viral app.

Security issues

Since Wrapped for Instagram is not officially affiliated with Instagram, handing over your login credentials to this third-party app could compromise your digital security. It is also worth mentioning that some IG Wrapped users have reported being booted out of their Instagram accounts shortly after linking it with Wrapped. Meanwhile, others claim to have received fishy emails and notifications about password reset attempts. 

On a side note, here’s what you can do if your Instagram account ever gets hacked

Data accuracy

Let’s talk about the numbers. Instagram Wrapped boasts about showing you just how much quality time you’ve spent on the popular app this year. However, some users have reportedly noticed a discrepancy. As it turns out, the estimated time shown by Wrapped doesn’t quite sync up with their device’s screen time stats. 

The buzz around Wrapped for Instagram 2023

If you’ve been keeping an eye on social media, you’ve probably noticed how Wrapped for Instagram has turned into an overnight viral trend. This third-party app has taken the internet by storm, promising to spill the beans on who’s been peeking at your profile.

A substantial number of users have already downloaded the Wrapped app, propelling it to the top of Apple’s App Store charts in the U.S. However, with great power comes great responsibility – or in this case – privacy concerns.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, Instagram Wrapped 2023 gives you a unique glimpse into your year on the popular social media platform. But it may also compromise your online security and potentially lead to identity theft. You can also end up losing access to your IG account. So, here’s the question: is this app really worth the risk?

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